Grease: 35 Questions Only 90s Girls Can Answer

The movie Grease came out in 1978 and it became the iconic movie that showed us what life was like for high school seniors during the 1950s. It was based on a musical of the same name and it allowed us to explore themes of love, peer pressure, gangs and friendship back during that decade. The soundtrack for this movie became the second best selling album in the United States in 1978 and for very good reasons. They are happy, feel-good songs that can put a smile on anyone's face.

So do you think you know this movie like the back of your hand? Do you have the T-Bird members and the Pink Lady member names memorized and can recite them by heart? Then why not come and take a crack at this Grease quiz. Although this movie did not come out in the 1990s our mothers and older siblings made sure we saw this movie growing up and I bet you're glad they did. This movie is a classic and can put anyone in a good mood. So if you think you know Grease better than all your friends come take this quiz to really prove it to yourself once and for all.

Question 1

What's her name?

Let's start with the basics. So we will begin with the easy stuff first. This movie follows the lives of 2 high school seniors in the 1950s. This movie wasn't just popular with the general public, film critics everywhere loved it as well. The soundtrack for this album came out in 1978 and it became the second best selling album in the United States. This movie is based on the musical of the same name. Do you remember this girl's name?

Question 2

Where is the girl on the left from?

School is just beginning for the high school students at Rydell High School and we get to see Danny and his T-bird group say hi to each other and gossip over what Danny and the blonde girl he was seen with in the beginning of the movie did on the beach over the summer. The girl misses her old school even though she made a friend pretty quickly even though it is a totally new school and location for her.

Question 3

What's his name?

Danny and his fellow T-Birds are walking stereotypes with their slicked back, greasy hair, black jackets and slangy speech. It's the first day back at high school after a long, hot summer and they are getting their school schedules. When alone and left to their own devices they act cool and above school rules, however, that completely changes when they are confronted with a teacher or another person of authority. So do you remember this guy's name from the T-Bird gang?

Question 4

What's the name of the guy with the bow tie?

This would be your typical poin dexter from the 1950s. He sounds nasally, he looks like his mother picked out his school clothes and he is walking alone. That spells an easy target to bully for Danny and his gang of T-Birds. They don't mess with him too much. They just kind of repeat his name over and over and mess with his glasses. Good thing they aren't meaner to him since he is totally harmless. Do you remember his name?

Question 5

What's the name of this clique?

Frenchy is the name of Sandy's first girl friend at Rydell High School. Frenchy is kind enough to let Sandy sit with her and her other friends during lunch time. She introduces Sandy to each girl in the clique: Rizzo, Jan and Marty. Rizzo is the sarcastic, realistic leader of this clique and she doesn't think Sandy would make a good addition to their high school clique because she is too, in her words, "pure". However she does not know the events that took place between Sandy and Danny over the summer.

Question 6

What's this guy's name

The T-Birds are troublemakers. Not only do they prank fellow high school students, they make fun of Rydell High Schools football players. They have nothing better to do than cause all kinds of mischief and hi-jinx. This is especially true for the young man trying to see up the dress of an unsuspecting high schooler. If that were to happen today this guy would have probably been suspended from school. Unfortunately this character does not even get a slap on the wrist.

Question 7

What is the name of the school mascot?

The 1950s had some wild pep assemblies. First of all they were outdoors and second they had bonfires in the mix. That could potentially spell disaster but luckily no one gets hurt. Coach Calhoun riles up the football team with his speech and says once they will they will get a chance to ring the victory bell. Sandy is apart of the school assembly since she became a cheerleader. So do you think you can recall the name of their mascot?

Question 8

What is the surprise that Rizzo has in store for Sandy?

Kenickie arrives at the pep assembly with a beat up white car that he intends on fixing so that he can take it drag racing. All the other guys tease him for it but they all agree that if he can fix it up that hell will have no trouble picking up girls. After the pep assembly Sandy finds Frenchy and this is when Rizzo tells Sandy that she has a surprise for her. Do you remember what it was?

Question 9

What does Frenchy do with Sandy at the sleepover?

Sandy is crushed when she sees Danny act that way towards her. Of course we as the audience can chalk it up to peer pressure but for Sandy it is completely personal and she runs away from Danny. Luckily she has Frenchy to cheer her up and wipe her tears away. She invites Sandy to a sleepover she is having later that night to help Sandy forget about Danny. However, the girls try to peer pressure Sandy into trying drugs among other things.

Question 10

What song are they singing?

Sandy really misses how Danny was with her last summer. She does not recognize the pretense he puts on just to look cool in front of his friends. Before this Kenickie and Rizzo make out in his white, beat up car but unfortunately the condom breaks and someone backs into his car and drives away. So this is when Sonny, Doody, Putzie and Danny try to fix up the car that belongs to Kenickie. Do you remember the name of this song?

