Have These Celebrities Ever Appeared On WWE TV?


The vision of Vince McMahon was always to take WWE into the mainstream. WWE using celebrities on the shows are one of the major reasons the company reached major success in the 1980s. Mr. T wrestling on the first ever WrestleMania event as the tag team partner of Hulk Hogan created many new fans. Muhammad Ali was the special referee for the match allowing WWE to branch into the mainstream world. Many more celebrities would find their way into WWE from wrestling in the ring to appearing in segments. This helped WWE start to grow into the empire it would become.

Fans of these famous figures will give WWE a chance for the first time and it could lead to new people watching the product going forward. The celebrities to appear for WWE range from actors to musicians to athletes from other sports. Some huge names at the top of their fields have found a good spot in WWE. Unfortunately, many lower tier names also get a chance in WWE leading to less memorable guest appearances. We will take a look at celebrities from both sides of the coin. It will be your job to remember if they ever appeared made a guest appearance on WWE television.

Question 1

Ashton Kutcher

The name value of Ashton Kutcher is very impressive thanks to a successful acting career. Kutcher made his early fame on That '70s Show before moving into the movie world. Not everyone likes the work of Kutcher, but you can’t deny he is one of the biggest names in Hollywood over the past decade. Fans of Ashton’s hosting work on MTV’s Punk’d will recall him making various references to professional wrestling. Did this ever extend into Kutcher making an appearance in WWE?

Question 2

George Clooney

Another actor that once had ties to WWE was George Clooney. The household name is known for his acting career and his dating life. Clooney dated former wrestler Stacy Keibler for a couple of years. Keibler of course had a great career as a top female name in WWE for quite some time before leaving to become an actress. WWE has convinced numerous stars to make appearances thanks to connections. Did Clooney ever show up at his then girlfriend’s former place of employment?

Question 3

Ronda Rousey

Mixed martial arts legend Ronda Rousey is a huge wrestling fan. No one ever achieved the level of fame in UFC that Rousey did during her peak as an undefeated champion. Ronda parlayed her success into the mainstream landing movie roles and various high profile appearances to add to her name value. You would assume WWE would be the perfect fit for her given her athleticism, personality and star power. Has WWE ever convinced Rousey to take part in any segments for them?

Question 4

Conor McGregor

The current biggest MMA star in the world is UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Known for his trash talk and charisma, McGregor often comes off like a heel wrestling personality. McGregor made his way onto the professional wrestling radar by trashing WWE stars on social media. The Irish fighter took shots at WWE wrestlers for participating in the “fake” sport. Many wrestlers took exception to the comments leading to trash talk. Would this Twitter rivalry ever culminate with McGregor making an appearance in WWE?

Question 5

Floyd Mayweather

You can’t mention Conor McGregor without discussing his new arch rival Floyd Mayweather. The two fighters are slated to face off in a boxing match in August. Both men have the gift of the gab and an aura following them similar to pro wrestlers. Mayweather even has branded “The Money Team” as his own group. The future of Mayweather could see him become a great WWE star if he wanted to enter the scripted art once his boxing career ended. Has Floyd ever appeared in WWE in the past?

Question 6

Grant Gustin

CW’s The Flash is one of the most popular shows on television today. Grant Gustin does a superb job portraying the iconic DC superhero. The presence of Cody Rhodes acting in the DC TV Universe certainly creates a connection between the shows and the wrestling business. Gustin’s fame has been blowing up following the success of The Flash. WWE clearly loves the crossover between the two worlds. Has WWE ever been able to convince Gustin to appear on a show?

Question 7

Steve Harvey

WWE often likes to bring in charismatic personalities that have served as hosts on other television shows. Hosts typically understand the entertainment and business aspects of television. They will look at the WWE appearance as a television experience rather than a wrestling experience. Steve Harvey is currently one of the top hosts on network television today with Family Feud and other gigs. Very few people have the personality that he brings to his shows. Did WWE convince him to add his humor to Raw or Smackdown?

Question 8

Bob Barker

Another iconic host in the world of television is Bob Barker. Everyone has fond memories of Barker hosting the Price is Right for decades as one of the most popular daytime shows. The charming personality and intelligent mind for television made him incredible at his job. Barker was a relevant name in entertainment for a long time. WWE could have used his services at any point in that time period. Did Barker ever make an appearance for the popular wrestling promotion?

Question 9

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was one of the biggest names in entertainment back in the 90s. The bombshell created interest with every appearance she made. Anderson was a sex symbol of the time and WWE clearly would have benefited from having her on the show. It would have been a hard sell, but WWE pulled off many difficult guests to secure in their history. The Baywatch star made a lot of controversial decisions in her career. Was appearing for WWE one of them?

Question 10

Vin Diesel

The Rock is currently one of the biggest stars of the Fast and Furious franchise, but he remains second to the face of the films. Vin Diesel is the man fans most associated with the franchise going all the way back to his role in the first movie. The physique of Diesel makes him fit the physical build linked to most wrestlers. There were rumors of Rock and Vin disliking each other with personal insults being exchanged on the most recent filming. Does Diesel have any wrestling experience to bring it to Rock in the ring if need be?

Question 11

Charlie Sheen

The acting career of Charlie Sheen has seen many chapters. Sheen starred in many hit 80s and 90s films to achieve his fame. The sitcom Two and a Half Men made him a relevant name again in the 2000s before his drug issues led to it ending. Sheen started going wild in the media saying hilariously entertaining yet ridiculous things. This unpredictable personality seemed tailor made for the WWE. Did Sheen actually take his promo skills to WWE for any appearances?

