If You Haven't Seen All Of Grey's Anatomy, You're Not Passing This Quiz

We are now on season 15 of Grey's Anatomy, and the series shows no signs of slowing down! While this extremely emotional television show may not be for everyone, it's fan base has remained pretty loyal over the years. After having seen Meredith go through so much, it would definitely be hard to give up on her storyline now. This quiz is for the fans who have stood my Mer's side throughout all of the ups and the many downs.

In this quiz, we will be asking questions revolving around all 15 seasons. Having seen every single episode is an absolute must for anyone who wants to walk away from this one with a passing grade. It won't be easy, but nothing about this show ever is. Who's ready to scrub in?

Question 1

How many half-sisters does Meredith have?

Question 2

How many children do Meredith and Derek have?

Question 3

Who are the "Twisted Sisters"?

Question 4

Who is "007"?

Question 5

Which doctor was NOT involved in the plane crash?

Question 6

What kind of surgery did Alex originally want to specialize in?

Question 7

Who did Mark NOT have a relationship with?

Question 8

What color dress did Christina wear to her second wedding?

Question 9

Name this character

Question 10

What is Callie's middle name?

Question 11

How many sisters does Derek have?

Question 12

What type of transplant did Denny Duquette need?

Question 13

Who wore a diaper while performing surgery?

Question 14

Where did Derek live before moving to Seattle?

Question 15

What did Jackson and April name their son?

Question 16

Which surgeon was caught living inside of the hospital?

Question 17

Which surgeon married a patient for insurance purposes?

Question 18

Which doctor named their baby after George O'Malley?

Question 19

Who removed Christina's icicle?

Question 20

How many times has Miranda been married?

Question 21

What is Jo Wilson's real first name?

Question 22

Name this character

Question 23

Who was last to join Miranda's group of original interns?

Question 24

In what season did Christina leave the show for good?

Question 25

Who is "BCB"?

Question 26

What was the name of Owen's first fiancée?

Question 27

What is Teddy's specialty?

Question 28

Who has a photographic memory?

Question 29

Where did Addison move to after leaving Seattle?

Question 30

What was Ben Warren doing during the shooting?

Question 31

Name this character

Question 32

What kind of animal was George forced to hunt?

Question 33

Who was the first to get pregnant?

Question 34

Which surgeon did Andrew DeLuca first live with?

Question 35

Who did NOT pass their intern exam?

Question 36

Who is "Bethany Whisper"?

Question 37

Who originally won the sparkle pager?

Question 38

Name this character

Question 39

What is Lexie's favorite type of candy?

Question 40

Who wears bird-themed scrub caps?

Question 41

Name this character

Question 42

What was Adele and Richard's wedding song?

Question 43

What musical instrument does Preston play?

Question 44

What medical condition did Ellis have?

Question 45

Where did Derek and Meredith adopt Zola from?

Question 46

Name this character

Question 47

Who slapped Meredith in front of the whole hospital?

Question 48

What color is Derek and Meredith's Post-it?

Question 49

Who was Jason Myers in a relationship with before leaving the show?

Question 50

Name this character

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