1 Out Of 5 90s Girls Will Fail This Grease Quiz ... Will You?

Grease is the word.  Not any word, not a word; it's the word.  And, why shouldn't it be?  It's got groove.  It's got meaning.  Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion.  Grease is the way we are feeling.

Actually, it's a movie.  Well, technically it was a musical-- then it was a movie.  But, is it the way you're feeling?  It must be.  You're about to take the quiz.  So ... to you it must have some groove and some feeling.  Alright, alright! Enough playing around with the lyrics.  Seriously though, "Grease" has just recently turned 40, and what better reason to take a quiz about the movie.  Back in 197-something, "Grease" was young John Travolta's fourth, big-screen appearance and another blockbuster hit that helped propel him into motion picture notoriety!  It was also cast with other great performers such as Jeff Conaway, Stockard Channing, and, of course ... Olivia Newton-John!  Olivia was fresh off three television specials at the time and well on her way to becoming a singing sensation!  Not to mention that she was every teenage boy's heartthrob in the '70s.  With a title theme written by Barry Gibb (of the BeeGees) and performed by Frankie Valli, "Grease" grabs your attention right from the start.  So, let's do the same and get started!


Question 1

Sandy is from Australia. True or False?

Apparently there are some differences between the stage production of "Grease" and the motion picture. And Sandy's Australian origin MAY or MAY NOT be one of them. We certainly know that Olivia Newton-John is from Australia; but the same MAY or MAY NOT be true for the character. Rumor has it, that when Olivia was cast for the part, she wasn't sure whether or not she'd be able to pull off the American accent. There have also been rumors over the years that Olivia was hired at the specific request of John Travolta.

Question 2

When Danny turns Rizzo down, who does she go out with?

You might just think of Rizzo as the definition of a spur of the moment kind of gal. While the rest of the girls are busy trying to decide what they want or what it is that Riz is up to, she's the only one out there doing what she wants to do. It's just what makes her who she is. And, frankly, the character wouldn't work properly any other way. Rizzo is the catalyst that keeps the other girls going. She is the leader of the Pink Ladies.

Question 3

What does "T-Birds" stand for?

Every gang needs a name. Every position needs a title. And every production needs a protagonist (or group of protagonists in this case). But, "Grease" is rated PG-13, so they need a strong name but not too strong. You certainly don't want something terribly violent, like "The Psycho-Stalkers," or "Serial Jumpers!" Besides, that probably wouldn't look as good on a black, leather jacket. You need a name that's not too overbearing, but still intimidating enough for you to be able to rule the school.

Question 4

Can you name all the "T-Birds?"

Oddly enough, there are five T-Birds altogether, and only four Pink Ladies. The numbers don't quite add up and it tends to make one wonder how things might have been different if Rizzo had answered Frenchy's question about whether or not she thought they could let Sandy into the Pink Ladies. What if she hadn't been, " ... too pure to be pink?" Sure, there'd have been a girl for every guy that way ... but it might not have been as long of a movie.

Question 5

Can you name all the "Pink Ladies?"

Again, four Pink Ladies, and five T-Birds. Perhaps it was part of the plot development. After all, Danny rejects Rizzo + Kenickie and Rizzo become an item = Danny has no one. Except maybe Patty Simcox, but that's a whole other story; maybe for a whole other question. So ... Frenchy is friends with Sandy + Frenchy is a Pink Lady = was it always inevitable that Sandy would end up with Danny anyway? That's a lot of math for just one question, especially this early in the quiz.

Question 6

What was Kenickie doing all summer?

It is High School, after all. There's got to be more to do than just sit around being cool. Isn't there? If you look that good, you'd think you'd want to get out and about and flaunt it, right? Unfortunately, we don't know exactly where this High School is located, so that makes it a bit more difficult to figure out just what it is that these kids do with their leisure time. Then again, even High School presents some financial demands, so maybe work is a priority after all. Maybe not.

Question 7

What is Kenickie saving up for?

So, maybe Kenickie is a working stiff. If he were, what do you think he would do with his money? A car? Maybe. But, if one of the T-Birds has a car, do they all really need one? Somebody must be driving; it's kind of hard to picture these hipster guys all riding the big, yellow bus to school everyday. But, maybe not. Maybe you need a place to take your chick so the two of you can be alone ... with your "25 insurance policy."

