2/3 Fans Can't Seem To Answer These Simple Harry Potter Questions. Can You?

Years ago, Harry Potter and his soon-to-be friends headed off to Hogwarts for the very first time to begin what would become one of the most famous adventures in history. These individuals would take part in a story where we saw them rise above and overcome insurmountable odds to help keep the rest of the world safe and to take down one of the most infamous villains ever penned. Needless to say, this franchise has been rolling for a while now, and it continues to gain new fans each year. Because of this, it would make sense that many fans out there have learned a thing or two about Harry Potter trivia, and we want to put them to the test.

Only the top Harry Potter fans in the world will be able to go through and ace this trivia quiz!

Question 1

Which Spell Does Hermione Use On Neville In The Sorcerer’s Stone?

Question 2

What Is Lupin’s Nickname?

Question 3

Which Of These Is NOT A Weasley?

Question 4

Does Harry Ever Become A Prefect?

Question 5

Which Character Does Harry End Up With?

Question 6

What Does The Boggart Turn Into For Neville?

Question 7

What Is Seamus Known For?

Question 8

What Is Cedric's Last Name?

Question 9

Which Character Dates Cho Chang?

Question 10

What Is Cornelius Fudge’s Job?

Question 11

Which Character Does Dean Thomas Date?

Question 12

Name This Character

Question 13

What Is The Name Of Dumbledore’s Phoenix?

Question 14

What Is The Dursley’s Address?

Question 15

Is Filch A Wizard or A Squib?

Question 16

Which School Does Fleur Attend?

Question 17

Does Fleur Win The Triwizard Tournament?

Question 18

Which Weasley Is NOT Pictured Here?

Question 19

Who Put Harry’s Name In The Goblet Of Fire?

Question 20

Who Is Draco’s Father?

Question 21

Which Of These Characters Is In Gryffindor?

Question 22

What Does Hagrid Bring Harry On His Birthday?

Question 23

What Is The Name Of Hagrid’s Three-Headed Dog?

Question 24

What Is This Symbol?

Question 25

What Magical Item Does Neville's Grandmother Send Him?

Question 26

Is Hermione A Squib?

Question 27

How Does Hermione Attend So Many Classes?

Question 28

Which Of These Characters Is A Hufflepuff?

Question 29

Where Does Lucius Work?

Question 30

Which Paper Does Luna’s Father Run?

Question 31

Name The Character On The Right

Question 32

How Many Siblings Does Malfoy Have?

Question 33

Name This Magical Artifact

Question 34

Which Subject Does Professor McGonagall Teach?

Question 35

Which Animal Can Professor McGonagall Turn Into?

Question 36

Who Was Using Polyjuice Potion To Be Professor Moody?

Question 37

Name This Wizarding Sport

Question 38

Which Of These Characters Is A Ravenclaw?

Question 39

Where Does Harry Meet Ron?

Question 40

Where Was Sirius Black Being Held Prisoner?

Question 41

Which Of These Characters Is A Slytherin?

Question 42

Which Hogwarts House Was Snape In?

Question 43

Does Nymphadora Survive The Battle of Hogwarts?

Question 44

What Platform Leads To The Hogwarts Express?

Question 45

Name This Character

Question 46

Which Twin Survives The Series?

Question 47

In Which Movie Does Dolores Umbridge Take Over Hogwarts?

Question 48

At Which Event Does This Screenshot Take Place?

Question 49

How Many Horcruxes Does Voldemort Have?

Question 50

Who Is In Possession Of The Elder Wand At The Beginning Of The Series?

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