Can You Ace This Quiz On The First Harry Potter Movie?

Welcome to the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry! You're about to embark on an epic, 7-year long adventure, in which you'll learn an assortment of magical tips and tricks that will allow you to do impossible things. Gone will be your boring days, as you'll constantly need to be on the lookout for nefarious magic. And, being a noble wizard or witch at heart, you've surely already dedicated these next years of your life to defending all innocent spellcasters living in the magical world. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but we're just messing with you. The page you clicked on isn't the virtual gateway through Platform 9 3/4. This is just a little trivia quiz about the first Harry Potter movie, nothing magical about it. The mythology of Harry Potter and the world he navigates through are limited to the pages of a great book series and the frames of an epic film franchise. All we can do is watch from afar and be entertained as we go about our regular lives on this side of the coin.

But who knows? Maybe there really is a magical other side of the coin that we can access if we just get the portal right. In fact, maybe we were lying when we said we were messing with you, and Platform 9 3/4 actually lies at the end of this quiz, for those who score 90% or more.

Is that the case? We're definitely not saying it is. But there's only one way to know for sure, and that's by going forward bravely. Good luck.

Question 1

Who is the first person from Hogwarts that Harry meets in the movie?

Here's Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, as he curiously examines someone. Who is he examining with such curiosity? The first person he meets from the magical world, of course. If you've seen the first Harry Potter movie, which we're assuming you did, then you'll remember the towering building of a man who rescues Harry from the mundanity of his normal life and sets him on the adventure of a lifetime. It's also the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Do you know this character's name?

Question 2

Who are the Dursleys?

Pictured right here are the Dursleys, a truly atrocious family. They're not violent, really, except maybe the kid. However, if you live with them for 11 years, you probably have a good idea of how mean they are. And, if you're a fan of the Harry Potter series, you're probably laughing at the simplicity of this question. Don't laugh too hard, though - we're just warming you up a bit. Answer this easy one, then we can move onto something more difficult.

Question 3

What does Professor McGonagall transform into?

Here is Professor McGonagall, a classic Hogwarts staff member. She teaches Transfiguration at the school, and is head of Gryffindor house. She also has this nifty trick that allows her to transform into an animal. In the Harry Potter universe, this transformation is known as an animagus, and Professor McGonagall's animagus takes on a certain form. She showed it off to her students during Harry Potter's first class. Let's see if you're a real HP fan - name McGonagall's animagus.

Question 4

How does the average witch or wizard refer to Lord Voldemort?

Here's Lord Voldemort, looking you dead in the soul. This tyrant is the walking, breathing, killing nightmare of the Harry Potter universe. He has unleashed his fair share of Avada Kedavras on innocent witches and wizards, to say the least, and his Death Eaters were always there to pick up the slack when he needed a break. Having had such a tyrannical run, the wizarding world as a whole doesn't even use his name. Instead, they use this other moniker.

Question 5

How does Harry get to Hogwarts?

Despite what a skeptic might think, Harry Potter can't just teleport to Hogwarts from Diagon Alley. This would require a magical technique known as Apparition, which witches and wizards only learn in their early adulthood. If Harry were to try Apparating to Hogwarts before he even took a class there, his body parts might be scattered all over the world, and we would never have this epic story. So, Harry needed to get to Hogwarts some other way - how did he do it?

Question 6

How do witches and wizards send their mail?

Despite what this picture might show, witches and wizards do not send their mail to each other via a logistics service like Fed Ex. As it turns out, the magical world prefers to conduct itself via magical processes. This applies to every task of their lives, including sending mail to each other. In fact, the way that witches and wizards communicate via mail is quite fascinating. If you're a real Harry Potter fan, you'll have no trouble getting this one right.

Question 7

What's Ron's rat's name?

Here's Ron, just in case you didn't know. Notice the uber red hair and nervous expression on his face. Thankfully, he has a pet rat to help him quell his anxiety. Sure, he could have had a dog or cat or something, but this is the magical world, where some people prefer keeping a rat in their pocket. This rat would turn out to be a wretched Death Eater, but he was a cuddly little rat for the first 2 and a half books.