Question 8

Can you finish this line of dialogue, " ... the only thing hanging around you, Sonny--"

Guys just love to give each other a hard time; especially when it comes to your friends. When it comes to dudes, insults are like terms of affection. Besides, if you can't jab at your buddy every once in a while, how great of a friendship can it be? Some guys just aren't very good at expressing sentiment with other guys. So, we cajole, we criticize, put each other down. But everybody knows that it's not anything personal. Well, it is ... but in a good way.

Question 9

What is the name of the High School?

Location, location, location ... right? Isn't that what they always say? However, we're only talking about a High School. A High School musical. So, okay ... maybe that's more just for realty. But, it's a production either way. Whether you're talking about the stage version or the one on the big screen, it certainly has to happen somewhere. It's a lot of music and a lot of musical numbers, so people need a place to dance; especially if National Bandstand is coming.

Question 10

Can you name the principal and vice principal?

We've covered location and main characters. Truth is though, secondary characters can be just as important sometimes. The movie is quite obviously about the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies and teenagers in love. But, you need the other characters as well. Who would have decorated the gym if it weren't for Patty Simcox and Eugene Felsnick? You can't have a High School with a principal and vice-principal to run it. You sure don't see The Scorpions much, but what would the T-Birds do without any rivals?

Question 11

What is the name of the High School team?

Maybe High School sports teams are like the gangs that roam the halls. Only, they compete on the field, instead of rumbling in an alley somewhere (or something like that). However you do have to remember that Sandy may be the hot babe clad in skin-tight leather at the end of the film, but she' also just one of the cheerleaders, too. And, even though her fling with Tom may have been short lived, he was on the football team as well.

Question 12

What is Sandy's last name?

Sure, this one is really just more of a detail oriented question; you know ... to see just how close you're paying attention to the movie. Admittedly, though, this is "Grease" that we're talking about and it's VERY easy to get distracted by or caught up in all the catchy songs. Face it, it wouldn't be nearly as good a movie if it wasn't for the great musical and dance scenes. Where would be without numbers like "Greased Lightning," and "Hopelessly Devoted?"

Question 13

Can you finish these lyrics, " ... summer days drifting away--"

Speaking of song and dance routines ... It is ONLY the first, choreographed number of the movie. Sure, there's the title song, but that doesn't really count; there's no dancing. This is also the little ditty that kind of sets up the story for us. We find out what our two main characters have been up to, who is and who isn't more or less worried about their image, and we find out how the whole summer ended. Thus, leading us up to their next encounter.

Question 14

What is Danny's last name?

Danny's last name is probably the one that gets used the most during the movie. You could just characterize it as another "guy thing." It's just ... kind of ... another way guys communicate. Sometimes it's just as personable to call a guy by his last name as it his to use his first. On some occasions, it's a matter of necessity. What do you do when you've got two Dannys in the class? How do you address one without the other one turning his head, too?

Question 15

What is the name of the T-Birds rival gang?

The Jets had The Sharks, the Greasers had the Socs, Superman has Lex Luthor; everybody needs a rival. Every story needs a struggle. Without a struggle, there's no plan. Without a plan, there's no attack. Without an attack, there's no victory! Okay, that may have been a tad over dramatic. There is no attack in the movie. There is no rumble. And there really doesn't need to be. The suggestion is enough. Besides, they'd probably just solve it over a dance-off anyways.

Question 16

Can you finish this line of dialogue, " ... you're cruisin'--"

Ah, more macho camaraderie. That's right, it comes in all shapes and forms. It can be personal insults, jokes about your mother, or just simply empty threats. It just another one of the ways that guys kid with each other. Then again, we're also talking about movie dialogue here, as well. Because, yes, between each of the great songs, there is also some storytelling going on as well. You can't depend on the all the snappy melodies alone; there's got to be some conversation in there, too.

Question 17

Do you remember what and where Sandy had a drink once?

