1/15 People Won't Get Over 60% On This Common Sense Quiz

Common sense is an important attribute that all people around the world have. It is important to realize that common sense is in many regards all-encompassing, spanning from topic to topic. In life, basic literacy, communication and mathematical skills are required to get by, and a variety of other known topics such as science, history, geography, entertainment, sports and more are great assets to have. One never knows when they have the chance to showcase their knowledge. It could be in a lecture, in a conversation with friends and family, a book club meeting, or maybe, just maybe, an online quiz!

Yes, this quiz will put general knowledge and common sense to the test with a number of easy and difficult questions that range from necessary to everyday life to just fun tidbits! Some of these questions will be tricky, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully for clues! These questions are across five categories: Sports, Science, Films/Entertainment, Mathematics and Brands/Logo Matching. Out current suspicion is that 1 in 15 people (or approximately 6.67%) will fail to get above 60% on this quiz. That should make it easy for the majority, but be sure to carefully select answers to ensure an above-average result. With all that being said, kick back, relax and enjoy this general knowledge quiz!

Question 1

What is the name for a Home Run with the bases full?

Baseball! What else could truly be said about it? It is a favorite pastime in many countries around the world, is a sport of skill and strength, and is easy for anyone to pick up but truly difficult to master. One of the most difficult "moves" in baseball, if you will, is the home run. The score for a home run ranges from 1-4, depending on how many of the bases are full. There is a special name for a home run If all four bases are full. What is it?

Question 2

What is the name for the study of minerals and rocks?

Minerals and rocks can be found all around us. It can be found in the pebbles we kick over, the large stone sitting on the front lawn, in the gravel that paves our roads, on the food we eat. Yes, rocks and minerals are a vital part of society since the beginning of time, and some scientists choose to specialize in the study of them. What is the scientific name for this study. Is it Rockolgy, Stoneology, Saltology or is it Geology?

Question 3

What movie won Best Picture in 2018?

The Academy Awards are arguably the most important awards show in Hollywood. They are going on 90 years strong, and reward a number of different motion pictures for their accomplishments in a number of fields such as screenwriting, directing, acting, cinematography, visual effects, and more. However, the one prize that is arguably valued above all else is the reward for Best Picture. Many films have earned the honor over the years, but which movie won the big prize last year?

Question 4

What is 1+1?

Throughout history, no question has quite stumped some of the greatest minds in the world quite like this one. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, you name them, they were unable to solve it. It is considered the most difficult problem in all of mathematics, and the consensus is simply unclear. We mean, 1 - 1 is equivalent to 0, 1 divided by 1 is equivalent to 1, and 1 multiplied by 1 is 1, but what is 1 + 1 equal to?

Question 5

What is this logo?

This chain of hamburger restaurants claims to serve food in a way that customers desire. Their signature sandwich is called the Whopper, a quarter of a pound worth of beef, carefully broiled over an open flame, and then garnished with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun. Of course, should one desire to hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, it has been claimed that special orders do not upset them! What is the name of this brand?

Question 6

What are the three states of matter?

Matter is comprised of three genuinely accepted states (and ones that blur the line, but for the sake of simplicity, let's assume there are three). While these three states are genuinely different from one another, a form of matter does not have to be confined to one state or the other. Take for example water, which can freeze into ice and evaporate into clouds. It is still at its core water but has transformed into different states. What are the names for the three states of matter?

Question 7

Who has been thanked the most in Oscar history?

The Academy Awards are arguably the most prestigious and well known of all the awards shows in Hollywood and an important moment in the lives of many of the nominees and reward recipients. When a nominee is gifted with one of the coveted awards, they are given the opportunity to speak to the world about the inspirations, as well as give thanks to the people that inspired them. What person has been thanked the most during these speeches? It may not be who you think!

Question 8

What is the square root of 25?

Square roots can be very pesky at times, and it is not hard to see why. Unless one has memorized the multiplication tables to heart, it can be difficult to determine by manual means, and often calculators are in order. Oh, and that is just for numbers with simple, integer answers (like the question above). Many square roots are expressed as lovely fractions, decimals or percentages, which are not fun to work with in the least. What is the square root of 25?

