Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Match You To A Dreamy Movie Man

Grown-Up "Would You Rather" is so much more fun to play than regular "Would You Rather". Regular "Would You Rather" is filled with a lot of totally basic questions about foods, colors, vacation destinations, music, and more. Grown-Up "Would You Rather" is different, because it is intended for an adult audience... a MATURE audience!

This is a great game to play with a new romantic partner, because it can help two people get to know each other on a deeper level in a fun and flirty way. Getting to know someone at the start of a relationship is not always easy... in fact, sometimes it can be a challenge because we never know what we are allowed to ask and talk about. No one wants to overstep a boundary or push the person they like too far in the wrong direction. The purpose of this game is to be totally honest!

Question 1

Kiss or cuddle?

Question 2

Have fun with someone older or younger?

Question 3

Use pet names always or never?

Question 4

Lose a swimsuit at the beach or at a pool party?

Question 5

Red wine or white wine?

Question 6

Corset or bustier?

Question 7

Approach someone and get rejected or be approached by someone unattractive?

Question 8

Casual or committed?

Question 9

Close-toed heels or open-toed heels?

Question 10

Three's a crowd or the more the merrier?

Question 11

Chocolate dipped strawberries or roses?

Question 12

Have fun with your best friend's sibling or best friend's ex?

Question 13

Always be the giver or always receive but it's bad?

Question 14

White lace or black lace?

Question 15

Light candles or use fragrance oils?

Question 16

Music in the background or silence?

Question 17

Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

Question 18

Always wear makeup or never wear makeup?

Question 19

Bubble bath or shower?

Question 20

Have fun with a coworker or with an ex?

Question 21

Brunette or blonde?

Question 22

Leather or lace?

Question 23

Try roleplaying or skip it?

Question 24

Be on top or be on the bottom?

Question 25

One person forever or never the same person twice?

Question 26

Dinner before or dinner after?

Question 27

Have fun with an overseas random or with a travel companion?

Question 28

In an empty house or full house?

Question 29

Lights on or lights off?

Question 30

At the bar or at the club?

Question 31

On a train or plane?

Question 32

Be blindfolded or blindfold them?

Question 33

Early morning or late at night?

Question 34

Inside a tent or under the stars?

Question 35

TV in the background or silence?

Question 36

PDA or keep it private?

Question 37

During the party or after the party?

Question 38

Breakfast the morning after or send them home?

Question 39

Caught by parents or siblings?

Question 40

With someone muscular or lean?

Question 41

First base or home-run?

Question 42

Use handcuffs or skip them?

Question 43

Kiss and tell or keep it secret?

Question 44

Record everything or skip the camera?

Question 45

During a wedding reception or after?

Question 46

Incorporate whipped cream or skip it?

Question 47

Have fun with a single dad or a man without kids?

Question 48

Pillow talk or no talking?

Question 49

Prioritize size or motion?

Question 50

Outdoors or indoors?

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