Stay focused, now. We're still talking about "Grease," not "The 40-Old Virgin." But, it would be easy to want to go there. Sandy is very innocent and naive; especially for the time period when kids were making a stand and generally rebelling against everyone and everything. However, she's never smoked a cigarette, never taken a drink, never had her ears pierced, and never had her heart broken before? But, those may very well be all the reasons that we love her so much.

Question 18

What is Frenchy going to be someday?

It really doesn't seem like any of them have any idea what it is they want to do or where it is that they want to go. Except for Frenchy, that is. Was she always planning on dropping out of school? Or was this more of a spur of the moment idea? Rizzo is the one who suggests that Frenchy can fix your hair, yet down the road, " ... she had a little trouble ... " in all of her classes.

Question 19

Can you finish these lyrics, " ... look at me--"

It is a musical plain and simple. This isn't the first question about one of the songs and it certainly isn't the last. We've talked about the importance of the dialogue between each of the songs and just how magical and essential each of the musical numbers are as well. When you get down to it, that's exactly what makes the winning formula for any musical, not just this one. It's a combination and you need the right numbers to unlock it and make it work.

Question 20

Can you finish these lyrics, " ... hopelessly devoted--"

Oh, the voice, the blonde hair, the cheekbones. We love it all, don't we? She's the girl next door (or maybe the girl from down under) and she can sing, too. Ooo, what a magic combination! So, maybe Olivia's not really 18, maybe she doesn't even look 18, but we can suspend the reality for a couple hours for someone with a voice like hers. She's honest, she's open and she's not afraid to wear her heart out on her sleeve.

Question 21

What is Rizzo's first name?

No. First names are not pertinent to every character. But, this is a quiz about the movie and we are trying to find out just how well you know your films, correct? Or, at least this one anyway. Yes, Rizzo's first name is only mentioned once during the whole movie. In fact, during both the opening credits and the end credits, she's only listed as Rizzo. But, as it was stated earlier, this is a quiz designed to test your knowledge and your skills when it comes to this timeless classic.

Question 22

When does "Grease" take place?

We've talked about the importance of location, songs, primary characters, and secondary characters. We've discussed male rhetoric, character origin, and the importance (or lack thereof) of first names. Oddly enough, there are very few indicators of the time period in which "Grease" actually takes place. The story, the feelings, the experience ... those are all timeless and could happen to anyone in any decade; from Romeo and Juliet to Tony and Maria, to Danny and Sandy. So, go ahead, make your best guess.

Question 23

Can you finish these lyrics, " ... go greased lightning, you're--"

It's hard to say if any one song is better than the other. That's pretty much up to you, the viewer (or quiz taker, in this case). Can you really say if any one song sets the tone more so than another? They're all great and they're all hits. Some say that one of the more interesting things about "Greased Lightning," is that the car in the fantasy portion of the song is not the same car that races at Thunder Road.

Question 24

Where is Sandy when Danny tries to apologize the first time?

Thank goodness that, at some point, we finally see that Danny may not actually be the obnoxious jerk we saw him as at the bonfire/pep rally. And thank goodness it was sooner rather than later. Had it not happened when it did, a lot of us may have started tuning out before things really got good. It's like so many other aspects of the film; one of the small details combined with all the others to help keep us hooked into the story.

Question 25

What sport does Danny pick when he tries to impress Sandy?

There has to be a way to get her back. There just has to be. You realize that what you did was not only stupid, but it may have just cost you the one thing that you wanted most. Finally you realize that your reputation and the opinions of some of your friends don't really matter all that much, when you compare it all to the girl that you really, truly love and care about. Now, you just need to figure what it will take for her to see that, too.

Question 26

Can you finish these lyrics, " ... beauty school dropout--"

Poor Frenchy. She was so sure of what it was she wanted to do. Not only that, she was so sure that she'd be really good at it, too. After all, she didn't see it as dropping out, she saw it as a very strategic career move. But, obviously, she didn't anticipate just how hard it was all going to be. But, hey, some of us can't even say that we were brave enough to have taken a chance like that.

Question 27

Who plays Frenchy's gaurdian angel?

