Even Meredith Wouldn't Be Able To Score Over 70% On This Grey's Anatomy Quiz

As many of us sit around and wait for the upcoming season of Grey's Anatomy to start, it only makes sense for our minds to wander back through the last 15 seasons worth of medical drama. At this point, it may feel as though we have seen it all, but we are willing to bet that the writers still have a few emotional twists up their sleeves!

In this Grey's Anatomy quiz, we will be looking back through all of the past seasons. We will be asking questions based around seasons 1 through 15. It will truly take a Grey's expert to score higher than a 70% on this one. Anyone here think they are up for the challenge? Get the tissues out people, we know how these episodes usually end...

Question 1

Who was not involved in the plane crash?

Question 2

Why was Sam Bello facing deportation?

Question 3

What is Alex's specialty?

Question 4

How did George lose his life?

Question 5

What used to be hanging over Derek and Meredith's bed?

Question 6

Name this character

Question 7

Who was almost April's "first"?

Question 8

Where does the show take place?

Question 9

Who was NOT an original intern?

Question 10

How many times has Alex been married?

Question 11

True or false: Owen and Amelia are currently married

Question 12

Which intern helped deliver Miranda's baby?

Question 13

Who went to prison to save Meredith from being locked up?

Question 14

Who has Mark NOT been with?

Question 15

Who did Cristina take with her when she left?

Question 16

Who is "McSteamy"?

Question 17

Who accidentally passed around magic cookies?

Question 18

What song did Meredith and Cristina dance to for their final goodbye?

Question 19

Who removed Cristina's icicle?

Question 20

Name this character

Question 21

Who has Lexie NOT been with?

Question 22

What is the name of Callie and Arizona's baby?

Question 23

Who did NOT pass their board exams?

Question 24

What is Callie's specialty?

Question 25

Which of these has never been one of Ben's jobs?

Question 26

Where did Addison and Derek live before splitting up?

Question 27

Who has never lived in Derek's trailer?

Question 28

Name this character

Question 29

Who is "007'?

Question 30

Who's mother is this?

Question 31

What is the name of Owen and Teddy's baby?

Question 32

What is Finn Dandridge's profession?

Question 33

Who did Leah Murphy file a complaint against?

Question 34

Who is "Bethany Whisper"?

Question 35

What is Amelia's specialty?

Question 36

Who was Lexie's first crush at the hospital?

Question 37

Who did NOT pass their intern exam?

Question 38

What was the hospital's original name?

Question 39

Name this character

Question 40

Who is "Cricket"?

Question 41

Who was the original Chief's intern?

Question 42

Who were the original members of the Plastics Posse?

Question 43

True or false: Derek and Meredith were never legally married

Question 44

What is Teddy's specialty?

Question 45

True or false: Richard left Adele to be with Ellis

Question 46

What is the name of Megan's adopted son?

Question 47

Name this character

Question 48

What was the name of Meredith's dog?

Question 49

What was the theme of the hospital's gala?

Question 50

Where did Derek propose to Meredith?

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