There's No Way You'll Score Over 50% On This Grey's Anatomy Quiz

When it comes to shows like Grey's Anatomy, there is a whole lot to know. The show has been on the air for 15 seasons now, and it is no secret that the characters come and go faster than the illnesses they spend their days trying to cure. That being said, we do know that there are some fans out there who think they know every single detail about Seattle Grace Hospital and its surgeons.

Today everybody will get the chance to prove their Grey's knowledge. We will be asking different questions based on the show, and we are thinking no one will be able to score higher than 50%. Anyone think they can do better? Scalpels down people, it's time to take this ultimate Grey's Anatomy quiz!

Question 1

Name this character

Question 2

Who is April currently married to?

Question 3

How many children do Meredith and Derek have?

Question 4

Who is "Ponytail McGee"?

Question 5

What used to hang on the wall behind Meredith and Derek's bed?

Question 6

Who said "It's a beautiful day to save lives."

Question 7

Name this character

Question 8

What kind of animal is printed on Teddy's scrub caps?

Question 9

Who was NOT an original intern?

Question 10

What is Derek's specialty?

Question 11

Name this character

Question 12

Who has never been Chief of Surgery?

Question 13

Where did Derek and Addison live before splitting up?

Question 14

Who did NOT pass their board exams?

Question 15

Who are the "Twisted Sisters"?

Question 16

What is Alex's specialty?

Question 17

Name this character

Question 18

Where did Cristina move to after leaving Seattle?

Question 19

How many times has Richard been married?

Question 20

Who was Owen's first fiancée?

Question 21

What is Maggie's specialty?

Question 22

How did Izzie pay off her student loans?

Question 23

True or false: Callie and Arizona are currently married

Question 24

Who was NOT involved in the plane crash?

Question 25

Name this character

Question 26

Who did Cristina take with her when she left?

Question 27

What did Meredith and Derek write their vows on?

Question 28

Name this character

Question 29

Who said "Oh screw beautiful! I’m brilliant!"

Question 30

Where did Addison move to after leaving Seattle?

Question 31

How did Arizona lose her leg?

Question 32

Who has a thing for ferry boats?

Question 33

Who did Charles Percy have a crush on?

Question 34

What is Owen's specialty?

Question 35

Who operated on a deer?

Question 36

Name this character

Question 37

What kind of animal did George hunt with his family?

Question 38

Who removed Cristina's icicle?

Question 39

Who was named Chief Resident of Meredith's class?

Question 40

True or false: Teddy married a patient for insurance purposes

Question 41

Who said "So pick me. Choose me. Love me."

Question 42

Who was the original "Chief's Intern"?

Question 43

Who won the hot dog eating contest?

Question 44

Name this character

Question 45

What is Callie's specialty?

Question 46

Who is the father of Teddy's baby?

Question 47

Who did Lexie first have a crush on?

Question 48

Name this character

Question 49

Who is "Sweet'N Low"

Question 50

Which intern moved in with Arizona?

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