Get Hitched With Your Perfect Hollywood Starlet By Playing Pick Or Pass With These Movies

Alright movie fans, it is time to see where everyone stands on some of the most popular films of the past decade! Movies are something we all have in common. Sure we may all prefer certain ones over others, but we would be hard pressed to find an individual out there who does not like movies altogether. These action-packed adventures allow us to escape our lives briefly and enter incredible worlds. The brains behind these stories are truly amazing. Today we pay tribute to some of these classic tales.

In this quiz, we will be listing 50 different popular films. They will all come from different genres, so everyone is sure to come across a few of their favorites. Everyone is going to get the chance to vote on which are the best, and which they could do without. Once everyone has either picked or passed on each of these movies, we will be able to match them to the starlet of their dreams! Not only will everyone leave her with a gorgeous new wifey, but we are sure most will pick up a new movie or two to add to their must-watch list! Get the popcorn out for this one guys!

Question 1

21 Jump Street

Officiers Schmidt and Jenko are not exactly the best cops on the squad. With one of them being very smart and the other quite strong, they depend greatly on each other to complete just about every task given to them. Since they both have relatively young looking faces, they have both been assigned to a new undercover case. They will be infiltrating a high school, and trying to get to the bottom of a new line of mysterious black market products.

Question 2

Edge of Tomorrow

Here we have a very original alien invasion themed film. In this movie, no force on Earth is powerful enough to defeat the aliens that have just invaded our planet. With virtually no hope at surviving, soldier William Cage does his best to stop the creatures. While he lost the battle within seconds, he somehow wound up in a time loop. Now stuck reliving the same battle over and over, William is actually slowly learning how to take these aliens down!

Question 3

Whatever Works

Boris was about as miserable as any New Yorker out there. Just when he was about to give up on life for good, he decided to first give a new living arrangement a try. Abandoning his upscale apartment in Manhattan for a small box of a space in Chinatown, Boris already began feeling better about his day to day existence. Things just kept on getting better after meeting his polar opposite. Melody being from the South, never had the chance to be jaded by the busy city.

Question 4


This movie just really goes to show that things are never as they seem from the outside looking in. In the year 2001, a gang of reporters were assigned to a very sensitive story. Tasked with interviewing past members of various Roman Catholic churches, this team of writers slowly but surely start to unearth a ton of covered-up wrongdoings. Just because someone says they are good, does not always make it true! Who here is picking this award winning film?

Question 5

Step Brothers

As parents, it is our job to care for our children. However, at what point should we start encouraging our kids to learn how to care for themselves? Brennan and Dale are both in their 40s, and still living at home. Neither of them have a job, and they both pretty much depend on their parents for everything. Now that they have become stepbrothers, their parents are thinking the house is far too crowded. Time for these guys to grow up!

Question 6

Due Date

Peter Highman was a man known for his temper. It was a problem he had been dealing with since childhood, though in recent years he has seemed to get a grip on the issue. That being said, now that he is racing home to be there for the birth of his first daughter, his surprise travel companion is pushing all of his buttons. It is going to take everything Peter has to not lose control, but they better get home quick.

Question 7

A Quiet Place

It seems that in every alien film, the creatures themselves have a different kind of ability. In this movie, the aliens who come to Earth have very advanced hearing capabilities. It may not sound as bad as them having super strength, but the reality is: if they hear you, they come for you. While almost all of mankind has been wiped out, one family is still alive. Their only hope at keeping it this way, is staying as quiet as humanly possible. Yikes!

Question 8


Lightning McQueen was on his way to prove himself as the fastest car in the world. The Piston Championship, was the most famous racing event in the world. He was eager to go up against his long-time rivals, but while on his way there, he got lost and found himself in a run down town called Radiator Springs. Even though all of the cars there were slow and rusty, they turned out to be some of the best friends he could have ever asked for!

Question 9

Mad Max: Fury Road

When it comes to wicked villains, Joe may be the wickedest of the whole bunch. After the fall of civilization, Joe found himself the leader in charge of all the survivors. Creating a fortress called the Citadel, he holds every known survivor captive, and even forces some to be his wives. When a fierce warrior stages an escape, she is quickly allied with a loner and former Citadel resident. It is now the two of them against the mighty Joe.

Question 10

Slumdog Millionaire

When 18-year old Jamal first signed up to be a contestant on a trivia game show, it was only so that his long lost girlfriend would hopefully see him and be able to find him. However, while participating on the show, Jamal was surprised at how many of the answers he actually knew. Approaching the million dollar question, authorities begin to wonder how this kid from the streets could possibly know the answers to these pricey questions. Pick or pass?

Question 11


In a not so distant future, humans are starting to worry over how long planet Earth is actually going to be able to last. While the stress increases, a NASA genius is working hard to come up with an alternative plan. He has discovered three possible new planets, but they are only accessible by traveling through a wormhole. Before sending all of mankind through the wormhole, he must first send a group of astronauts to check things out. Pick or pass?

