Do You Know Grey's Anatomy Well Enough To Score Over 80% On This Quiz?

It's that time of year again! No, we are not talking about any upcoming holidays, but instead the starting of yet another new season of everyone's favorite medical drama - Grey's Anatomy! That's right, we are about to head into season 16. Before we dive in though, we thought we would check to make sure everyone has been paying attention.

Today's quiz is all about Grey's Anatomy. We are going to ask some trivia questions, all based around the show's storyline. We will be covering plots from season 1 all the way to 15, so if anyone needs to brush up, now is the time. This one won't be easy, but we are thinking the committed fans should be able to pass it. Scalpels away and tissues out people, things are about to get emotional!

Question 1

Where did Meredith and Derek first meet?

Question 2

Who has never been fired from the hospital?

Question 3

True or false: Nicole Herman did NOT survive her brain surgery

Question 4

What is Meredith's specialty?

Question 5

How many kids do Derek and Meredith have?

Question 6

Name this character

Question 7

How many times has Alex been married?

Question 8

True or false: Derek and Meredith were never legally married

Question 9

Who was proposed to with a flash mob?

Question 10

Who has never lived in Derek's trailer?

Question 11

Which intern did Miranda name her baby after?

Question 12

What is Jo's specialty?

Question 13

How many times has Miranda been married?

Question 14

Whose mother is this?

Question 15

What was the original name of the hospital?

Question 16

True or false: Izzie and Alex had a child together

Question 17

How did Lexie lose her life?

Question 18

Name this character

Question 19

True or false: Mark and Lexie were NOT dating when the plane crashed

Question 20

Who cut Denny's LVAD?

Question 21

What did Teddy and Owen name their daughter?

Question 22

What is Amelia's specialty?

Question 23

Where did Addison move to after leaving Seattle?

Question 24

Which intern did Cristina take with her when she left?

Question 25

How do Meredith and Cristina deal with their issues?

Question 26

Who won the hotdog eating contest?

Question 27

Who wore a diaper to perform surgery?

Question 28

Name this character

Question 29

Who did Andrew first date after arriving in Seattle?

Question 30

Where was Zola adopted from?

Question 31

Who has Mark NOT been with?

Question 32

How many sisters did Derek have?

Question 33

What is the name of Megan's son?

Question 34

How did Derek's father lose his life?

Question 35

Name this character

Question 36

How many times has Callie been married?

Question 37

Who claims to be a "good man in a storm"?

Question 38

What is April's specialty?

Question 39

True or false: April and Jackson are currently married

Question 40

How did George lose his life?

Question 41

Who are the "Twisted Sisters"?

Question 42

Who was Meredith dating in the "what if" episode?

Question 43

Why did Sadie Harris get fired?

Question 44

Who has never been Chief of Surgery?

Question 45

Why did Callie move to New York?

Question 46

Name this character

Question 47

Who briefly dated Eliza Minnick?

Question 48

Where did Derek propose to Meredith?

Question 49

What did Preston call his mother?

Question 50

Who has never been a surgical patient at the hospital?

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