One of the many great things about this movie, of course, is the cast. But, there are some really great cameos here and there, too. For instance, Joan Blondell as the waitress, Vi, Ed Byrnes as Vince Fontaine, or Dick Patterson as Mr. Rudie. And, the same is true of Frenchy's guardian angel. It may be a brief cameo, but what a great musical performance! In his day, he was as much a heartthrob as John Travolta was when "Grease" was made.

Question 28

What T.V. show broadcasts from the Rydell High School gym?

Ooooh, boy! Who doesn't love to dance?! It doesn't have to be in front of anyone. In fact, that's the ONLY way that a lot of us will dance. Ever. But, when we are alone, and no one's watching ... man, oh, man! But for the kids at Rydell High, this is not just a chance to strut your stuff-- it's a chance to strut your stuff in front of millions of viewers. No, we can't all dance like John and Olivia, but if we could ... bring on the cameras!

Question 29

Who dances with Danny after Sonny pulls Sandy away?

Now we have to rethink the whole equation (yes, we're going back to mathematics again). Danny runs track to get Sandy's attention + Sandy still has feelings for Danny, deep down = sure, let's go to the dance-off together; I'm just glad to be with you again. Yeah, that balances out. But, is the dance-off really just a dance, or is it more of a competition? 'Cause when when Sonny gets a hold of Sandy, someone else moves in on Danny and he doesn't do much to push her away.

Question 30

Where are Danny and Sandy the second time he apologizes to her?

Yes, yes ... another pivotal moment, and another chance for Danny to do the right thing. So, we hold our breath and hope that he'll get it right this time. He DOES manage to apologize to Sandy and convince her that there were no ulterior motives when he was dancing with Cha Cha. Sadly, though, Danny's hormones and/or reputation get in the way once again. We're talking about teenagers here, so you certainly can't go with the defense of: Danny just is who he is and he can't help it.

Question 31

Can you finish these lyrics, " ... Sandy, my darlin'--"

He screwed it up! AGAIN! How have we not totally lost faith in Danny Zuko by now? How many chances can he honestly expect Sandy to give him? Oh, but there is a song. And a ballad, at that. "Oh, Sandy baby ... can't you see, I'm in misery." Maybe he should have been thinking about those words before he tried to jump her bones in the front seat of his car. Maybe the lyrics should be, "Oh, Danny, baby ... can't you see you're a big dummy!"

Question 32

What color is "Greased Lightning?"

"Greased lightning ... you are supreme!" Hmmm ... but why? Should we count the ways? She's put together from a lot of stolen, or "donated," parts. That much we know. Kenickie loves that car-- "I'll get the money, I'll kill to get the money." And he did lug boxes all summer at Bargain City. So, there's that, too. The 'Birds and the shop teacher all put a lot of time into her, so that makes her special, too. But do you remember what color she is?

Question 33

Who sings, "There Are Worse Things I Could Do?"

They all have great voices. The Pink Ladies, the T-Birds, Johnny Casino and The Gamblers ... all of them. Some get solos, some don't. But you have to believe that if you're one of the select few cast members who does get to sing their own song, then you must really have the pipes! Olivia had "Hopelessly Devoted," John had "Sandy," Channing had "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee," so there's certainly no lack of talent to go around, that's for sure.

Question 34

What do they race for at "Thunder Road?"

As if racing at Thunder Road weren't a big enough deal by itself, there has to be high-stakes prizes as well. Sheesh. Not to mention that it really wasn't much of a negotiation, either. The T-Birds showed up just like they said they would and Leo just announces that they're going to be racing for ... blah, blah, blah. Nobody asked. Worse than that, nobody seemed to argue, either. Since when do The Scorpions get to call all the shots?

Question 35

What is supposed to bring Kenickie good luck?

Kenickie is Kenickie and it is his car. It was his idea to race at Thunder Road in the first place. So, it was obviously one of the reasons he was saving up for the car to begin with. Ipso facto, Kenickie should obviously get the good luck. Right? Well, as we all know, it's the good luck that actually ends up giving him bad luck. Why does poor Kenickie always seem to be coming in second place? Maybe that's why Danny is the leader of the T-Birds.

Question 36

When Kenickie hits his head, who does he ask to drive for him?