Question 11

What's the name of the restaurant Sandy and Danny are at?

Danny finally apologizes to Sandy for how he acted when they first meet up. When they meet up at this restaurant for the first time, Danny insults Sandy's date but she says that at least he can do a sport while Danny isn't involved in any kind of school sport. Danny tries a bunch of different sports and finally he tries track where he falls on his face and Sandy comes running over to him to see if he's alright.

Question 12

What's the name of this waitress?

A lot happens in this particular scene. Sandy asks Danny if he wants to get together with her and her parents to which Danny says he doesn't like parents. The two leave because the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds are ogling over their conversation. Rizzo and Kenickie get into an argument which ends with Rizzo throwing a milkshake at his face. This poor waitress has to come over and clean up the spilled milkshake. So do you remember her name?

Question 13

Who is this?

Frenchy is trying to find her place in this world. She realizes that beauty school is not all it is cracked up to be and she laments this as the waitress cleans up the spilled milkshake. She asks what it is like to be a waitress but she is told to not go for that occupation. She wishes someone would just tell her what she is supposed to do. At least she has enough sense to consider what she wants to do after high school.

Question 14

What does he advise Frenchy to do?

Frenchy is unsure about what she wants to do career wise. She wonders if she can be until she gets a visit from a unique character. He gives her a song and dance but really he is trying to tell her something important. He mocks her and pokes a little fun at her but ultimately he has her best interests at heart. Do you wish that this guy paid you a visit when you were a senior in high school? I know I do.

Question 15

Frenchy: Doody, how do I look? Doody: Like a beautiful, blonde ______

It is the day of the big dance. Rizzo is still angry at Kenickie so she goes to the dance with another Greaser who has a cooler car than the one Kenickie has. Danny and Sandy go to the dance together and they try to find the camera man. Finally Frenchy dyes her hair from hot pink to blond. Originally she has beautiful brown hair but she looks fantastic as a blonde as well. Do you remember what Doody tells her?

Question 16

What is this girl's name?

This girl and guy were the ones who backed into Kenickie's car a few nights ago. They all bump into each other at the school dance. The girl brags about her dancing skills and claims that is how she got her nickname. When Sandy asks about the girl, Danny appears embarrassed and shrugs off her question. It is because he used to date that girl in the past. He's into Sandy and that's why he doesn't want to talk about other women.

Question 17

What's her name?

Okay so she is definitely one of the Pink Ladies, however, she is interested in this older gentlemen for whatever reason which explains why she isn't around Rizzo, Jan and Frenchy. The guy is much too old for her and he is being creepy in this scene but she buys into it. He claims his name is Vince and he boasts that he is judging the couples' dance moves. So do you think you can recall the name of this Pink Lady?

Question 18

Who spikes the punch?

Another memorable moment from the guys in this movie. I guess they cannot help themselves. It looks like a parent or faculty member sees him do this but we do not get to see if he changes the punch or not which means a bunch of high schoolers might get intoxicated on school grounds. What a lovely prank. A girl does not commit this prank that is for sure. So do you think you can recall which guy pulls this prank?

Question 19

Which of the following are one of the dance rules?

Everyone is getting excited as they warm up for the dance off. Sandy is dancing with Danny, of course. Frenchy is dancing with Doody. Jan is dancing with Putzie, the pervert and Marty is trying to get with the dance judge which is kind of cheating. Too bad high school dances do not have dance competitions like this anymore. It would have been tons of fun, I am certain. A lot of people would get disqualified these days but that is another story.

Question 20

Why does Sandy get upset?

I would have been upset too if I was her. Aside from this part of the movie, the entire dance scene was super satisfying to watch and it was hard to not take mental notes of their cool dance moves while watching. Although some of it was pretty suggestive the staff allowed it or at least they looked the other way when it was happening. So do you remember what it was that made Sandy so upset during the dance?

Question 21

What prank do the T-Birds pull at the dance?

This part was super funny and it probably inspired a lot of pranks both in real life and in television. The T-Birds do not get off easy by any means. Although everyone thought it was really funny like the band members that perform during the dance and the waitresses over at Frosty Palace, the high school principal warns that she will get the FBI involved if they do not come forth and admit who did it. Do you remember the prank?

Question 22

What does Danny do to make Sandy feel better?

He definitely screwed up. No one could blame Sandy for getting upset and leaving Danny alone at the dance. Any self-respecting, reasonable girl would have done the same. They go to a drive-in movie together and Sandy is still very upset that Danny did that at the dance and nothing he says makes it right in her eyes. Finally as a last resort he does this for her and it instantly makes her happy. What does he do for her?

Question 23

What do we find out about Rizzo near the end of the movie?

Word travels fast in high school. Rizzo probably should not have told Marty since Marty has a big mouth. Once Rizzo told Marty, Marty told one of the T-Bird guys who told the rest of the T-Birds who told the rest of the school. You know how hot gossip spreads in high school. Rizzo is not happy about this and she storms out of the womens bathroom. So do you think you remember what we find out about Rizzo in the movie?