Question 12


WWE has done business with many rappers through the years. The musical genre usually sees more personality added to the performers than other forms of music. Rappers understand the entertainment aspect and often have tougher backgrounds that add to their appeal. Jay-Z is arguably the biggest hip hop star of all time. The career of Jay-Z has seen many chapters with his fame hitting new levels as time went on. It is obvious WWE would want to bring him in for an appearance. Would they get Jay-Z on any shows?

Question 13

Snoop Dogg

Another highly popular rapper with a tremendous amount of personality is Snoop Dogg. The fact that he went with that nickname showed his showmanship. Snoop evolved over the years by becoming an entertaining personality in addition to a talented musician. As one of the top names in rap, Snoop has been afforded many opportunities to cross over into other fields. WWE could do a lot worse than him. Did Snoop ever find his way on WWE television as a part of the show in any way?

Question 14

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and one of the most successful businessmen. Vince McMahon is right up there with Jordan when it comes to the business aspect. Jordan and McMahon also share various other personality traits that likely help make them each unparalleled successes in their fields. It would be a perfect fit for Jordan to find his way to WWE at some point over the years. Did McMahon ever pull off the feat of bringing Jordan to WWE?

Question 15

Dennis Rodman

One of Michael Jordan’s most entertaining teammates was Dennis Rodman on the late 90s Chicago Bulls dynasty. The bad attitude of Rodman made him successful on the court as he clearly didn’t care about anything but doing what he wanted. When Rodman wanted to win, he was nearly impossible to stop from getting a rebound. The celebrity of Rodman grew off the court with his loud personality fascinating many. Professional wrestling seems like it was the best fit for him. Did Rodman ever appear for WWE?

Question 16

Mike Tyson

We have already talked about a few larger than life athletes that achieved periods of incredible fame. Mike Tyson may be at the top of that list when it came to his most successful era as a boxer. The unpredictable nature of Tyson as a boxer and as a human being made him someone the average viewer couldn’t turn away from. Tyson dominated boxing for quite some time before falling off. Even at his worst, Tyson made it by biting the ears of opponents and other controversial antics. Did WWE ever bring this to their show?

Question 17

Alison Brie

The recent success of the Netflix original series GLOW based off the 80s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling program is a huge hit. Alison Brie is the star of the franchise and did an incredible job leading the show. It may be the greatest portrayal of a wrestling related concept ever done in a television series or film. Brie learned how to do all the wrestling moves after training with Chavo Guerrero. Has WWE ever convinced the stunning actress to appear on their shows to cross promote?

Question 18

Kevin Hart

The star power of Kevin Hart has reached new heights in recent years. After struggling as a comedian looking for his big break for quite some time, things just blew up for Hart as he became the new “it guy.” Hart has starred in the lead role of multiple comedies over the past few years. The Rock has become a close friend of Hart and they have agreed to a couple of movies together. Has Hart ever followed suit of his co-star by making his way into the WWE?

Question 19

John Oliver

Jon Stewart has appeared on WWE television many times with memorable moments coming from it. This proved comedians from the political side of television could indeed deliver great entertainment to WWE. John Oliver has become one of the top names in the political comedy world with his HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The background of Oliver has shown him to be a bright talent with great timing. Did WWE bring in Oliver after the success made from Stewart’s appearances?

Question 20

Hugh Jackman

The role of Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise is what most people associate with actor Hugh Jackman. Obviously, Jackman has to be in great shape to pull off this role and he could easily pass for a professional wrestler. WWE tries to bring in guests when relevant names have something to promote. Jackman has been the lead actor in various movies that had a crossover audience with the WWE fan base. Did WWE ever find a way to bring in the very popular actor?

Question 21

Betty White

Betty White is one of the most respected and celebrated actresses of all time. At the age of 95, White still shockingly makes appearances in various comedic roles. Most actresses see their careers end in their late 40s or early 50s. Betty proved that age is truly just a number if you can bring the entertainment to the roles offered. Many of her recent roles have helped reshape her legacy with a new fan base. Did WWE ever cash in on the recent years of the Betty White craze by bringing her in for a show?

Question 22

Bryan Cranston

The argument can be made that Bryan Cranston is the best actor of this generation. Cranston kills it in every role he is given from both the comedy and drama worlds. Walter White in Breaking Bad is his biggest role but some people actually still remember him most for being Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. It just shows how vast his audience is due to the great work done all over entertainment. WWE would have received a lot of positive attention for bringing in such a talent. Did Cranston ever appear for them?

Question 23

Drew Carey

Comedian turned television host Drew Carey has made a great career for himself with many transformations. The days of his 90s sitcom are forgotten by many people due to his new legacy of being the current Price is Right host. We already asked the prior host of the show Bob Barker, so it only makes sense to ask about Carey as well. Did Drew Carey ever reach a deal to appear on WWE television in an effort to promote something?

Question 24

The Situation

WWE sadly will reach out to the lowest common denominator in entertainment. Those with short lived fame are often more frequent than the bigger names due to the ease of being able to book them. D-list celebrities with short term relevance are looking to cash in on every opportunity before they go away. The Jersey Shore became a hit show on MTV with the trashy reality television series getting massive ratings. Did WWE ever bring in “The Situation” from Jersey Shore to appear in the ring?

Question 25

Chuck Norris

The legend of Chuck Norris will always exist on the internet for the humor associated with his background. Norris is known for both his acting career and his legitimate fighting skills. They coincided with him starring in the Walker, Texas Ranger series. The popular memes about Norris still keep his name out there many years after his acting career ended. Norris was at his peak in the 90s. Did WWE ever convince him to use his fighting skills on one of their shows?

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