Question 9

What is this logo?

Ba da ba ba ba! It is hard not to be lovin' the food from this classic chain of hamburger restaurants. Started by two men named Richard and Maurice as a small burger stand in San Bernadino, and brought to worldwide success by businessman Ray Kroc, this fast food restaurant delivers items such as the Big Mac and their Triple Thick Milkshakes to hungry customers in record time. It is one of the largest restaurants chains in the world. What is it?

Question 10

What is the NHL championship trophy?

The National Hockey League, or as it is more simply known, the NHL, is, as its name implies, the central league for hockey. The teams within the league are spread across the United States and Canada, and the season goes on for many months. Eventually, as all sports seasons must, it comes to an end with a large championship series of games with the winner receiving a trophy. Is this trophy called the Grey Cup, the Stanley Cup, the SUper Bowl, or the Power Ball?

Question 11

What movie is currently the highest grossing of 2018?

2018 has been an absolutely massive year for movies thus far, with a number of box office hits grossing well over a billion dollars at the box office. Oh, and it is only October. Future juggernauts such as Venom, FIrst Man, Halloween, Aquaman, Bumblebee, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and more have yet to arrive into theaters. However, it is pretty safe to declare a winner for the year, as it is the first movie in ages to gross over 2 billion dollars. What movie is that?

Question 12

What is 5 x 7?

Multiplication is a vital part of mathematics as a whole. It is one of the four basic functions that most everyone in the world needs to know(the other three being addition, subtraction and division). However, it can be difficult, and a number of methods have been devised to make the process easier, such as the multiplication table and tiles to name a few. Let us do a multiplication problem together. If we have 7 apples, in five baskets, how many apples do we have in total?

Question 13

What logo is this?

This logo is for one of the most famous soft drinks in the world, as well as for a large and expansive brand that produces a number of different soft drinks and food products. Just some of the products this brand produces are Fritos, Cheetos, Lays, Doritos, Quaker Oats, Tostitos, Mountain Dew and more. However, their flagship product, that the company shares its name with, is arguably the largest of all the products they produce. What is the name of the brand that matches this logo?

Question 14

What team just won the FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup is a massive sporting event that takes place every four years. It is an important cultural milestone every time it takes place, as the world gathers together to cheer on local teams or teams that match their heritage. The most recent iteration of the FIFA World Cup occurred in 2018, and it was a long month of some genuinely tense and close games. Ultimately, this country was victorious at taking home the cup. What country was it?

Question 15

What does FE stand for on the periodic table?

The Periodic Table of Elements is a vital part of science, as well as the further study of chemistry. With it, scientists and students can determine various properties of naturally occurring elements. However, one of the greatest challenges of using the periodic table is determining what element matches the shortened, two letter name. It is not always as straightforward as one may desire. Take, for example, the symbol FE. Does that symbol correspond to Iron, Krypton, Copper or to Fire?

Question 16

What is the numerical value of Pi?

Pie, what else can be said about it. It is beyond delicious and comes in a variety of different flavors and varieties. There is apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, coconut cream pie, blueberry pie, and wait.. hold up! We aren't talking about that kind of pie, are we? Nope, indeed we are not. Instead, we are talking about the mathematical symbol PI, which is an important part of a number of different calculations. The symbol represents a number. What number is that?

Question 17

Match this logo to the brand!

The logo pictured has evolved in many ways over the years in terms of color, but its core design has stayed the same for ages. It is for a technology company that has worked on a variety of different products over the years. Some of their works include the iPhone, the iPad, the iMac, the MacBook, the Lisa, the Pippin and a number of other different products. The company itself was founded by tech magnate Steve Jobs. What company matches the logo?

Question 18

Where is the Super Bowl next being held?

The Super Bowl is the championship game of the NFL. Often taking place on the first weekend in February, the event is one of the most watched around the world, and a massive get for whatever television station manages to acquire the broadcast rights for the year. The show is also beloved for the many different commercials that air, including celebrity packed skits and first looks at upcoming movies. The event is hosted in a different city each year. What city is set to host it next year?

Question 19

What does KR stand for on the periodic table?