Question 24

What does Rizzo tell Kenickie?

Kenickie finds out the news that Rizzo originally tells Marty, which we can see is a big mistake. Rizzo does not seem ruffled in the least that Kenickie found out from their fellow high school classmates. Kenickie takes the new surprisingly well but Rizzo says something to him that is kind of shocking and you can tell it hurts his feelings pretty badly. He responded pretty well to the news for being just a high school boy. Do you remember what she tells him?

Question 25

Why does Sandy get upset again?

Sandy is happily watching the movie while at the drive-in theater with Danny. He, however, has different plans. You can see him trying to get closer to her, in a very awkward way mind you and she is oblivious to the whole thing because she is really into the movie. Danny seems like a big creep and again we can not really blame Sandy for her reaction to this little stunt he pulls. Do you remember why Sandy gets pissed at Danny again?

Question 26

What is the name of the place they race at?

Kenickie's car is all souped up and ready to go thanks to his friends Sonny, Doody and Putzie. He is ready to race Leo at the track. Danny tells him to be careful because he is a great friend to Kenickie which Kenickie completely ignores because he does not want to be the guy who punks out during races because then Leo and Cha cha would make fun of him and so would his T-Bird friends. Do you remember the name?

Question 27

What is her name?

This woman does not play a very big role in the movie but she is still a relevant supporting character who help Doody, Putzie and Sonny with their jobs at the high school. They all look up to her because she is so helpful to them. They might prank and make fun of their principal but they are nice to this woman. So it just goes to show they are not old people haters. They just do not like authoritative figures.

Question 28

What does Sandy offer Rizzo?

Rizzo has the whole school talking about her unfortunately and even though she sticks to her tough girl demeanor you can tell she is hurt by all the gossip. She does not want to go to the race because she does not want to have to see Kenickie there since she hurt him pretty badly with what she said. Sandy comes up to her, and like the nice girl she is, she offers this up to Rizzo. What is it?

Question 29

What is his name?

This is not the first time we see him. We first see him when him and Cha cha bump, not once but twice, into Kenickies car when he is on a date with Rizzo. We see him again at the dance with Cha cha which tells us that they are dating. Now Kenickie is going to race him with his newly repaired car but not before he taunts him and tells him it is not too late to back out of the race.

Question 30

What is the name of his gang?

Like the T-Birds they are a greaser gang too. They are the T-Birds rival gang and throughout the movie they butt heads multiple times. This is one of the last times we seem them taunt each other and it is right before Kenickie races their leader. This name may not be stated in the movie but it is definitely written on the back of their gang jackets like how the T-Birds name is written on the back of their jackets.

Question 31

Why can't Kenickie race?

Everyone is getting ready for the big race and everyone is there. Marty, Frenchy, Jan, Putzie, Doody, Danny, Sandy, Sonny and Kenickie (of course). The only one who is not in attendance is Rizzo, at least she is not there in the beginning to say the least. Tragedy strikes when something happens to Kenickie that makes it so he cannot race the rival gang's leader. Do you think you can remember what it was exactly that prevents Kenickie from racing?

Question 32

Who races instead of Kenickie?

The reason Kenickie can not race is very unfortunate but the show must go on. One of his buddies offers to race instead of him. Kenickie insists he can race but at that point it is nonnegotiable. Ms. Murdoch says he should not race. Thankfully this brave friend of his offers to race for him which Kenickie says yes to. Although he volunteered you can tell this character is scared to race Leo. So do you remember who it is?

Question 33

True or false: Sandy shows up to the race.

Sandy did a nice thing for Rizzo when she offered to be a friend to her and to be of any help that she can be for Rizzo. Rizzo is taken aback because she has not been the nicest person in the world to Sandy so initially she brushes Sandy off but then right as Sandy is turning away from her she thanks Sandy. Sandy is the classic "good girl" so it would make sense if she did not want to see the race. It would also make sense if she did want to see it because Danny would be there.

Question 34

Who wins the race?

The race is neck and neck the entire way through. At first Leo is in the lead and then it looks like the T-Birds are in the lead. Leo has a few tricks up his sleeve and he tries to play dirty by tearing off the hub caps of Kenickie's car. It looks bad for the T-Birds but is it enough to cost them the race? So do you think you can recall whether or not the T-Birds win the race?

Question 35

What's the name of the song Sandy and Danny sing to each other?

Danny said he will stop at nothing to win Sandy back and then he sees her new makeover and he realizes that she wants to be with him too. They sing this cutesy song to each other while walking around the fair that their school hosted for its graduating seniors. Danny did a lot to win her back. He lettered in track, he gave her his ring and towards the end of the movie he basically told his friends that Sandy is more important to him than they are.

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