Go On An Adventure To Find Out If You're Brian Or Stewie


Brian and Stewie are easily the two most popular characters on Family Guy. They’re also the two main differences between Family Guy and The Simpsons. How is Stewie different from Maggie? He can talk. How is Brian different from Santa’s Little Helper? He can talk. And the two of them took that and used it to form one of the most endearing and unbreakable bonds between characters in all of television history. This is most prominently displayed in their “Road to...” episodes, inspired by the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movies that took audiences across the world and back in search of wacky antics and cross-cultural mix-ups. In those special episodes, we see Brian and Stewie go on epic adventures and quests across the country (and sometimes the world), get each other out of sticky situations, and always gain something from the experience. Some would argue that the “Road to...” episodes are the best of Family Guy, which is likely because it’s the time that we get to see just Brian and Stewie together, butting heads and strengthening their friendship. Frankly, if Family Guy was just Brian and Stewie, it’d still have just as many viewers – maybe even more. But are you a Brian or a Stewie? Take this quiz to find out!

1You’re presented with an adventure: what do you do?

The opportunity for a wild adventure arrives almost every day. The problem is that most people chicken out and use rational reasoning and logic to talk themselves out of the adventure. If you really want to carpe diem, then you’d take those opportunities. So, what would you do when presented with a possible adventure?

2You can choose any destination in the world: where do you go?

A huge part of going on adventures – quite possibly the biggest part – is the actual destination. Where will your adventure take place? It’s an important decision. Sometimes circumstances determine the location of your adventure, but sometimes you get to choose it yourself. So, if you could pick anywhere in the whole world, which of these places would you most like to visit?

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