GOT: How Well Do You Know The Night's Watch?


Fans of the Game of Thrones series can sometimes get wrapped up in the politics of what’s going on surrounding the Iron Throne and can overlook the conflict at The Wall. Yet, the men of the Night’s Watch are a huge aspect of the series and are often considered a House unto themselves. In the first season of the series, the Lord Commander gave a speech to the new recruits and stated, “All that is in the past. Here on The Wall we are all one House.” The conflicts outside of The Wall seem quite trivial when the real fight is with the White Walkers and the Night King.

The people of the Seven Kingdoms have seemed to forget the days when the White Walkers roamed free and the time that has passed has caused some to no longer believe that they are even real. Yet, the Stark words have always had an ominous presence on the show. While everyone has been constantly warned, "Winter is coming," season 6 has proven that it has officially arrived. Now that more is known on how to battle the White Walkers, the upcoming season will undoubtedly prove extremely interesting to see what will happen in the conclusion of the series. The people of Westeros seem to think that no matter what lies beyond The Wall, the men of the Night's Watch will be able to keep them safe. Yet, they don't realize the threat they are facing and each season has shown that the Men of the Night's Watch are not fully prepared on their own. While you may think you know all there is to know about The Wall, are you able to pass the test on the Night's Watch?

Question 1

Jon Snow’s death

When Jon Snow made the decision to bring the wildlings through The Wall, it divided the men of the Night's Watch. After battling the wildlings for decades and having so many of their fellow brothers being killed by them, it wasn't exactly a popular decision to bring them into the fold. Some of the men of the Night's Watch conspired to kill Jon Snow and lured him outside by saying that there was news of his missing uncle. While each stab was heartbreaking, it was the final blow that truly shocked him. Who delivered the final stab?

Question 2

What Do Wildings Call The Men of the Night’s Watch?

While the men of the Night's Watch and the rest of Westeros all refer to the people that live north of The Wall as wildlings, that isn't the name they call themselves. They refer to themselves as the free folk and they have a completely different name for the men of the Night's Watch. This is somewhat appropriate since the Night's Watch is like a House unto themselves and the men at The Wall should have their coordinating nickname. What is the nickname the wildlings gave them?

Question 3

Valyrian sword

After a particularly nasty comment by Ser Alliser Thorne, Jon Snow moved to attack him. While he was held back by his fellow brother's of the Night's Watch, it was still something that was going to be addressed. While retained in his quarters, he managed to kill a White Walker that was bound to attack the Lord Commander. Not only was his grievance regarding the attack on Ser Alliser Thorne forgiven, but he was also given a Valyrian steel sword by the Lord Commander. What was the name of the sword?

Question 4


Just like the Great Houses of Westeros, the Night's Watch has a specific location that is their main base. The Wall is the base for the men of the Night's Watch and its location has become a huge part of the series. While all of Westeros seem completely preoccupied with who will sit on the Iron Throne, the men of the Night's Watch have their own war to fight. With location being so integral to the storyline, can you recall where The Wall is located?

Question 5

New addition

While the Night's Watch had previously been thought of as an honorable position that helped to "protect the realms of men," over the years it had declined into a dumping ground for cutthroats and criminals. The rest of Westeros seemed to think of The Wall as a place to send people that they no longer wanted to deal with and it caused the Night's Watch to lose respect. This says a lot about the former commander of the Gold Cloaks that was sent to The Wall after Tyrion Lannister became the Hand of the King. Who was this commander?

Question 6


All of the Houses in Game of Thrones had a maester that swore loyalty to serve and the same was true for the Night's Watch. While he was seen as a brother of the Night's Watch himself, he was a maester that did more than just heal wounds and send out the ravens. He was considered a leader in the Night's Watch and even made the deciding vote for the next Lord Commander when it came down to a tie. What was his name?

