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After releasing tons of hit games, a load of expansions and taking the world by storm, this franchise is one that is still going strong after all this time. It was doing things well enough in the beginning, but the third installment in the franchise truly revolutionized the gaming world, and the studio behind the franchise has worked tirelessly to make amazing improvements ever since. As it stands now, another installment is in development, and you had better believe that fans will be lining up to get it as soon as it drops.

Today, we want to test gamers everywhere by seeing who knows the most about this amazing game franchise. These questions will cover the biggest entries in the series, and only a true fan can ace it!

Question 1

Name This Location

Question 2

How Many Numbered GTA Games Are There?

Question 3

Did San Andreas Come Out Before Vice City?

Question 4

Where Does GTA V Take Place?

Question 5

What Is Michael's Original Last Name?

Question 6

What City Is Vice City Based On?

Question 7

Name This Character

Question 8

Where Does Franklin First Meet Michael?

Question 9

Which State Is Los Santos Located In?

Question 10

Does Niko Appear In GTA V?

Question 11

Who Is The Lead Character In GTA III?

Question 12

How Many Wanted Stars Will Trigger The Helicopter Search?

Question 13

Where Is Niko Bellic From?

Question 14

What Is The Name Of The Gang In Green?

Question 15

Which GTA Game Is This From?

Question 16

Who Is The Main Antagonist in GTA V?

Question 17

Who Is The Main Character In GTA: San Andreas?

Question 18

What Decade Is GTA: Vice City Set In?

Question 19

Where Does GTA III Take Place?

Question 20

How Many Brothers Does Niko Have?

Question 21

What Is CJ's Brother's Nickname?

Question 22

How Many Protagonists Does GTA V Have?

Question 23

Who Is The Main Antagonist Of GTA IV?

Question 24

Does CJ Appear In GTA IV?

Question 25

Which Of These Is NOT A Location In San Andreas?

Question 26

Where Is CJ Born?

Question 27

What Is Trevor's Last Name In GTA V?

Question 28

How Many Years Have Passed Between GTA IV And GTA V?

Question 29

What Decade Does GTA V Take Place In?

Question 30

In GTA V, Is The Map Unlocked From The Very Beginning?

Question 31

Which One Of These Is NOT A Hobby In GTA V?

Question 32

What Is Franklin's Last Name?

Question 33

Which Character Betrays Claude During His Heist?

Question 34

What Gang Does Dimitri Lead?

Question 35

GTA IV Is The ______ GTA Game

Question 36

Does Claude Speak In GTA III?

Question 37

Who Introduces Claude To Luigi In GTA III?

Question 38

What Is Michael's Phone Number In GTA V?

Question 39

Which Of These Names Is An Alias Of Niko's?

Question 40

Where Is Trevor Originally From?

Question 41

How Many Islands Is Vice CIty Made Up Of?

Question 42

Who Is The Protagonist Of GTA: Vice City?

Question 43

Which State Briefly Appears In GTA V?

Question 44

What Is Franklin's Address In GTA V?

Question 45

What Does CJ Stand For?

Question 46

Which Decade Does GTA: San Andreas Take Place In?

Question 47

Is CJ The Leader Of The Grove Street Families?

Question 48

Which Of These Is NOT A GTA Game?

Question 49

What Job Does Franklin Initially Work In GTA V?

Question 50

Who Is Jimmy's Father In GTA V?

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