Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Match You To A Brunette

Life is full of preferences, and finding people that are into the same things that we are can be a bit tricky. The people that do have similar tastes as we do are the ones that we are going to want to have some fun with, and should things line up and work out, these people can become far more than just friends. In the long run, we want to make things work with someone that enjoys what we enjoy, but the occasional difference can be a good thing. Too many differences, however, can be a bad thing.

Today, we are going to have people go through and make some tough choices about their preferences. In the end, we will give them a foxy brunette!

Question 1

Mom’s Best Friend or Best Friend’s Mom?

Question 2

Fun With Strawberries or Whipped Cream?

Question 3

Left or Right?

Question 4

PDA or Stay Casual?

Question 5

Dinner Before or After?

Question 6

Left or Right?

Question 7

Top or Bottom?

Question 8

On The Beach or In A Pool House?

Question 9

By The Fire or In The Tent?

Question 10

With A Movie On or Off?

Question 11

Tell Everyone or Tell No One?

Question 12

In A Car or In A Truck?

Question 13

Nerdy Girl or Preppy Girl?

Question 14

During The Wedding or After The Reception?

Question 15

Tall or Short?

Question 16

In The Pool or In The House?

Question 17

Clothing-Optional Swimming or Clothing-Optional Dominos?

Question 18

Club Fun or Bar Fling?

Question 19

Be Romantic or Be Animalistic?

Question 20

Blonde or Brunette?

Question 21

Older or Younger?

Question 22

Lights On or Off?

Question 23

Wine Before or After?

Question 24

Be Bound or Bind Them?

Question 25

Lie About Size or Be Honest?

Question 26

In A Full House or An Empty House?

Question 27

Sister’s Friend or Friend’s Sister?

Question 28

Keep It Quiet or Get Loud?

Question 29

Set The Mood or Get To Business?

Question 30

Music On or Off?

Question 31

Call A Cab or Let Them Stay?

Question 32

Single Mom or Friend’s Mom?

Question 33

One-Night Fun or Come Back For More?

Question 34

Fun With A Coworker or Fun With The Boss?

Question 35

Role Play or Keep It Simple?

Question 36

House Party Fling or Romantic Relationship?

Question 37

Mile-High Club or At The Airport?

Question 38

Fun On The Road or Keep It Local?

Question 39

Use A Safe Word or Go With The Flow?

Question 40

TV On or Off?

Question 41

Use Handcuffs or Leave Them In The Dresser?

Question 42

In A Garage or In A Barn?

Question 43

Monogamy or Tons Of Fun?

Question 44

In The Shower or In A Bath?

Question 45

Be Blindfolded or Blindfold Them?

Question 46

Pillow Talk or Get To Business?

Question 47

Fun With Lots Of People or Just One Partner?

Question 48

Always Give or Always Receive?

Question 49

Fun With An Ex or Fun With A Stranger?

Question 50

Left or Right?

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