Good Luck Matching 100% Of These Superheroes To Their TV Show Or Movie

Superheroes have been popular basically since they were created decades and decades ago. Fans can't seem to get enough of these beings who devote their lives to protecting others. There are literally dozens of superheroes, they all have their own abilities and backstories that make them unique in their own way. Some superheroes were born with their abilities and others were granted their abilities through experiments gone wrong. There are so many different superhero movies and television shows that it can get a bit confusing trying to remember which superhero is from which franchise.

Some superheroes have been in multiple different movies over the years and some are brand new on the scene. There are both male and female superheroes and all of them play a crucial world in protecting their respective cities from threats. A true superhero fan has probably seen all of, or at least most, of the shows and movies about these superb humans/aliens so this quiz should be an easy one for them. For those who have only seen a few movies or television shows about superheroes, this one may be a bit harder to get through.

Question 1

The Flash

The Flash obtained his superhero powers in a freak accident. He was working as a crime scene investigator for the Central Police Department when an accelerator malfunctions and the entire city is bathed with radiation during a thunderstorm. Barry is, in turn, struck with lightning. He goes into a coma and when he finally awakes, he discovers that he has superhuman speed. When he discovers all of the possibilities behind his gifts he vows to use them for good and protect the city.

Question 2

Hal Jordan

This superhero is part of something much bigger than just one hero trying to save people. Instead he is the first human to ever be recruited into an intergalactic force that keeps the peace. They are powered by a green energy of will and have been around for a very long time. He undergoes some intense training and is a bit discouraged by how hard everything seems to be. However, he ends up realizing that this is where he belongs and wants to be.

Question 3

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is a former criminal who was used as a test subject in an experiment. This experiment is sabotaged and gives him super human strength and unbreakable skin. He becomes a fugitive who is just trying to rebuild his life in Harlem. Eventually, he has to confront his past and fights to protect the city that he has grown to love. Luke Cage is able to clear his name of any past transgressions and becomes a local celebrity in his neighborhood.

Question 4


Superman is probably one of the most well-known superheroes in history. In this television series, he is a young man who is trying to figure out his way in the world. Clark Kent has superhuman abilities who uses them in order to help those in danger. He struggles with keeping his secret and trying to have a normal life. As he continues to learn about his powers and grow his knowledge, he is able to have more control over everything.

Question 5


Batman is another superhero who has been around for a long time. He has been featured in a few different movies and television shows but out of the choices below, which one was all about him? This movie takes place eight years after Harvey Dent, the District Attorney, was offed. Batman has disappeared and organized crime has been bad in Gotham City. Police Commissioner has kept Dent's rampage a secret and allowed Batman to take the fall for all of his crimes.

Question 6

Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen was a rich playboy who basically had everything that he could want in the world. When he gets stranded on a remote island for five years, his whole life changes. By day, he acts as if everything is back to normal, continuing his carefree ways. However, at night, he runs around the city trying to fight his families wrongs and return the city to the former glory. Things get a bit complicated when local detectives want to take him down.

Question 7


Yo-Yo is a Colombian inhuman who can move at super speed for a beat of her heart before returning to her original position. Yo-Yo gets an adrenaline rush every time she uses her powers. At first, she is apprehensive, but as the series goes on and the character progresses, she begins to go enjoy it a bit more. She becomes a bit more mischievous and the audience really seems to respond well to this side of her.

Question 8


Cara is a rising journalist who is trying to advance in her career as much as possible. She is easily distracted however because she flies around the city at night protecting everyone from dangers. She is an alien who was sent to planet earth with her baby cousin when their planet was being destroyed. As a result, she has decided to use her powers for good and fights all different types of crime. Her cousin happens to be Superman, one of the most famous superheroes of all time.

Question 9

Peter Quill

Peter Quill was abducted by space pirates after his mothers untimely passing. Peter is raised by thieves and therefore, grows up to be one. When he steals something of great value, a whole chain of events leads him to become a hero. He teams up with some other misfits and together they protect the galaxies from some dangerous threats. Peter is a carefree guy who enjoys listening to music and just having a good time in general, he is rarely serious.

Question 10


Elastigirl was one of the most loved superheroes of her time. She has limbs that are able to stretch out as far and wide as she needed. This allows her swing from buildings, act as a parachute and catch criminals who are yards away. Nowadays she is a mother who spends her time at home with her three children. Heroes are not loved like they used to so she has to keep her true identity a secret from everyone.

Question 11


Wolverine is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical abilities, powerful regenerative powers and three retractable claws in each hand. In this movie Wolverine, also known as Logan, he has aged a bit and there have not been any new mutants born in a long time. Logan now takes care of his mentor, Charles Xavier, with help from Caliban. Caliban is a mutant tracker. Logan ends up on a wild journey when he finds out that his DNA was used to make other mutant children.