Question 8

Where did Harry sleep when he was living with the Dursleys?

As we mentioned above, the Dursleys are horrible people. Again, they don't hit other people, at least not on-screen or in the pages of the Harry Potter books. This is a good thing, and we have to give them a point for it. However, we'll go ahead and subtract five points due to the sleeping quarters they gave to their nephew Harry as he was growing up. It really is the worst place one could sleep in a house. Remember?

Question 9

What's this professor's name?

This little professor right here needs to stand on a chair in order to speak clearly to the class. He's short, super bearded and funny looking, but don't let that fool you. There's a reason why this little dude is a professor at Hogwarts, and that's because he's magical AF. He's also good at heart, and imparts his magical lessons to his student with the full intent of bettering their skills. Can you remember what this classic Hogwarts professor teaches?

Question 10

Where did Harry get his wand?

Every wizard needs a wand if they're looking to study magic at Hogwarts. And, a wand isn't something you can buy at the dollar store or pharmacy. No, you need to go to a professional in order to find the right wand for you. In the wizarding world, there's only one wizard who does the job better than everyone else, and his shop has been in Diagon Alley for decades. Can you remember where Harry gets his wand? We know you can.

Question 11

How does the average witch or wizard refer to Harry Potter?

Just as Lord Voldemort has his own moniker uttered by witches and wizards out of pure fear, Harry has his, used out of hope. This represents the duality between the two characters - pure evil and its eradicator. Harry Potter is a fine name, but the moniker we're thinking of is a touch more epic. It's a hard name to live up to (wink wink) but Harry managed to honor it at the very end of the series, a trend he started at the beginning.

Question 12

What's Harry's cousin's name?

Look at this angry little tomato. This is the bulging face of Harry's cousin, son of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. We said a few times that the Dursleys aren't violent folk, by which we mean that the adult Dursleys never laid a finger on Harry. However, they probably knew that Harry's cousin would take care of that under the guise of childish roughhousing. And, roughhouse this little potato did, for years before Harry became all magical. Do you remember his name?

Question 13

What did Hagrid do to Dudley?

Look at Hagrid's face, that devil. Here he is at Hogwarts, seemingly minding his own business. But, we get the feeling that he's thinking back fondly on when he first met Harry Potter. That night was a miracle for young Harry, and a nightmare for Dudley. It's hard not to feel bad for a kid who has to experience such punishment, but somehow, we don't feel bad at all. That's just what you get when you eat a wizard's birthday cake by the handful, like a pig.

Question 14

Who is the smartest student in Harry's grade?

The students at Hogwarts normally aren't adept at things like trigonometry and Spanish, but thankfully they have epic, magical powers to make up for it. In Harry's grade, there's one student in particular whose wit and magical ability far exceeds any other. The professors are very quick to notice this, as are Harry and Ron. Indeed, this super smart student happens to join the Harry Potter trio, being one of its key members. Do you know who this student is?

Question 15

Who is this professor?

We've had a couple tough questions so far, or you might not think so if you've deeply studied the Harry Potter universe. In any case, we'll give you a little break here with an easy one. Pictured here is a certain Hogwarts Professor, curiously examining Harry Potter as he sees him in person for the first time. This character would end up being key for almost the entire series, but you probably know that already. So, click the button with his name on it.

Question 16

Who is the headmaster at Hogwarts?

Before we re-enter the difficult portion of this quiz, let's set you off with another no-brainer. Every school needs its principal, and Hogwarts is no exception. Except, at Hogwarts, the principal is known as the headmaster. This is fitting, since such a banal title as "principal" doesn't quite do this master wizard justice. He's lovingly known as the wisest, kindest and most powerful wizard in the world, even stronger than Lord Voldemort. We're sure you won't have any trouble here.

Question 17

What's the magical bank called?