Question 7


For centuries, the men of the Night's Watch fought the wildlings as their main enemy. The White Walkers had all but disappeared to the point where people began to think of them as folklore rather than fact. The wildlings seemed like the true enemy since they would come and raid the lands south of The Wall. Yet, the man that led the wildlings was actually a former member of the Night's Watch. While they called him the King-Beyond-the-Wall, what was his real name?

Question 8


When Jon Snow was introduced into the Game of Thrones series, he was already chomping at the bit to join the men of the Night's Watch. While he undoubtedly wanted to seek out a better life than solely being known as the bastard of Winterfell, it was the close relationship with his uncle that really made a difference as well. House Stark had a long history of men serving in the Night's Watch and Ned Stark's own brother was already at The Wall. What was his name?

Question 9

Lost ranger

When Jon Snow finally arrived at The Wall, he hadn't been there long before his Uncle Benjen was already leaving. As a ranger, it was his job to go out beyond The Wall and Jon Snow wasn't able to accompany him. Once his horse returned without a rider, it was assumed that Benjen Stark had died beyond The Wall. Yet, Bran Stark and Meera encountered him and he helped them escape the White Walkers. Yet, why didn't he return to The Wall to be with the rest of his brother's of the Night's Watch?

Question 10

First Lord Commander

When Jon Snow first arrived at The Wall, there weren't many friendly faces he could turn to during this difficult transition. Yet, the Lord Commander wasn't just another one of the cutthroats and criminals. He was an honorable man that played the role of a substitute father for many of the new recruits and sworn brothers. Yet, unlike many of the other men, he Lord Commander actually came from a formidable House with a stellar reputation. What House did the former Lord Commander originally come from?

Question 11


When Jon Snow arrived at The Wall, there weren't many friendly faces. While the Lord Commander was definitely seen as a father figure, not all of the leadership was the same. The Master-at-arms was an important position at the Night's Watch because many of the new recruits had never even held a sword before. Jon Snow was actually one of the rare recruits that had proper sword training and grew up in the castle of Winterfell. Yet, the Master-at-arms seemed to have it out for Jon Snow from the beginning. What was his name?

Question 12

New steward

When the wildlings attacked The Gift and killed everyone in his village, this character fled to The Wall to tell the brother's of the Night's Watch. Since he didn't exactly have any family left and he was still quite young, the Night's Watch took him in and essentially became his new family. Jon Snow even took him on as his personal steward and seemed to take him under his wing. This is actually a coveted position since it often means that this can be grooming for a leadership role down the line. What was this boy's name?

Question 13

Foe to friend

Before Jon Snow really understood the situations the other Night's Watch recruits were in prior to coming to The Wall, he seemed to have an elitist attitude. During training, he didn't go easy on the other recruits and even broke one of their noses during a sparring exercise. Yet, later he became quite close to this recruit and he became one of Jon Snow's closest friends and allies. He later defended The Wall against the wildlings but was ultimately killed while guarding against the giant, Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg. What was his name?

Question 14

“For the Watch”

When Jon Snow was captured by the wildlings, he was brought to the Lord of Bones. Yet, he had already captured a brother of the Night's Watch. The entire group started making their way towards the King Beyond the Wall and something needed to be done to ensure that both of them wouldn't be killed. Jon Snow was commanded to kill his fellow brother in order to gain the wildlings' trust. It was a self-sacrificing moment that really showed how devoted he was to the Night's Watch. What was his name?

Question 15

The Procurer

When people think about the duties of the men of the Night's Watch, they just assume that their lives are spent entirely at the Wall. Yet, there was at least one sworn brother that was able to travel all over the world. His job was to round up everyone looking to join the Night's Watch and bring them to The Wall. Later, he played a pivotal role in helping to keep Arya Stark safe because he was at King's Landing at the time of her father's beheading. What is his name?

