There's No Way You Remember Season 1 Of Game Of Thrones Enough To Ace This Test

Game of Thrones took the world by storm when it made its debut on television, and this is because it was based on a book series that was able to do all the little things right with each new release. While an established audience from a book series doesn't always guarantee success for a project, this particular one seemed destined for greatness, and after a few seasons, it was clear that this was unlike anything people had seen on television before. The ending may not have been what people wanted, but there is no denying that the first few seasons of the show truly took things to another level.

Today, we want to focus on the first season of the series and see who out there remembers it the best!

Question 1

Walder Frey Is The Lord Of...

Question 2

What Is Lord Varys' Nickname?

Question 3

Where Is Tywin Lannister At The Beginning Of Season One?

Question 4

Does Tyrion Go To Winterfell or The Wall First?

Question 5

Who Does Tyrion Tell To Pay Respects To The Stark's?

Question 6

Does Tyrion Become King In Season One?

Question 7

Which Group Is Tormund Part Of?

Question 8

Who Sits On The Iron Throne When The Series Begins?

Question 9

Where Is Thoros From?

Question 10

Where Is Theon Originally From?

Question 11

Which House Sigil Is This?

Question 12

Which House Sigil Is This?

Question 13

Is Stannis The Older or Younger Brother Of Robert Baratheon?

Question 14

Which Stark Child Has Nymeria As Their Direwolf?

Question 15

Where Is Robert Originally From?

Question 16

Does Robb Go With Ned To King's Landing?

Question 17

Who Is Renly Married To?

Question 18

Does Ramsay Appear In Season One?

Question 19

Which Character Finds Osha?

Question 20

What Does The Night King's Symbol Look Like?

Question 21

How Many Biological Children Does Ned Have?

Question 22

Which House Sigil Is This?

Question 23

Where Is Missandei In Season One?

Question 24

Who Is The Red Woman Initially With?

Question 25

Who Is Margaery's Brother In Love With?

Question 26

Does Maggy The Frog Give Her Prophecy In Season One?

Question 27

Where Does Maester Aemon Live?

Question 28

Who Does Lord Baelish Sneak Into King's Landing?

Question 29

What Does King Robert Command Lancel To Bring Him?

Question 30

Which Title Does Drogo Have?

Question 31

Where Does Jon Move To?

Question 32

Which Of These Characters Does Dany Meet First?

Question 33

Who Does Joffrey Start A Romantic Relationship With?

Question 34

What Is Jaime's Nickname?

Question 35

What Is The Hound's Real Name?

Question 36

Who Is The Hound's Brother?

Question 37

Who Does Hodor Help Carry Around?

Question 38

Does The Golden Company Appear In Season One?

Question 39

What Does Gendry Do For A Living?

Question 40

Which Character Stays In Winterfell?

Question 41

Who Does Dany Marry?

Question 42

What Title Does Dany Receive After Getting Married?

Question 43

How Many Children Does Cersei Have?

Question 44

How Many Dragon Eggs Does Dany Get?

Question 45

Who Is Cersei Married To?

Question 46

Who Does Brienne Work For?

Question 47

Who Does Bran Catch In The Act?

Question 48

Where Is Benjen Living?

Question 49

Which Faction Does Barristan Selmy Work For?

Question 50

Who Gives Arya Her First Sword?

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