Question 12


Although Superman was already on this list, he has been featured in a number of different movies and television shows over the years. This movie portrays the origin story of the man that we all known as Superman, Clark Kent. In the movie, Clark Kent is just a normal guy, or so he thought. He learns that he is actually a super-powered alien who is from the planet, Krypton. He assumes the role of mankind's protector when faced with the threat of humanity's destruction from General Zod.

Question 13

Wonder Woman

The origin story of Wonder Woman is a bit different than most other superheroes. She was sculpted from clay by her mother Queen Hippolyta and given superhuman powers as a gift by the Greek Gods. However, in recent years, DC has changed her backstory a bit and now she is thought to be the daughter of Zeus. In this movie, Wonder Woman must team up with some other heroes in order to save the world from a large and powerful threat.

Question 14


Dr. Robert Bruce Banner was accidentally exposed to gamma rays during the detonation of an experimental bomb. This led him to physically transform into the Hulk when he is subjected to emotional stress. The Hulk has been know to go into fits of rage that often lead to a lot of destruction. Although he has an anger issue, the Hulk has a good side and tries his best to keep his destruction to a minimum and instead, he uses his newfound powers for good.

Question 15

Scott Lang

Scott Lang is a master thief who was just released from jail. He is recruited by Dr. Hank Pym to try out some of his new technology. Scott is given a suit that allows him to shrink down in size, possess superhuman strength and control an entire army of ants. Between his stealing abilities and this suit, Scott becomes one of the most successful superheroes. His main task in the movies is to stop someone else from developing the same technology as Dr. Hank and using it for evil.

Question 16

Dr. Stephen

Dr. Stephen was a successful, but vain, nuerosurgeon living in New York City. He was completely happy with his life and where it was headed until he suffered severe damage in his hands from a car accident. When traditional medicine failed to heal him and bring him back to his former glory, he turned to other forms of medicine. His search for answers led him to a sorcerer. Here he develops an ancient power that he has to eventually use to save the world.

Question 17

Iron Man

Iron Man is the leader of a faction of Avengers. He believes that superheroes need to be controlled so that they don't get out of hand, this often leads to conflicts between him and other superheroes. He is a self-described genius, playboy and philanthropist who wears an electromechanical suit of armor that he designed himself. Iron Man believes that superheroes do not have to use immense force in order to win a battle, instead, he relies on his intellect.

Question 18


Beast, also known as Hank McCoy, is a genius scientist who has mutant abilities. He attempts to cure himself of these mutant abilities that he considers “debilitating” but ends up turning himself into a frightening-looking, blue-fur apeman. Although he looks scary at first, he actually has a very kind heart. Producers of the film had a hard t-me casting this character because they wanted someone who looked kind but also had the capability to be a bit mean and intimidating.

Question 19


Thor is the Prince of Asgard who has begun the long journey of searching for the infinity stones. Thor is incredibly older than he appears and relies on consuming golden apples in order to sustain his incredible lifespan. Thor has incredible strength, and was even able to knock down the Leaning Tower of Pisa with just a finger. He also has an incredible affinity for pain that proves helpful in battle. Another ability that Thor has is to travel through time.

Question 20

Black Widow

Black Widow has got the beauty and brains! She was trained to be a Russian spy in the Soviet Union and was first introduced as a villain but she's anything but! As part of the Avengers, she has a natural talent at tactics and martial arts. We see her fighting alongside our favorite superheroes and will keep seeing more of her! She's had her own feature film, but has been in a few other Avengers ones.

Question 21

Frank Castle

This vigilante was originally created as a Super-Man villain but he became very popular! He's a comic icon. He has a tragic background and an anti-hero persona. When his family was offed, he became a vigilante to bring justice to the world. He was also a Marine Corps veteran, so he's pretty smart and strong. Don't mess with this guy!

Question 22

Danny Rand

Danny Rand is a martial arts expert who is able to call on a mystical power to bring him superhuman strength and immortality. Danny was presumed gone for fifteen years so when he returns to his home, New York City, he stirs a couple of things up. During his time away, he becomes a master fighter and is introduced to a whole world that not many know exist. He was raised by one of the most powerful fighters in the world and granted the power of the dragon when he defeats his foe.

Question 23


Daredevil is a bit of a different superhero in the fact that he has a disability. He was blinded in an accident when he was a child and therefore has no eyesight at all. He uses his heightened senses in order to fight crime on the streets of New York after the sun goes down. By day, he is a lawyer so there is a bit of contrast between his two personas: as a lawyer he believes in the justice system but as Daredevil, he takes matters into his own hands.