Question 16

Port in a storm

The men of the Night's Watch often had to venture out north of The Wall and that didn't always mean the best conditions. The cold, snow and winds were unrelenting and ranging parties often lost more than a few men during their voyages. Yet, there was a homestead that offered a reprieve from the weather and hunger. This homestead was often crucial for a ranging party to even make it back to The Wall, regardless of the fact that they had to stay with a wildling man and his many daughters/wives. What is this homestead's name?

Question 17


Part of the sworn oath the brother's of the Night's Watch make when joining has to do with being celibate. They are not allowed to marry or father children and there are no women at The Wall. Yet, the men of the Night's Watch have been known to frequent a particular brothel without any severe penalties. While others that leave The Wall for vengeance are brought back by their fellow brothers, the ones that visit the brothel aren't even truly chastised. Where is the brothel?

Question 18

Lord Commander's death

Game of Thrones seems to have a typical guideline when it comes to beloved characters since so many of them die unexpectedly. When Lord Commander Mormont died, it was another jaw-dropping moment for viewers. While his death was unexpected, it was necessary in order for Jon Snow's character to truly rise in the ranks with the Night's Watch. His death was also part of the storyline regarding the wisdom Jon Snow had in countermoves against the wildlings. How did Lord Commander Mormont die?

Question 19


While there has been much that has been said about how the Night's Watch is in need of new recruits and how there aren't even enough men to man the castles on The Wall, that doesn't mean that they are utterly without men. There are still quite a lot of men in the Night's Watch and that means that they will require provisions in order to keep them going year after year. Where do these provisions come from in regards to food and supplies?

Question 20

Who is Karl Tanner?

Although there are many Game of Thrones' characters with a complex persona that makes them both likable and horrible at the same time, Karl Tanner wasn't one of them. From the moment he was introduced as a man of the Night's Watch, he seemed completely untrustworthy and things got even worse after the mutiny at Craster's Keep. He was drinking out of the skull of Lord Commander Mormont and seemed to enjoy rape and torture more than anyone else. What did he do prior to joining the Night's Watch?

Question 21

Sworn oath

When joining the Night's Watch, it isn't just a decision that is quickly made and taken at someone's word. There is a sworn vow that is taken and the words are meant for life. When Jon Snow was one of the new recruits, he chose to swear his oath in front of a Weirwood tree because those are the Gods of House Stark. Yet, there was someone else that chose to go with him and chose to forsake the Gods of his House in order to do so. Who was it?

Question 22

Ygritte’s death

When Jon Snow was taken captive by the wildlings, he started a relationship with a woman named, Ygritte. While he maintained his loyalty to the Night's Watch and fully intended to return to The Wall having fulfilled the duty he swore to Qhorin Halfhand, that didn't mean that his feelings weren't real. He truly loved Ygritte, even though there was no way their love could survive. She was ultimately killed at the Battle of Castle Black and died in his arms. Who killed her?

Question 23

Great find

When a small group of men of the Night's Watch were asked to dig just outside of their camp, it wasn't exactly the most glamorous of all the jobs. They may not have been first rangers or battling the White Walkers with hand-to-hand combat, but the result of their digging was hugely influential to the storyline. While digging, they uncovered a cloak of the Night's Watch and within it there was a bundle that included a few items. What was the majority of what they found?

Question 24

Relinquish position

After Jon Snow was brought back to life, he was undoubtedly a bit shook up due to the betrayal of the fellow brothers of the Night's Watch. He wound up hanging the brothers that carried out the mutiny, including his own steward, Olly. After witnessing their death, he walked off to address one of his closest friends and allies. Jon Snow took off his black cloak and gave it to him and told him that he was giving him the position of the new Lord Commander. Who did he give it to?

Question 25

First kill

When Jon Snow was elected as the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, he literally won the vote by one. The division within the men of the Night's Watch was a huge factor in what his next few steps would be as the new Lord Commander. While there were those that were joyous in his new position, there were others that were utterly defiant. When one brother spoke out and denied one of his direct orders, Jon Snow sentenced him to death. Who was Jon Snow's first kill as the new Lord Commander?

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