You'll Fail This WWE Quiz...Unless You're A Diehard Fan

The WWE is firing on all cylinders at the moment, and the influx of new talent has fans everywhere wondering what could be in store for the near future. The wealth of talent that the WWE has is already impressive, and as they continue to load up on new performers, other promotions in the world are going to be struggling to keep up and compete with the WWE. The top performers in the world all compete under the WWE banner, and they help sell out shows around the world. Because of this, the top performers are able to be recognized by true fans anywhere they go.

These fans also know their stuff about wrestling trivia, and today, we want to see which people out there are able to ace this WWE trivia quiz!

Question 1

What Is Brock Lesnar's Favorite Place To Take People?

Question 2

What Is Cesaro's Nickname?

Question 3

Name This Performer

Question 4

What Is Shinsuke Nakamura's Walkout Song?

Question 5

What is Roddy Piper's TV Segment Called?

Question 6

Which Tag Team Is Kofi Kingston Part Of?

Question 7

What Is The Name Of Triple H's Finisher?

Question 8

Has Randy Orton Been WWE Champion?

Question 9

How Many Times Has Carmella Won The Women's Royal Rumble?

Question 10

Name This Wrestler

Question 11

Where Is Becky Lynch Billed From?

Question 12

Which Finisher Does Rey Mysterio Use?

Question 13

Is Finn Balor A Member Of DX?

Question 14

Which Of These Titles Has Chris Jericho NOT Won?

Question 15

How Many Times Has Andrade Won The Intercontinental Championship?

Question 16

Have The Hardy Boyz Been The Raw or SmackDown Tag Team Champions?

Question 17

What Finisher Does Roman Reigns Use?

Question 18

How Many Times Has Dana Brooke Been Raw Women's Champion?

Question 19

Who Did Sting Take On At His First WrestleMania?

Question 20

Which Promotion Did Scott Steiner Come To WWE From?

Question 21

Name This Wrestler

Question 22

Fill In The Blank: "It's ______ time!"

Question 23

How Many Times Has Samoa Joe Been The U.S. Champ?

Question 24

Which Wrestler Was Chad Gable In A Tag Team With?

Question 25

Which Title Has Drew McIntyre Won?

Question 26

Was Asuka The First Women's Royal Rumble Winner?

Question 27

What Did Hulk Hogan Call His Fans?

Question 28

Fill In The Blank: "Take a ______ with Elias"

Question 29

How Many Times Has Liv Morgan Been SmackDown Women's Champion?

Question 30

Name This Wrestler

Question 31

Who Did Mankind Defeat For The WWE Championship?

Question 32

Which Tag Team Is Sheamus Part Of?

Question 33

Which Stable Was This Tag Team Part Of?

Question 34

Which Finisher Did Lita Use?

Question 35

Which Nickname Has Seth Rollins Used?

Question 36

Which Promotion Was Ember Moon In Before The WWE?

Question 37

Name This Performer

Question 38

Where Is Billie Kay From?

Question 39

Is X-Pac In The WWE Hall of Fame?

Question 40

Which Of These Titles Has Kairi Sane Won?

Question 41

How Many Times Has Mojo Rawley Won The André the Giant Memorial Trophy?

Question 42

Who Is Goldust's Father?

Question 43

What is Jinder Mahal's Nickname?

Question 44

Which Finisher Does Shawn Michaels Use?

Question 45

Which Boxer Did The Big Show Take On At WrestleMania?

Question 46

Where Is Kevin Owens Billed From?

Question 47

Who Is Rusev's Manager?

Question 48

Is Bobby Roode Related To Rick Rude?

Question 49

Name This Wrestler

Question 50

How Many Times Has Braun Strowman Won The Royal Rumble?

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