The Periodic Table of Elements is an important tool in the arsenal of scientists and those who desire to become them around the world. However, one of the greatest challenges is learning how to read one, as well as becoming familiar with the various different abbreviations on it. Take, for example, KR. That can represent a number of different things elsewhere but only one element on the table. What does it match up with? We'll give you a hint: Superman?

Question 20

What movie by Tommy Wiseau is considered to be so bad, it is good?

Movies can range in terms of quality. SOme movies that are released are absolute gems, garnering critical praise and commercial success. Others struggle to make a dent with critics and the box office. However, rarely, there comes a movie that is objectively speaking, not very good. It could be riddled with production issues, corny acting, a strange script, etc. But when all of these elements are put together, the film is unexpectedly great, even if not in the way they intended. A perfect example is a film directed by Tommy Wiseau. What is it called?

Question 21

Match this logo to the brand!

This logo is for one of the leading brands of consumer electronics and smartphones. In addition to household appliances and television, this brand is perhaps best known for its line of smartphones, including the Galaxy line, the Galaxy Note line and countless others. Its main competition is Apple, and the majority of their devices run on the ever-popular Android operating system. This brand proudly features their branding along the top of most of their devices. What is the name of this brand?

Question 22

What was the most recent team to join the NHL?

The NHL is home to a number of different hockey teams across the United States and Canada. As the league grows in popularity over the years, there has become a greater demand for teams in other major cities and towns. Thankfully, for those willing to make the bid success can come in the form f either a brand new hockey team or a relocated one. Just recently, another major city got a hockey team of their own. What city and team was that?

Question 23

What does STEM stand for?

STEM is a buzzword you will often hear in academic circles. In many regards, STEM is the future, as the number of jobs in the field continues to increase. There is a great demand for students to join STEM programs due to their intellectually stimulating curriculum and their real-world applications. In a world that is predominantly dominated by students in the fields of Medicine, Business, Law and Art, there is a need for a bit more variety. What does STEM stand for?

Question 24

What movie studio has the largest market share?

Movie studios are integral to greenlighting, distributing and often producing the films that make their way onto the big and small screens. However, the studio system is often an expansive oligopoly that is hard to enter, with only a few large firms taking up the majority of the market share. One studio, in particular, has a large market share, boosted by their investments in Marvel and Star Wars. They even plan to merge with another large studio. What is the name of this studio?

Question 25

What is 100/5?

Division is another of the cornerstones of mathematics, with multiplication, addition and subtraction making up the other three. It can be at times difficult, with a number of different ways to perform it, including synthetic division and long division. It can be tricky, but it is an integral part of our day to day life and an important skill to have. How about we solve a division problem together. If we have 100 apples, and 5 baskets, how many apples must be placed in each basket to have an equal amount in each and no remainder.

Question 26

What is different about the National League of the MLB?

The Major League of Baseball or MLB for short is very special, and different compared to other major sports leagues. One of the key reasons for this is because the MLB is divided into two sub-leagues. While one is a bit more popular than the other, both are of the utmost importance to the organization. However, there is something special about the National League beyond the teams within that separates it from the other sub-league. What is that special difference?

Question 27

Who is this Science Guy?

This self-proclaimed science guy has made an impact on the lives of children around the world. He headlined a major television show that was shown in classrooms and living rooms around the world. It taught children the values of science and helped explain sometimes difficult concepts in a fun and engaging way. Recently, he has hosted another variety show, this time aimed at an older audience on Netflix. The big question after all of this is: what is this man's name?

Question 28

What is 1,000,000/1,000?

Division can be at times complicated, requiring both manual and in some cases mechanical help. However, there is perhaps nothing more satisfying than getting a full number, or as it is more commonly referred an integer. This is an example of a question that will yield an integer. Let's solve it together, shall we? Let's say a corporation needs to pay out equal dividends to 1000 shareholders. They have 1,000,000 worth of money to pay out. How much does each investor get?

Question 29

Match this logo to its brand!

It is hard not to love this delicious brand of pizza. It is one of the most popular in the world, serving up a variety of unique recipes and delicious takes on old classics. One of the big aspects that sets this chain apart from its competitors is its focus on the quality and speediness of delivery. In fact, their mascot is a strange creature called the Noid, who attempts to intercept pizza deliveries, but never gets the deliveries from this brand. What is the name of this brand?

