Can You Name All These Harry Potter Wizards?

When it comes to fictional universes, few are more well-crafted than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling created a world that would enamor millions of people for years. It also happens to be one of the few book series adapted into films that were consistently good with each instalment.

If you didn't already know, Harry Potter centers around a society hidden from non-magic folk where wizards, goblins, and all sorts of magical creatures live and thrive. Centering around the young Harry Potter, seven books and eight movies were written all together, with screenplays and prequel movies in development to further enhance the world.

As it stands, the number of books has led to a serious amount of witches and wizards appearing in the franchise. Some of them were integral to the story, and others were just side-characters that we barely got to know. All of their names are difficult to remember unless you're a serious Harry Potter fan.

Potterheads, your time has come. Go on a return trip through the Wizarding World as you try to name these 35 magical witches and wizards- whether they're from Voldemort's Army or Ravenclaw House. Are you skilled enough to guess all of their names correctly?

1Who is this wizard?

This is one of the most famous wizards of the WIzarding World. From birth, he was known as "The Boy Who Lived" by his contemporaries. When he finally attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was shocked to learn that dozens of people already knew his name. Needless to say, he had a lot to live up to regarding the legacy of his parents. Destined to stop an evil wizard from conquering the world, he went down in history.

2Who is this wizard?

When it comes to people who don't like academics, there's no one more memorable than this wizard. Coming from a line of pureblood wizards who have a fascination with non-magic humans, this wizard has a big heart and a big stomach. When push comes to shove, he has to make sure he gets a good meal before he heads out in the face of danger. That said, his emotions can get the best of him at times, and he's caused a few problems.

3Who is this witch?

When it comes to knowing spells and getting good grades, you'd be hard pressed to find a more impressive witch than this one. Being known for having just about any spell at the ready, she's as useful as they come. Often the one who gets her friends out of tough spots, this witch has gone down as one of the greatest of her era. Despite being a "mudblood," she ended up outperforming much of her pure-blooded contemporaries. Eat it, Malfoy.

4Who is this wizard?

With every good fictional story, there's always that character that the audience loves to hate. From the very start, this wizard has always had it out for the main characters. Trying to get ahead at every turn, he has made several questionable decisions and gotten people hurt along the way. However, when it came time for him to turn into an actual villain, he didn't have the heart to do it. He ended up becoming a good friend to the main characters.

5Who is this wizard?

There's having a bad day and then there's just being generally unlucky. Unfortunately, this wizard was constantly getting knocked down. His parents were driven to insanity when he was young, so he had to learn to take care of himself. Still, when bad things happened, they all seemed to happen to him. That said, he ended up becoming one of the most valiant wizards who ever lived and ended up becoming the Headmaster of Hogwarts when he became much older.

6Who is this wizard?

A great school like Hogwarts needs to have a powerful wizard as its Headmaster. Thankfully, when Harry Potter attended the school, the Headmaster was as wise as he was impressive. Often being willing to bend his own rules for the good of its students, he became a favorite among the school. While he wasn't exactly liked by the Ministry of Magic or some of the other faculty, he played a major role in both Wizarding Wars as well as other conflicts prior.

7Who is this wizard?

Everyone loves a giant man who is also a softy, and that's exactly what this wizard is. Despite having his magical privileges taken away (after being falsely accused), many people still value his contributions to the Wizarding World. He ended up looking after several magical creatures that many would deem too dangerous to care for. He had an important role in Harry Potter's life and would go on to be a beloved wizard in the history of the Wizarding World.

8Who is this witch?

If there's one witch that people hated more than Bellatrix Lestrange, it would be this awful woman. A high-ranking official from the Ministry of Magic, she came to Hogwarts with an idea of constructive reform in her mind. Unfortunately, she was awfully similar to the US Government and made a lot of changes for the worse. Later on, she would spearhead the movement to arrest muggle-born wizards and even wore one of Voldemort's Horcruxes around her neck. She was a nightmare.

9Who is this wizard?

When Harry Potter first attended Hogwarts, he noticed that one of the professors was eyeing him strangely. After being in that teacher's class, he immediately discovered that he didn't get along with this man. Throughout the series, this wizard's behavior was extremely suspicious, often leading to many people accuse him of heinous crimes. As it turns out, though, this wizard turned out to be one of the greatest of his age, having risked his life on a daily basis for his lover.

10Who is this witch?

This professor at Hogwarts is much more of a motherly figure than anything else. She was compassionate when the occasion called for it, but she was also known to be extremely strict when students broke the rules. She was an amazing witch and became one of the best of her time. She was very close to the Headmaster at the time and took over leadership of the school when it was time for her to step up. Audiences won't forget her anytime soon.

11Who is this wizard?