Pictured here is the epic entrance hall of the magical wizarding bank that witches and wizards use to store their coins and treasures. This is no ordinary bank chain - this one has vaults that go impossibly deep into the ground, and legend has it that the most prized vaults are guarded by a dragon. Yeah, that doesn't quite sound like your average banking branch. A real wizard - or at least a real Harry Potter fan - will know the name of this bank.

Question 18

Who works at the magical bank?

Another thing that helps give the magical bank its magical distinction is the magical staff that help run it. If the staff of Gringott's were comprised of witches and wizards, that would be quite enchanting, but the workers there are creatures of even more mystical origins. They're strange creatures, not evil but certainly tricky, and sneaky. You need your wits about you when banking in the magical world, even if you're just dropping in for a deposit. Who works at the bank?

Question 19

What subject does Professor Sprout teach?

Pictured here is the lovely Professor Sprout, one of the central staff members at Hogwarts and head of the Hufflepuff house. She's a formidable witch in her own right, though she prefers to teach one of the more calming, peaceful subjects at the school. One might say this is among the unnecessary educational points for young witches and wizards, and they might be right. But, the subject Professor Sprout teaches can come in handy in the most dire of circumstances.

Question 20

What's this character's name?

This little boy right here is sometimes thought of as the unofficial fourth member of the Harry Potter hero trio. He was always thought of as a coward ever since he first stepped foot into the Great Hall, mostly by the Slytherins, of course. But, as you probably know, he's proven his bravery time and time again by helping the magical heroes fight the magical villains. He also has a really funny name. If you're a HP fan, you'll remember it fondly.

Question 21

Who is Harry's least favorite student?

Harry Potter's first impression of high school was probably a lot like yours. He was introduced to his school ground and his teachers, made a couple friends on the first day, and also made an enemy. This was the beginning of a great rivalry that went on for the entire duration of the Harry Potter series, right till the very end. You can hate or love this wizard, depending on which house you'd be placed in. What's his name, again?

Question 22

What beast did Harry, Ron and Hermione face near the end of the movie?

Of course, any resolution to a Harry Potter book or movie doesn't come easy. Inevitably, there's going to be some impossible challenge Harry & friends have to face in order to make it through to the end. In The Philosopher's Stone, our heroic trio had to face a beast that would turn a hundred armed, adult men pale white, and they did it at the age of 11. Do you remember the towering chimera that stood in the way of the Philosopher's Stone?

Question 23

Who was controlling Professor Quirrell?

You might remember Professor Quirrell as the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series, which he certainly was. However, you might also remember that Quirrell was not acting entirely of his own accord. In fact, his mind was being controlled the entire time by a certain dark wizard, and we won't hint at him anymore than that. If you've seen the first movie, which you probably have, then you won't need any more hints. Who was the wizard controlling Professor Quirrell?

Question 24

What were Harry, Hermione and Ron trapped in near the end of the movie?

As we mentioned above, any Harry Potter installation must feature impossible obstacles in its third act. Not only did The Philosopher's Stone pit Harry, Ron and Hermione against a giant, three-headed dog, but it also presented them with a horrific trap that could have easily taken their lives if Hermione hadn't remembered a certain lesson by Professor Sprout. Thank the gods for Hermione, otherwise they'd all certainly be dead before any of the other books could be written. What were they trapped in?

Question 25

Is Hagrid a Hogwarts professor in the movie?

Hagrid is a huge dude, though don't let that fool you. He has a heart of gold, and has only ever shown love and guidance toward Harry, Ron and Hermione. He works at Hogwarts, which is part of the reason why he was chosen to fetch Harry for his first year. But, what we'd like to know is whether he's an actual professor at the school of witchcraft and wizardry. We actually already know the answer to that, but do you?

Question 26

What gift did Hagrid have for Harry when he met him?

When Hagrid busted Harry's door open on that rainy day for the very first time, he came bearing a gift. It was no ordinary gift, of course - in fact, it was perishable. That's Hagrid for you; he wanted to give this particular gift to Harry so much, he didn't care if it got wet in the rain. However, he did care if a certain piggy little cousin leaned over for handfuls of the gift when no one was looking.