Question 24

Black Bolt

Black Bolt is the leader of his people and the King of Attilian. He possess a voice so powerful that even a slight whisper can turn an entire city to rubble and ash. When his family is being threatened by the military, they are barely able to make to Hawaii. Here they have interactions with the world and humanity that they have never had before. Little did anyone know that their being there would prove to be extremely helpful when evil threatened to destroy the planet.

Question 25

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a bit different then most of the other superheroes included in this quiz. She has a brief career as a superhero before a tragic end. After her superhero career ends she opens up her own private investigation company where she deals with cases involving people with remarkable abilities. Although she does not consider herself a superhero any more she often finds herself defending the innocent and trying her best to protect the city that she calls home.

Question 26


Hawkgirl, otherwise known as Kendra Saunders, is a reincarnation of the Egyptian High Priestess Chay-Ara. Kendra Saunders was recruited by the rogue time captain, Rip Hunter. He was on a mission to take down Vandal Savage once and for all. When she first discovered her powers, she was in denial about who she was because she was scared about being a warrior and what all of this might lead to. As the threat of Savage became more prominent, she began to accept her role as a superhero more.

Question 27


When T'Challa's father is offed in an attack, he has to return home in order to take his rightful place as king. When someone in the African nation, Wakanda, becomes king they are granted a whole list of powers. They are also gifted a suit that is bulletproof and allows them to have all types of different powers. T'Challa must use all of the powers that he possess in order to save his nation from falling into the wrong hands.

Question 28


Hawkeye has had a bit of a rough pas; he lost both of his parents in a car accident when he was young and was forced to join a circus in order to survive. Hawkeye became a master archer while working at this circus and eventually became a starring act. When he saw Iron Man in action for the first time, he was amazed and vowed to become a superhero. Although he had a bit of a rough road, he eventually was asked to join a superhero team.

Question 29

Peter Parker

Peter Parker is a fifteen-year-old who gained spider like abilities after he was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Peter Parker was recruited by Iron Man in order to help him with something but after their mission was completed, he instructed Peter to return to normal life. He wanted him to learn about dealing with the things that every fifteen-year-old did before he tried to save the entire city from impending threats of evil every night.

Question 30


Gamora was raised by one of the biggest supervillains in the Marvel Universe. Thanos destroyed half of her race and as a result, he took her in as his adopted daughter. When she met the Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians, she began to realize that what she was doing as wrong. She went against everything that she was taught growing up and soon became a defender for good instead of a thieve. She can be a bit distant but is also kind and caring at heart.

Question 31


Aquaman is the heir to the throne of the undersea nation of Atlantis. Aquaman has metahuman aquatic abilities and physical attributions that originate from his Atlantean physiology. Some of his abilities include telepathic control of all aquatic life, super fast swimming, hydrokinesis and the ability to speak and understand any language on earth. In this movie, Aquaman teams up with some other powerful superheroes in order to protect the world that everyone knows. Aquaman's home, Atlantis, is attacked by Steppenwolf who is trying to retrieve the next Mother Box.

Question 32


Cyborg, also known as Victor Stone, was a college athlete who was in a terrible car accident. He was cybermetically reconstructed and turned into a techno organic bein who is enhanced by reactive, adaptive biometic alien technology. His enhancements include the abilities of flight, variable weaponry and technopathy. Cyborg acts as a mentor for many new superheroes once he gets his own powers under control and understands what he is. Cyborg also joins the Teen Titans at one point in his journey.

Question 33


Frozone is a fun loving superhero who enjoys the thrill of saving innocent lives from impending doom. He has the ability to shoot ice from palms and can even fill the entire block when he needs. When superheroes are forced to go into hiding and using powers is deemed "illegal," he is lost for a while. He takes to listening to a police scanner and answering 911 calls before the police arrive on the scene. Of course, he flees before they get there.

Question 34


Mystique is a member of a subspecies of humanity known as mutants. She was born with supernatural abilities; she is a shape shifter who can mimic the appearance and voice of any person with amazing precision. Mystique was a supervillain for a very long time but eventually she joined a powerful group of heroes. She originally posed as a superhero in order to infiltrate their but ended up staying with them long term when she realizes just how lonely she has been.

Question 35

Black Canary

Black Canary, also known as White Canary, is a Star City vigilante and dormer League of Assassins member who suffers from some rage issues. She was resurrected by the mustical Lazarus Pit and becomes the leader of her team. This characters is partially based on the orginal "Black Canary" but the writers of this show seem to have taken their own spin on the character. She was originally introduced in the CW television show, Arrow but has since branched off onto another show.

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