Question 30

What is the square root of 49?

We've mentioned this a couple of times, math can be difficult. One of the most difficult concepts is square roots. Square roots, in short, help determine what number multiplied by itself makes another. For example, 10 multiplied by 10 makes up 100, so the square root of 100 is 10. The square root of 144 is 12, the square root of 81 is 9 and so on and so forth. Here is a question for you: what is the square root of 49?

Question 31

Match this logo to the brand!

This logo of four intertwined circles is more notable than one may think. It is for a massive brand of cars that balance luxury with affordability. What is a bit more rare about this vehicular logo is that it is free of text. Whereas brands like Ford and Volkswagen rely on putting their name front and centre, this brand simply uses a memorable design to get their brand across. Oh, and one final hint, despite the interlocking rings, it is not for the Olympics. What brand matches this logo?

Question 32

Why is the number 42 retired in Baseball?

It is not uncommon for a baseball team to retire numbers. Oftentimes, it is done out of respect for former players, or for other reasons. However, for an entire league to retire a number, that takes a game-changing reason! Take, for example, the number 42, a number that is retired across the entirety of the MLB. The only time players wear the number is on a specific date. The question is, what is the historic reason why the number is retired?

Question 33

Who directed Memento?

This director has had a fairly storied history, even if he has not been working as long as, say, Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese. He first made waves with the effective mystery Memento, and he then gained mainstream success with his ever-popular Dark Knight trilogy, that reinvented Batman for the 21st century. Some of his other films include The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk. He is also a major Hollywood producer through his company Syncopy. What is this man's name?

Question 34

What comes first in the order of operations?

The Order of Operations is of the utmost importance to more complex mathematical questions. In particular, it relates to questions of multiple steps. To give an example of such a question, take the equation (4 + 5) - 5 x 6 + 7/8 - 6 x 5 = ? Pretty confusing, right? Thankfully, with the order of operations, we can do it step by step. The question is, what do we do first, what is in the brackets, the addition, the division, the subtraction, the multiplication or the exponents and square roots (if we had any)?

Question 35

Match this logo to the brand!

This logo is for a major publisher as well as a developer of video games who is still going strong today. They were founded in France, but have since grown to have operations all around the world in a number of different countries. Some of the games published and/or developed by this company include Rayman, Rabbids, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy's The Division, The Prince of Persia and many more. What brand matches this logo?

Question 36

Who is the namesake of Madden NFL?

Madden NFL is the leading NFL and football simulator on the market. It sells millions upon millions of copies every year, netting developer EA Sports a tidy profit. However, there is something a bit... peculiar about the series. Whereas many other sports games simple feature the name of the league and the year in their titles (ex. FIFA 19, NBA 2K18, etc.), Madden NFL features that distinct word Madden. What or who is a Madden exactly? Any ideas what it is in reference to?

Question 37

What is the name for the study of insects?

Insects can be a bit spooky for some, given their less than friendly appearance, but there is much more to them than one may think. In fact, a number of insects are surprisingly friendly, and many of them play an important part in our everyday lives. Given their importance, there is an entire branch of science dedicated exclusively to the study of insects and their relatives. It is a growing branch of science. What is the formal name for it?

Question 38

What is 56/4?

Division can be difficult from time to time, but it doesn't have to be. So long as one takes a deep breath and looks at what a question is implying, it can actually be a lot easier than expected. It also helps that it is a close relative to multiplication. Take, for example, the question 56/4. Let's reword it... shall we? We have 56 pizza slices and 4 very hungry customers. If each one gets the same amount, how many slices would each get without any remaining?

Question 39

What is Dihydrogen Monoxide better known as?

Chemistry is one of the more popular branches of science. With knowledge in this field, a number of important discoveries can be made, and breakthroughs made. However, all aspiring chemists need to get a start, looking at the molecular levels of a number of different things. Take, for example, this very important and often integral part of life, that is broken down to the molecular level as Hydrogen 2 Oxygen or H2O. What is the name of this molecular compound?

Question 40

Match this logo to the band!