Question 12


Life can sometimes have a really wicked sense of humor. Adam, a young man who always took great care of himself, has just found out that he has multiple tumors growing along his spine. The doctors have given him a 50/50 shot at survival, but he is doing his best to remain optimistic. Though his loved ones did not handle the news all that well at first, they are now helping him get through each day. Nobody ever said life was fair!

Question 13

Doctor Strange

Was Dr. Stephen Strange the nicest most humble guy in town? No, definitely not. However, he was one of the best surgeons known to man. After getting into a rough car accident though, Stephen was left with almost no mobility in his once million dollar hands. Since surgery cannot fix what has happened, Stephen goes out looking for other methods of healing. While on this hunt, he discovered an entirely different kind of magic, that did not require his hands at all.

Question 14

Life of Pi

The Patel family once owned a famous zoo in India, though they eventually decided to sell it so that their whole clan could move to a different country. While on a large boat with some of their prized animals, a wicked storm hit and wound up taking down the entire thing. Young Pi is the only human survivor of the wreck, but his Bengal tiger has managed to make it out alive as well. It is now the two of them against the ocean.

Question 15

Wedding Crashers

As ironic as it may seem, these two lifelong best friends both work as divorce mediators, yet love weddings more than anything else in the world. It isn't really the outfits and cake that they enjoy so much about these events, but instead the large amount of women who usually attend them. Neither of these guys have ever considered settling down, as it is just way more fun to pick up women after a night of eating and dancing their hearts out.

Question 16

Shutter Island

After a vicious criminal escapes a seemingly inescapable prison, expert detective Teddy Daniels is assigned to the case. To get a better understanding of what has happened, Teddy and his partner must travel to the remote island where the asylum the woman was said to have escaped from is located. Once on the island, this pair realises that nothing is as it seems. Instead of chasing a criminal, they seem to be running from their own dark pasts. Who loved this mind boggling film?

Question 17

Get Out

When Rose brought boyfriend Chris back to her parents place to meet them for the first time, their strange behaviour made Chris think that they did not approve of their mixed-race relationship. However, the more time he spent with Missy and Dean, the more he grew nervous of their actual intentions. Every moment Chris spent on their property, he learned more and more about their secret agenda. Was anyone here a big fan of this thriller? Are we picking or passing?

Question 18

Black Panther

The nation of Wakanda, is one of the best kept secrets in the entire world. How could such a wealthy and advanced land exists without the rest of the world knowing about it? Well, for generations the nation has been protected by their ruler. Their ruler is not just some man who sits on a throne, but instead he is a warrior known as the Black Panther. With superhuman abilities and advanced technology, the Black Panther can protect Wakanda from anything!

Question 19

Midnight in Paris

Gil and his fiance decided they needed a vacation. Choosing Paris as the spot, they set off on a romantic adventure. Being a night-owl, Gil took a liking to roaming the streets of Paris alone in the evenings. While out for one of these strolls, Gil found himself traveling back in time to the roaring 20s. Every night at midnight now, Gil is taken on an adventure through time. However, the more time he spends in the 20s, the less he enjoys his present day reality.

Question 20

Thor: Ragnarok

Somehow, the mighty god Thor, has found himself locked away on the other side of the universe on a very strange planet. He has been told that he is going to be placed in a gladiator-style fight, yet he has not been told who his opponent will be. Once entering the ring, Thor finds himself up against his old pal and fellow Avenger, Hulk. Thinking this was his ticket to escaping, Thor was surprised when Hulk actually began fighting him.

Question 21

Mission: Impossible

For this question, we are strictly talking about the first installment of the series. Ethan Hunt was one of the best soldiers the Impossible Missions Force had in their ranks. That being said, they were truly surprised to find out that Ethan had betrayed them and sold their secrets to the enemy. While Ethan claims to be innocent of all crimes, he must track down the actual bad guy is he is going to have any hopes at clearing his name.

Question 22

Gone Girl

When Nick first met Amy, he had been as charmed as the rest of the world by her good looks and glamorous ways. The two of them eventually married, and for 5 years the world thought they were the perfect couple. On their fifth anniversary though, Amy went mysteriously missing. Authorities, as well as the media, were quick to point their fingers at Nick first. He knows he is innocent, but the question of where his missing wife is, still has not been answered.

Question 23


Before all of the action packed adventures we watched in the pervious Transformers films took place, Bumblebee was just a robot on the run. While trying to keep hidden, he found a small junkyard where he knew he would be safe. While his enemies were not able to find him, a young 18-year old girl did come across the wounded bot. The two of them have now joined forces, and they are ready for whatever is coming their way! Pick or pass?