Question 27

What was Professor Quirrell trying to steal?

Professor Quirrell - or, rather, the dark wizard controlling him - was after a certain magical object, one with extraordinary powers. This object was hidden somewhere in Hogwarts, and it was hidden very well. The reason why it was buried so deeply inside the secrets of the school is that, if a certain dark wizard gets a hold of it, his full powers might be unleashed, and no one wants that at all. Can you remember what this object is?

Question 28

Who is the first character to be shown in the movie?

Every story has a beginning, and every decent story has at least one character. At the beginning of the Harry Potter series, a certain character walked through the faded-in streets, removing light from the street lamp in a magical way. This character would end up being central to the plot of Harry Potter, something you probably predicted as soon as you saw their robe and hat on-screen. This character is super magical, no doubt about that. Remember who it is?

Question 29

Which position does Harry play in Quidditch?

Harry, like his father, has an innate talent for Quidditch. Of course, Quidditch is the main sport of the wizarding world, and is practiced as the main extracurricular activity at Hogwarts. Other Hogwarts houses thought they had Gryffindor's Quidditch team figured out, that is until Harry Potter showed up. His aptitude with the broom pointed him toward a certain position on the Quidditch team, which is a key position when it comes to determining the victor of the game. Which is it?

Question 30

What are the names of Draco Malfoy's henchmen?

Some sinister characters in fiction prefer the path of walking alone, while others don't go anywhere without at least one henchman. Well, as it turns out, Draco Malfoy has two of those, whose combined IQ almost amounts to a full, average brain. These two wizards aren't very magical, but they're quite strong, and they've dished out their share of knuckle sandwiches throughout the years. A real Harry Potter fan will be able to name them, with no problem at all.

Question 31

How old is Harry in the movie?

We mentioned Harry's age a couple times in the quiz so far, so you don't have any excuse not to get this one right. Indeed, we put this question here just to see if you've been paying attention. Real wizards pay attention, you know. Harry was a certain age during the first movie, and like all ages, it's a very specific number. True Harry Potter fans will remember Harry's age, or at least be able to scroll back up to where we spelled it out for you.

Question 32

What's the name of the book store in Diagon Alley?

Diagon Alley has a host of services for witches and wizards, which includes antique collecting, wand customization, banking and more. Of course, a favorite among witches and wizards young and old (or, at least, Hermione) is its book store, and it's a necessary pit stop for anyone traveling through the alley on their way to their first year of Hogwarts. If you've read the book or seen the film, you've probably thought about picking up a volume or two from this store. What's it called?

Question 33

What is Harry's wand made out of?

Harry's wand is one of the best wands there is, no doubt about that. In the magical world, each wand is composed in a special way, with their own core ingredients. For instance, your wand might be made of unicorn hair, mixed in with some magical woods and stuff. Harry's wand is particularly special, and holds a lot of significance connected to several key aspects of the franchise. If you're a true HP fan, you'll definitely know what Harry's wand is made out of.

Question 34

What happened when Harry visited the zoo?

If you'll recall the beginning of The Philosopher's Stone, Harry and the Dursleys took a trip to the zoo, because that's what normal, non-magical people do sometimes when they're bored. It was just another day out with the Dursleys for Harry, as he put up with being ignored and generally disrespected. However, an eventful thing would end up happening at this zoo that would put a frown of confusion on Harry's young face. Do you remember which event happened at the zoo?

Question 35

Which platform leads to the Hogwarts Express?

For our final question, we'll direct your memory back to a key, iconic detail of the Harry Potter franchise. Harry's road to Hogwarts eventually lead him to King's Cross train station, in London, where he had to find the platform that would lead to the train that would take him to Hogwarts. Of course, this is no ordinary platform, and it had no ordinary name. Answer this last question, and we'll find out if you're a true wizard. Which platform leads to the Hogwarts Express?

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