This wizard is known for one thing and one thing only: explosions. Regardless of which spell he's trying to learn (it could be something as simple as a levitation charm), you can guarantee that he'll make it explode somehow. However, he ended up becoming a competent wizard. When Voldemort and his Death Eaters tried to invade the school, he was assigned to cause some explosions to try and hold them back. He was more of a background character, but we still love him.

12Who is this wizard?

If you ask anyone who the darkest wizard of all time was, then they'd immediately point out to this wizard. Being born as an orphan out of a love potion, there was always something wrong with him as a young boy. As he got older, he gained a superiority complex and dabbled in dark magic that was never mentioned. He was solely responsible for the deaths of thousands of wizards and started two wars during his life and almost won both times.

13Who is this witch?

Not all witches and wizards are sane in their heads, and this witch is proof of that. Being one of the most dangerous and unpredictable Death Eaters known to the Wizarding World, she went down in infamy as responsible for causing famous wizards to die or go insane. She was responsible for the deaths of some important characters in the franchise, and she was utterly despised as a result. That said, we have to give it to Helena Bonham Carter for such a great depiction.

14Who is this witch?

Few witches left an impression quite like this one. Introduced fairly late into the franchise, she became a staple of the Harry Potter series. Known for having quite an odd outlook on life as she babbled on about "narguls," many wizards had some nicknames for her. Still, she turned out to be a great asset to Harry Potter and his friends. She even found out the location of one of the Horcruxes in The Deathly Hallows. We still can't get over those glasses, though.

15Who is this wizard?

There's no wizarding family quite as big as the Weasleys. When Harry Potter first meets Ron, the second-to-youngest already has two brothers who have graduated from Hogwarts. One of them would appear during The Deathly Hallows to help in the war against Lord Voldemort. Prior to that experience, this wizard had been in several fights against some dangerous wizards. We also got to see his wedding in the series, a truly happy moment before everything went downhill. At least he didn't die right afterward.

16Who is this wizard?

This wizard didn't have a big role in the Harry Potter franchise other than to signal a turning point for the story. One of the selected four to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, he was one of the best wizards at Hogwarts. Unfortunately, when he and Harry touched the portkey and were taken to a cemetery, he was killed in battle by Peter Pettigrew. When Harry Potter came back to Hogwarts, he was forever terrified by what he had seen. Voldemort was back.

17Who is this witch?

If there were a prime candidate to have PTSD in the Harry Potter franchise, it would be this young witch. After being possessed by one of Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes in The Chamber of Secrets, she nearly died in the end. However, she ended up being a strong character and built a strong relationship with Harry Potter. She ended up fighting alongside her friends during the battle of Hogwarts and was nearly killed by a Death Eater. She later married Harry.

18Who is this wizard?

When it came to potions, there were few who could outdo Severus Snape. That was the case until we got to meet this new wizard. A longtime friend of Albus Dumbledore, he was coaxed to come back to Hogwarts and teach potions after being away for several years. As it turns out, he had a big connection with Tom Riddle including some viable information on how to defeat him. It was up to Harry to find out what he was hiding.

19Who is this wizard?

This wizard is conniving and nothing more than a coward. After a lot of speculation as to how they were discovered, it was eventually revealed that this wizard was responsible for the deaths of Lily and James Potter. Despite the fact that they were good friends, he buckled under the pressure of Lord Voldemort and gave up their location. In order to disguise himself from the eyes of others, he transfigured himself into a rat that was kept by the Weasleys for years.

20Who is this wizard?

This wizard suffered a horrible tragedy at a young age. He was attacked and bitten by a werewolf, thus making him one as well. During every full moon, he would then turn into a murderous dog. He wanted to make sure that no one would get harmed by his condition, so he would lock himself up every full moon or disappear until he could turn back into a man. Later in the series, he would gain a close relationship with Harry Potter.

21Who is this witch?

When you're young, there's always a bit of odd obsession when it comes to your love life. During The Half-Blood Prince, Ron Weasley figured out that he had a bit of a secret admirer. This witch was very persuasive and the two formed a relationship for a while. However, when Ron was unconscious and in the hospital, he whispered Hermione's name rather than the name of this witch. The girl then ended their connection right then and there, never to be important again.

22Who is this wizard?

Every wizard needs a wand, and that's why there are wand makers in the Wizarding World. Constructing their weapons with materials like Phoenix Tailfeather and Dragon Heartstrings, every wand is different and chooses its wizard instead of the other way around. One of the greatest wand makers was this wizard. However, he was sought after by the Dark Lord for his knowledge on the location on the Elder Wand rather than his skills alone. Unfortunately, that meeting with Voldemort would be his last.

23Who is this witch?

We all know Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley after the Second Wizarding War and the defeat of Lord Voldemort. However, she wasn't the first girl he ever had feelings for. During his fourth year, he had the hots for a young witch named Cho Chang. However, the two didn't go out until the year afterward. They shared a passionate kiss, but their relationship didn't last. They had a falling out, but she would later return to fight Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows.