Again, with the bad luck! Believe it or not, there is a deleted scene that takes place after Kenickie gets knocked unconscious. And, he does actually tell the gang that if it wasn't for bad luck, he wouldn't have no luck at all. But the situation is what it is and he needs someone to drive for him in his place. So, why wouldn't you ask your best friend to fill in for you? That's what friends are for, right?

Question 37

Danny wins the race at Thunder Road. True or False?

So, we know the race is at Thunder Road, we know who ends up driving Greased Lightning, we know what the stakes are, and we know that Kenickie's luck just straight up stinks. What we didn't know, but should've expected is that Leo cheats. Then again, they're not called The Scorpions for nothing; so it shouldn't have come as that much of a surprise. We know Greased Lightning can burn up the quarter-mile and we know she can coast through the heat lap trials. But, can she win?!?

Question 38

Sandy shows up for the race at Thunder Road. True or False?

Danny and Sandy, Sandy and Danny. It's a great movie, it really is. But there are times where you almost want to ask yourself just how long is this going to go on? How many times is he going to screw up and how many times is she just going to forgive him? You stage this movie in present day and the numbers may not ad up quite the same way. Of course, there's another way to look at it: it's just a movie, don't over think it.

Question 39

Who takes Sandy home to help her "change?"

Well, alright. Maybe they're finally figuring things out; maybe there is hope after all!! Deep down, we all know that Danny knew he was wrong. That's gotta be part of the reason he went out for track in the first place. He's just not very good at breaking old habits. But, maybe Sandy realized there has to be a little give and take in every relationship. Maybe she needs to change just a bit, too. Thing is though, she's probably gonna need some help.

Question 40

What do they do at Rydell High to celebrate graduation?

Woo hoooo! It's over! School is out! After twelve, long years of constant book learning, the end isn't just in sight ... it's here! Of course, that raises all sorts of other questions. Where to go from here? College? Sports? Love? Marriage? Ahh ... details. They're all just details. They just finished their Senior year of High School, those details can wait! It's time to celebrate, it's time to party! That much is obvious. The real question is: do you remember how they do it?

Question 41

Rizzo is pregnant at the end of the movie. True or False?

Obviously the whole movie can't focus JUST on Danny and Sandy alone; there have to be some other subplots here and there. Sure, it's mostly about Danny trying to win her back. And Sandy's not sure if she really wants him to. Danny does get to win the dance-off, but not with Sandy. And, Danny does get to race at Thunder Road, but we can't forget about Rizzo and Kenickie, either. They went through a few ups and downs themselves, too.

Question 42

What is Danny wearing at the carnival?

We're nearing the end now. We're finally going to get to see just how things pan out for our star-crossed lovers. Maybe Danny has finally learned his lesson (fingers crossed). He seems to understand that if he really wants her back and wants her to stay, he has to be willing to change, at least a little bit. And the last time we saw Sandy, it seemed like she finally knew what she wanted as well. Maybe she's finally ready to give Danny a little wiggle room too.

Question 43

Can you finish these lyrics, " ... I better shape up--"

Awww ... it's the penultimate musical number. Now you KNOW we're coming to the end. But it's a great performance and a necessary one, at that. Danny did what he had to do, Sandy's OBVIOUSLY done what she needed to do and it looks like our teenage couple are actually going to work things out in the end! Yea! All the more reason for you to remember the words to this song in particular. In fact, this little ditty actually spent a week at No. 1 on the Billboard charts in June of 1978.

Question 44

How many squels are there to "Grease?"

So, how do you follow up a hit smash like "Grease?" Do you dare to try your luck again? Can anyone write songs as snappy and catchy as the first movie? And, if there is a sequel, what's the story? Do you follow up on Danny and Sandy and the rest of the gang? Or do you stick to good ol' Rydell High and see what happens with the next generation of Pink Ladies and T-Birds? Either way, that's a whole other set of questions ... for a whole other quiz.

Question 45

In what year was "Grease" made?

We're talking about a movie that was made years ago; at least two decades (we can't just out and out give you the answer). We're talking about way back when special effects were still in their fledgling stages and you had to rely more on things like story and performance to keep the movie going. That's kind of what Broadway's all about isn't it? When you're on stage, you have a live audience. You can't just splice in a few extra minutes of CGI.

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