This logo is for one of the more popular bands in recent memory. The band itself was originally comprised of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. However, the rotation has changed over the years after the tragic passing of Mercury and Deacon's decision to retire from playing in the band (he still works in a managerial capacity). Some of the songs performed by this band include Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You. What band features this logo?

Question 41

What is the only MLB team currently running in Canada?

The MLB has a large presence in the United States, having operated for years on end. However, their neighbors to the north desired to have a team of their own. Thankfully, the MLB delivered twofold, with both this team and the Montreal Expos. This team is still running strong today in the AL, competing with teams such as the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Expos, however, are no more, but still fondly remembered by many. What is the name of the currently running team from Canada?

Question 42

Which of the following is not a form of science?

Physics is the study of motion, the structure of matter, and other theoretical and practical aspects of life. Chemistry is the study of the molecular breakdown of various parts of life, as well as the discovery of new solutions. Biology is the study of all living organisms, from plants to animal life. Accounting is the practice of balancing debits and credits, as well as the processing and communication of business information. Which of these four is not considered a formal science.

Question 43

Who directed Avengers: Infinity War?

These two filmmakers have been on a roll as of late. They got their start on television, directing episodes for a number of acclaimed series such as Arrested Development and Community. They tried to enter the film industry with the comedy You, Me and Dupree, but it was not as successful as they hoped. They got another chance with Captain America; The WInter Soldier and they quickly became fan favorites. They also directed Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4. What are their names?

Question 44

Match the logo to the brand!

This logo is for a brand of home consoles used to play video games. This brand of consoles has a history of over 20 years and was originally intended as the product of a partnership between Sony and Nintendo. However, plans fell through and Sony continued to make the console on their own. The project was successful, leading to three subsequent home consoles and two handheld devices, as well as a number of great games. What brand matches this logo?

Question 45

What team did Lebron James move to?

LeBron James is one of the more notable names in basketball today. He is an exceptional player and really made a name for himself playing for many years on the Cleveland Cavaliers. He even has movie aspirations, as he intends to fill Michael Jordan's basketball shoes (or should we say Air Jordan's), in an upcoming sequel to Space Jam. However, his lengthy relationship with the Cavaliers came to an end, as he was recently signed to another team. What team was that?

Question 46

What differentiates Social Sciences from regular Science?

Sciences are an important part of society, but also one that in many regards can be hard to grasp and especially define. Case in point: Social Sciences. Despite the name, there is a major difference between a Science and a Social Science that proves that they are two widely different things. If it helps, History, Geography, Sociology, and Anthropology are all considered to be members of the Social Science family. What is the key difference between Science and Social Science?

Question 47

Who is the most recent actor to portray Batman?

Batman has always been one of the most popular superheroes in the world. While he is considered to be a more brooding figure today, he was once a campy and happy figure brilliantly brought to life by the late Adam West. The more modern iteration of Batman as we know him debuted on the big screen in 1989's Batman, played by Michael Keaton. Many actors have since donned the suit and cowl after Keaton. Who is the most recent one to play the role?

Question 48

What is 9^3?

Exponents can be one of the trickier concepts in mathematics. In short, an exponent represents how many times a number is multiplied by itself. Take for example 2^5 (read as 2 to the power of 5). That expression is the equivalent of saying 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2, which is equivalent to 32. A number of exponents have names attached to them. Exponent 2 is squared, exponent 3 is cubed and so on and so forth. What is 9^3?

Question 49

What is the oldest trade publication in Hollywood?

Trade publications are of the utmost importance in Hollywood. Without them, the news would simply disappear, or be very difficult to come by. Thankfully, these publications, which were initially aimed exclusively at insiders, are here to help. Nowadays, they are much more accessible than they once were, with less focus on the complex lingo, and more on making the news palatable to a wide audience. One publication stands above all the others in terms of age, having operated for over 100 years. What is its name?

Question 50

Who directed Whiplash?

This director has made a real name for himself in a short amount of time. He made his directorial debut with a small, independent black and white musical called Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. He followed it up with Whiplash, a breakthrough hit that made him an in-demand director. He followed Whiplash up with La La Land, a box office and awards darling that won him Best Director. Next, he will be directing the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man. What is his name?

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