24Who is this wizard?

This wizard was branded as a murderer and a traitor. The legends were told that he was the one responsible for giving out the location of Lily and James Potter to Lord Voldemort. However, it was revealed that he was falsely placed in Azkaban Prison for the act. As it turns out, he was a close friend to the Potters and remains Harry Potter's appointed godfather. For once in his life, Harry felt that he had a father figure in his life.

25Who is this wizard?

The Ministry of Magic was established to ensure the protection of the Wizarding World and the distancing from the Muggle World. The one person who leads this organization is known as the Minister of Magic and has ultimate power over the entire region. However, the Minister (during Harry Potter's time) tended to be a little fearful of what was happening. He was in denial that Lord Voldemort would ever return and he had twisted, political ideas of what corrective action was.

26Who is this wizard?

This wizard was known as one of the greatest who ever lived. Having published several books on his adventures, there wasn't a soul in the Wizarding World who didn't look up to him. Because of this, Dumbledore invited him to be Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher during The Chamber of Secrets. On further investigation, though, it turned out that this wizard was nothing more than a fraud. He would wipe the memories of other wizards and take credit for their deeds.

27Who is this wizard?

This wizard was one of an odd sort. There were a lot of people who found him quite bizarre, but he still had a lot to say about the Wizarding World. Because of this, he published his own newspaper that would inform people about the unsung dangers they were facing. Despite his odd lifestyle choices, this wizard was still vulnerable to torture. He gave up Harry, Ron, and Hermione's location during The Deathly Hallows after being threatened by the Death Eaters.

28Who is this wizard?

This wizard didn't have a lot of time in the Harry Potter universe, but he made quite the impression. After having a lavish introduction to Harry and his friends, it wasn't long before they figured out he was a sniveling coward. Apparently, he knew something about one of Voldemort's Horcruxes, so it was up to the House Elf, Kreacher, to find him and make him talk. After that point, the coward was never heard from again. Perhaps he was killed.

29Who is this wizard?

This wizard was a mainstay at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Being a master of charms, that was what Dumbledore had him teach young students. He was famous for being the instructor in charge of teaching Harry and his friends the levitation spell "Wingardium Leviosa." On top of that, he had a love for the arts and directed the choir, which included some big ugly frogs to help them out. On top of that, he was an extremely short wizard.

30Who is this wizard?

Despite there already being a Minister of Magic, there were several who had their eyes on the position. This wizard wasn't powerful in terms of the spells he could cast, but in the political power he held. Unfortunately, his loyalty to the Ministry was called into question when it was revealed that his son was one of the various Death Eaters who followed Lord Voldemort. This wizard also had a serious involvement in the Triwizard Tournament every time it was held.

31Who is this wizard?

There were many Death Eaters who were executing Lord Voldemort's will, and many of them were put in place in the Ministry of Magic. One of them was assigned with snuffing out any opposition if they presented themselves. Luckily for him, he would be in the right place when Harry, Ron, and Hermione broke into the Ministry to get the locket. He followed them outside of the floo powder gate and forced the three friends to find a different hiding place.

32Who is this witch?

This witch had a long impact on the Wizarding World. Known as the writer of a popular textbook that Harry had as a young wizard, she would later appear near the end of the series. She watched as Harry visited the grave of his parents at Godric's Hollow. Thinking that she knew something, he and Hermione followed her. Unfortunately, they quickly discovered that the real witch was dead and the woman in front of them was being controlled by Nagini, Voldemort's snake.

33Who is this wizard?

Near the end of the Harry Potter series, Cornelius Fudge stepped down as the Minister of Magic. In his place, another rose up to lead the Wizarding World to a new age. He would be the one to visit Harry, Ron, and Hermione following the death of Dumbledore at the hands of Snape. He would give them a few items that would help them in finding the Horcruxes. That said, he wasn't long for the world and his time came to a quick end.

34Who is this wizard?

This man had a significant impact on the history of the Wizarding World. He was a close friend of the Dumbledores and a member of the original Order of the Phoenix. He would later return to action when it came time to move Harry Potter to the Burrow at the beginning of The Deathly Hallows. He would also be the one to write the obituary for Dumbledore in The Daily Prophet, which prompted Harry to ask him questions about the deceased Headmaster.

35Who is this wizard?

We'll admit, this is a bit of a cheap shot. The Harry Potter universe has a lot of diverse characters, and that includes a set of twins in the Weasley family. These two characters were known for getting into trouble at every moment. They later established their own store where they would sell all kinds of pranks and knick knacks. That said, their brotherly bond would be broken up at The Deathly Hallows, when the Wizarding War brought them to their limit.

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