Take This 2-Minute Game Of Thrones Quiz And We'll Reveal Your Fate On The Show

Game of Thrones is one of the most epic TV shows of all time. HBO really did an incredible job bringing this show to life! Many people are disappointed with the way this show ended, but that does not take away from the overall amazingness of the series as a whole. Today we will be entering Westeros ourselves and getting our very own ending!

The characters in Game of Thrones each have their own story, their own journey, and their own ending. Every single character reached an ultimate fate by the ending of the series. Fans and viewers everywhere wanted the show to end in a certain way, but the writers chose to go a different route. Let's see what fate YOU end up with!

Question 1

Opinion on Daenerys Targaryen?

Question 2

Did Ramsay Bolton meet the fate he deserved?

Question 3

Down to move to King's Landing?

Question 4

Choose a dragon name!

Question 5

Opinion on Petyr Baelish?

Question 6

Did Tywin Lannister meet the fate he deserved?

Question 7

Which of Daenerys' love interests was her best match?

Question 8

Opinion on Joffrey Baratheon?

Question 9

Down to move to Winterfell?

Question 10

Opinion on Sansa Stark?

Question 11

Interested in trying Bran's warging powers?

Question 12

Pick a creature to warg into!

Question 13

Did Walder Frey meet the fate he deserved?

Question 14

Which of Sansa's "romantic" pairings was most cringey to watch unfold?

Question 15

Opinion on Jon Snow?

Question 16

Down to move to Mereen?

Question 17

Choose a house!

Question 18

Did Joffrey Baratheon meet the fate he deserved?

Question 19

Opinion on Arya Stark?

Question 20

Choose a blonde!

Question 21

Down to move to the Iron Islands?

Question 22

Did Petyr Baelish meet the fate he deserved?

Question 23

Opinion on Cersei Lannister?

Question 24

Did Euron Greyjoy meet the fate he deserved?

Question 25

Choose a redhead!

Question 26

Opinion on Tyrion Lannister?

Question 27

Down to move to Braavos?

Question 28

Interested in trying Arya's "Faceless Man" powers?

Question 29

Did Ellaria Sand meet the fate she deserved?

Question 30

Choose a brunette!

Question 31

Down to move to the Royal Palace Of Dorne?

Question 32

Choose a Stark!

Question 33

Interested in trying Daenerys' "fire resistance" powers?

Question 34

Did Cersei Lannister meet the fate she deserved?

Question 35

Down to move to Pentos?

Question 36

Opinion on Gregor Clegane?

Question 37

Bend the knee to Daenerys or get burned by her dragon?

Question 38

Did Lysa Arryn meet the fate she deserved?

Question 39

Choose a house!

Question 40

Did High Sparrow meet the fate he deserved?

Question 41

Opinion on Ned Stark?

Question 42

Interested in trying the White Walkers' immortal "zombie" powers?

Question 43

Opinion on Khal Drogo?

Question 44

Choose a Lannister!

Question 45

Choose the most important thing!

Question 46

Opinion on Melisandre?

Question 47

Interested in trying Melisandre's witchcraft powers?

Question 48

Opinion on Sandor Clegane?

Question 49

Who TRULY deserved the throne in the end, dead or alive?

Question 50

Is it better to have control over fire or ice?

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