Play Wedding 'Would You Rather' And We'll Reveal What Your Groom Will Look Like

Who here already has their entire wedding planned out? These days it seems like even the people who have never come close to being engaged, have still taken the time to daydream about their future nuptials. Today we have created a quiz where everyone can finally get out all of their pent-up wedding ideas. Who's ready?

In this quiz, we are going to pose a bunch of "would you rather" styled questions. All of them will be based around wedding details. Everyone is free to answer them as they please, since there are truly no wrong answers here. Once the wedding dates and cakes have been picked, we will reveal what everybody's future hubby will look like. The wedding bells have started, time to walk down the aisle!

Question 1

Professional photographer or polaroids?

Question 2

Winter wedding or summer wedding?

Question 3

Ball gown or fitted dress?

Question 4

A slow or fast song for the first dance?

Question 5

Kids or no kids at the wedding?

Question 6

Wear heels or sneakers?

Question 7

Traditional or tattooed wedding bands?

Question 8

Hire a wedding planner or plan everything yourself?

Question 9

A small or large guest list?

Question 10

A pearl or diamond engagement ring?

Question 11

A tuxedo or suit for the groom?

Question 12

An indoor or outdoor wedding?

Question 13

Have a theme or no theme?

Question 14

Jordan almonds or picture frames for the favors?

Question 15

Serve cocktails or mocktails?

Question 16

Short or long dresses for the bridesmaids?

Question 17

Buffet style or served courses for the main meal?

Question 18

Have a candy table or chocolate fountain?

Question 19

A veil or no veil?

Question 20

Have a tiered cake or cupcake tower?

Question 21

Use colorful or neutral decor?

Question 22

Have "something borrowed" or "something new"?

Question 23

Have a bachelorette or no bachelorette party?

Question 24

A tropical resort or camping trip for the honeymoon?

Question 25

Receive cash or items off a registry?

Question 26

Flowers or no flowers in the decor?

Question 27

Take traditional or handwritten vows?

Question 28

A public or private proposal?

Question 29

Use a big or small budget?

Question 30

Have pets or no pets at the wedding?

Question 31

Have a destination or hometown wedding?

Question 32

Use tall vases or small lanterns for the centerpieces?

Question 33

Send the invites by email or snail mail?

Question 34

Have a photo booth or caricature artist?

Question 35

Wear makeup or go natural for the big day?

Question 36

Be covered in bling or wear simple jewelry?

Question 37

Have succulents or flowers in the bouquet?

Question 38

Hair up or hair down?

Question 39

Wear your wedding dress all night or change into a second outfit?

Question 40

Ride in a limousine or a horse-drawn carriage?

Question 41

Hire a live band or DJ?

Question 42

See the groom before the ceremony or wait until the altar?

Question 43

Have a black tie or casual dress code?

Question 44

Toss the bouquet or keep it for yourself?

Question 45

Have guests give speeches or skip right to the dancing?

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