Question 24

Funny People

When doctors told George that his time was limited, he had to do some serious thinking about his life. He was a famed stand-up comedian, though he had no family or friends around him. After meeting a young comic, George decided to become his mentor. Helping young Ira develop his stand-up material, Ira in turn helps George try to figure out how to get his life back on track. We are never too old to change our ways! Pick or pass?

Question 25

Django Unchained

There was no a whole lot about Django's life that could be considered "lucky", though running into bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz was definitely the best thing that could have happened to him. Dr. Schultz told Django, that if he helped him catch a few wanted criminals, he would in turn set him free and give him money to start a new life. While on the road together, the two found themselves at the same plantation where Django's wife was still a slave.

Question 26

Dallas Buyers Club

Electrician Ron Woodroof, was a man's man from Texas living in the 80s. Since this was his reality, he was surprised more than some would have been when he found out he had AIDS. With the medical establishment refusing to approve medicines that could help with this disease, Ron took it upon himself to find medication being offered in different countries. After finding one that actually worked, he felt obliged to bring it back home for others with the disease to use.

Question 27

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

While one of these two friends is trying to make something of himself, the other is totally content living the underachieving life he has been thus far. Not wanting to lose his buddy to smarter friends, he decides to pull him into one of his wildest adventures yet. It all started off as a mission to get some burgers, but the night wound up leading these two on a wild goose chase through the city. Are we picking or passing on this one?

Question 28


Mac and Kelly thought they were living their dream. Newly married with their first child on the way, the happy couple decided to buy what they thought was going to be their dream home. Almost as soon as they moved in though, they discovered that their direct nextdoor neighbours, were actually a fraternity. Clearly this was not the peaceful family-oriented neighborhood they had been looking for. Now, they have to decide to either sell the house, or take down the fraternity.

Question 29


Riggan Thomson was once the biggest movie star in Hollywood. However, those days seem to be far behind him now. In an attempt to revive his reputation as an artist, Riggan has put together what he is hoping will be the next big Broadway play. With his entire reputation on the line, he prepares for opening night, while also stressing over being a good father and boyfriend. Even the biggest stars aren't immune to real world problems. Pick or pass?

Question 30

The Fast and the Furious (Series)

For this question, we are talking about the entire film series. It all started back when officer O'Connor went undercover, trying to take down the leader of a notorious street racing gang. Once he was accepted into their ranks, he discovered that the men were not all bad. What made things even harder for him, was the fact that he was quickly falling in love with one of the member's sisters. With so much on the line, he has to choose which crew he truly rides with.

Question 31

Pineapple Express

Dale and Saul were not exactly friends, but instead business associates. However, when they witnessed a truly wicked crime take place right in front of them, they have no choice but to head out on the run together. Forced into this new friendship, the two try to deal with each other, while at the same time try to catch the bad guys before getting caught themselves. Who here was a fan of this comedy film? Should we pick or pass?

Question 32

The Hitman's Bodyguard

What's a man to do when they are asked to pair up with their sworn enemy? When the world's most skilled protector is assigned to watch over the world's most notorious hired-gun, things naturally get a little out of hand. With neither of them fully trusting the other, these two lethal warriors must complete their assignment, before going after each other once again. How did everyone here feel about this action packed film? Are we picking or passing it up?

Question 33

The Dark Knight

Batman along with local authorities have been keeping the city of Gotham safe for years now. Just when they thought they had done away with all of the villains out there, a new bag guy appeared on the scene. Going by the name Joker, this villain is all kinds of wicked. As Batman tries his best to bring him down, he finds himself torn between being a hero and turning into a villain himself. How do we feel about it?

Question 34

The Hangover

In this question, we are only referring to the initial film of the trilogy. When three best friends made the plan to celebrate one of their bachelor parties in Vegas, they thought it was the best idea any of them had ever had. However, once learning that they would be bringing the groom's new brother-in-law along for the ride, all of their plans took a turn. After one single night of partying, they have lost the groom and have no idea where to even start looking.

Question 35

We're the Millers

David really wasn't the worst kind of criminal out there, but he was still a criminal nonetheless. After going into business with some pretty tough guys, David found himself in way over his head. Now to be able to pay off his mounting debt, he is going to need to get an RV across the border without it being searched. He is thinking the best way to do this, would be to hire a fake family to bring along for the ride.

Question 36


After years of battling with the X-Men as Wolverine, Logan has decided to hang up his hero cape for good. He is now caring for an elderly Professor X at a secret location. Thinking he would spend the rest of his days out of the public's eye, Logan is forced out of retirement after meeting a young mutant with powers very similar to his own. Why is being the good guy always the hardest role to play? Pick or pass?

Question 37

John Wick

Once upon a time, John Wick had been the world's most notorious assassin. That being said, he has since retired and gone on to marry the love of his life. After her passing though, John was left is a desperate state. Before having time to deal with his grief, some of his former "work buddies" stole his car along with his beloved dog. Saying that John was going to make them regret this decision, would be the understatement of the year.

