Tell Us What These Spells Do And We'll Reveal Which Harry Potter Wizard You Are!

Some love Harry Potter literature for its dynamic characters, others for its heinous plots, but many enjoy Harry Potter works because of its enchanting spells. Spells help characters free themselves from dangerous situations and can be used for entertainment as well. Spells we see in Harry's journey are imaginative and something to marvel at. They are capable of wreaking havoc against the innocent and providing light in a dim lit room. Although Harry Potter books have intriguing plots, their reality wouldn't be as alluring without its extraordinary magic.

When Harry boarded the train to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, his knowledge of spells was severely limited. In fact, Harry didn't know how to perform a single spell before going to Hogwarts. In Harry's first class, Transfiguration, he witnessed how to turn a match into a needle. Soon after, he learned the Wingardium Leviosa.

You've seen or read all the Harry Potter movies and books and now its time to test your knowledge on its spells. Harry wouldn't have made it to the end of the story if it weren't for his friends and their combined prowess of spells. Tell us what these spells do, and we'll tell you which Harry Potter character you're the most like!

1What is a Teleportation Spell used for?

You don't have to be a Harry Potter fanatic to know what this spell does. The teleportation spell has been used by Albus Dumbledore to help aid Harry Potter on his travels. Because this spell was activated, Harry was able to try and recruit Horace Slughorn.

2What does the Crucio curse do?

Crucio is a curse that can be cast on any wizard. Beware if using this spell since it is among the three Unforgivable Curses. Casting this spell and being caught, which you will, will ensure you are sent to Azkaban for a long time. What does the Crucio spell do?

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