Take This Grey's Anatomy Quiz And See If You Get McDreamy Or McSteamy

After 15 seasons, it is almost like we are surgeons ourselves. By this point in the series, most of us can tell which patients are going to make it, which doctors are going to get together, and what kind of accident is lurking just around the corner. That being said, even though we may be experts on the show, that certainly does not mean we would know how to react if we were to be thrown into the storyline.

Today we will be getting the chance to live out all of our Grey's Anatomy fantasies.  We will be asking all kinds of questions related to the series, and everyone here is free to answer them as they please. Once all of the questions have been answered, we will reveal which McSurgeon everybody gets to take home!

Question 1

Pick a "person"

Question 2

Name this character

Question 3

The Chief catches you dancing in your underwear, what to do?

Question 4

Pick a surgical specialty

Question 5

Turkey hunting on Thanksgiving?

Question 6

Pick an original intern

Question 7

You have surgery in 5 minutes, what's for dinner?

Question 8

Name this character

Question 9

Who had the best wedding?

Question 10

Pick a surgeon to date

Question 11

Your best friend is moving away, what to do?

Question 12

Pick a character to bring back

Question 13

Pick a character to get rid of forever

Question 14

Pick a place to live

Question 15

You see your underwear pinned to the resident's board, what to do?

Question 16

Pick a roommate

Question 17

Name this character

Question 18

Denny Duquette leaves you 8.7 million dollars, what to do?

Question 19

Pick a Chief of Surgery

Question 20

Pick a surgeon to date

Question 21

The Chief catches you and an attending in the back seat of a car, what to do?

Question 22

Pick a couple

Question 23

Pick an intern

Question 24

Pick a non-surgical specialty

Question 25

Pick a sister

Question 26

Dating a coworker?

Question 27

Having some fun in an on-call room?

Question 28

Who did NOT move to Switzerland?

Question 29

Name this character

Question 30

Pick a mode of transport

Question 31

What is the name of Meredith and Derek's eldest child?

Question 32

Pick a classic Grey's Anatomy song

Question 33

Pick the saddest incident

Question 34

Which of these has NOT been one of Ben's jobs?

Question 35

Pick a scrub color

Question 36

Which original intern did Bailey name her baby after?

Question 37

Name this character

Question 38

Pick a mentor

Question 39

Pick a work bestie

Question 40

What is the name of Jackson and April's daughter?

Question 41

Who is currently in jail?

Question 42

Pick an event to attend

Question 43

Pick the best Mercy West transfer

Question 44

What is more important, a successful personal or professional life?

Question 45

What nickname was Meredith given when she became an attending?

Question 46

Pulling pranks on fellow surgeons?

Question 47

You can no longer operate, what to do next?

Question 48

Name this character

Question 49

Your patient doesn't have insurance, what to do?

Question 50

McSteamy or McDreamy?

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