Question 38

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Back in the 30s, there was no spot more glamorous for the rich to vacation than the Grand Budapest Hotel. With concierge Gustave looking over the famed hotel, guests could count on having every one of their needs attended to. Since Gustave was so committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, he would gladly attend to the wishes of many agining single women. However, when one of these women suddenly passed away and left behind a fortune, Gustave's motives were called into question.

Question 39


Here we have a thrilling film based around very real events. Back in 1940, the world was in the middle of an all out war. When German soldiers made their way onto French territory, thousands of soldiers were left stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk. With forces trying to protect them from the air and the waters, slowly but surely these men are evacuated in small batches. By the end, over 330,000 men were safely rescued. How do we feel about this one?

Question 40

Bourne (Series)

When this whole story first began, Jason Bourne was a name a mystery man had chosen to use while trying to unearth his real identity. Before figuring out that he was in fact a CIA assassin, Bourne was just a man found floating in the ocean with no memory of his past whatsoever. Clearly at this point, he had no idea of the roller coaster ride he was in for. How does everyone feel about the film series? Pick or pass?

Question 41

The Lobster

In a world similar to ours, yet still vastly different, all single people must face a daunting decision. Anyone living without a partner, must either find one within 45 days, or be forced to transform into the animal of their choice. When a man is left by his wife, he is thrown into this very real dilemma. Having already selected a lobster as his animal of choice, he is still holding onto the hope of finding a new mate. Thoughts?

Question 42

Spider-Man: Homecoming

In this take on the Spider-Man comics, actor Tom Holland takes on the main role of Peter Parker. Being just a kid who has recently discovered new awesome powers, he is rightfully pretty stoked about this turn of events. Eager to impress his mentor Tony Stark and hopefully be allowed into the Avengers, Peter goes out of his way to bring down local bad guys. How did everyone here feel about this epic MCU installment? Are we picking or passing?

Question 43

Bohemian Rhapsody

Freddie Mercury was unlike any other front man known in the music industry. He along with the other talented member of the band Queen, went out of their way to push boundaries and open new doors to all kinds of fresh sounding rock music. While they cemented their place in history forever, not everything about their journey to fame was as glamorous as it may have seemed. Was anyone here a big fan of this film? Are we picking or passing?

Question 44

The Wolf of Wall Street

Back in the 80s and 90s, there were no job like the ones being offered on Wall Street. The men working these jobs were money hungry and fueled by their constant stream of bad decisions. They had everything they had ever wanted, and no one was doing anything to stop them. At least this was the case, until the FBI decided to do some digging into the wealth of these wild party boys. How do we feel about this award winning film?

Question 45

Green Book

Back in the 60s, things were very uncertain for many different kinds of people. An Italian man working as a bouncer, was hired to be the bodyguard for a famous black pianist. Neither of them were strangers to prejudice, but to survive this tour through the Deep South, they are going to have to learn to at least put some trust into each other. How did everyone here feel about this one? Do we love it, or not so much?

Question 46


While for the most part, superhero movies tend to focus around superheroes, this one instead took us on a ride through the life of a villain. After a journalist went looking for answers where he shouldn't have been looking, his body was taken over by a strange alien force. He is no longer his old self, but instead he is now the wicked villain known as Venom. Yikes! Was this one a favorite of anyone's here? How is everyone feel about it?

Question 47

Blades of Glory

When it comes to figure skating, nobody has ever been better than these two guys. While they both considered themselves to be the best, they were both proven wrong when they tied for first during their Olympic games. After starting a brawl right there on the ice, they were both banned from the sport forever. Trying to undo their punishment, these two have finally decided to put their differences aside and become the best duet the figure skating world has ever seen!

Question 48


Theodore was a true master of words. He made his living off of writing personal and heartfelt letters for people who could not find the words themselves. After his own marriage wound up failing, Theodore found himself intrigued by a new service being offered. The idea was to sign up for a operating system, that in time would develop into its own person. After chatting with the system for some time, Theodore wound up falling in love with the mechanical system.

Question 49

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Gary was well on his way to a life as a criminal, but just when he was about to get into some serious trouble, he was recruited by a secret spy organization. It turns out that Gary's father had actually been a member of this very same organization. Wanting to be successful in this new chapter of his life, Gary is going to have to say goodbye to his trouble making days forever. Was anyone here a fan of this one?

Question 50

The Theory of Everything

Before Stephen Hawking was the established genius we all knew him as, he was just a college student with ambitious goals. He always knew he had an interest for time and space, but it wasn't until he was told that his own time on this planet was limit, that he decided to go after solving all questions related to the topic. With his wife by his side, Stephen defeated all kinds of odds, while also solving some of the world's greatest mysteries!

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