We're Pretty Sure You're Going To Fail This Video Game Quiz

Video Games have been on another level in recent years, and with major companies announcing that the next generation of consoles is right around the corner, gamers are ready to see what is in store for the future of the industry. With each passing console, fans are able to play games that push the bounds of reality, and those of us that have been gaming since the 90s know just how far we've come. While most games fade with time, others have been able to remain relevant and stack up with the best of the modern era. Because of this, true gamers should be able to do well on this trivia quiz!

Today, we want to see who out there knows their stuff by having fans take this ultimate video game trivia quiz!

Question 1

Which Of These Characters Is NOT An Original Super Smash Bros. Character?

Question 2

Who Is The Villain Of Sonic The Hedgehog?

Question 3

Which Of These Is NOT A Super Mario Game?

Question 4

Which Of These Is NOT A Star Wars Game?

Question 5

Fill In The Blank: _______ Pro Skater

Question 6

Fill In The Blank: The Legend of Zelda: ______ of Time

Question 7

Which Game Does Jin Appear In?

Question 8

Who Is The Lead Character Of The Tomb Raider Series?

Question 9

Which Princess Does Mario Need To Save?

Question 10

Which Game Was Released First: Pokemon Red or Yellow?

Question 11

Does The Original NBA Jam Feature LeBron James?

Question 12

Who Is The Final Boss Of Street Fighter II?

Question 13

Which Princess Is Link Trying To Save?

Question 14

Which Of These Is NOT A Grand Theft Auto Game?

Question 15

Name This Game

Question 16

Fill In The Blank: Super Mario ______

Question 17

Which Of These Characters Is NOT In Injustice 2?

Question 18

Name This Game

Question 19

Is The Warriors Based On A Movie?

Question 20

Which Of These Characters Is From Mortal Kombat?

Question 21

Who Is The Lead Character Of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Question 22

How Many Mass Effect Games Are There?

Question 23

How Many Main RollerCoaster Tycoon Games Are There?

Question 24

What Type Of Game Is The Sims?

Question 25

How Many Sequels Are There To Half-Life 2?

Question 26

Who Is The Lead Character Of Metal Gear Solid?

Question 27

Does Sora Appear In Final Fantasy VII?

Question 28

Which Was Released First: Playstation or Xbox?

Question 29

Which Of These Games Is A PS4 Exclusive?

Question 30

The Switch Was Created By Which Company?

Question 31

Name This Game

Question 32

Which Villain Does Not Appear In Spider-Man?

Question 33

Which Kingdom Hearts Game Was Released In 2019?

Question 34

Who Is The Lead Character Of God of War?

Question 35

How Many Star Wars Battlefront Games Are There For PS4?

Question 36

Do Naruto Characters Appear In Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Question 37

Who Is The Cover Athlete For MLB The Show 20?

Question 38

Who Is The Cover Athlete For FIFA 20

Question 39

Which Two Pokemon Are Featured On The Let’s Go Series?

Question 40

Name This Game

Question 41

Which Elder Scrolls Game Is Skyrim?

Question 42

Name This Game

Question 43

Is Titanfall An RPG?

Question 44

Which Console Is Sea of Thieves An Exclusive For?

Question 45

How Many Halo Games Are There?

Question 46

Where Does Gears of War Take Place?

Question 47

Which Character Is The Witcher?

Question 48

How Many Batman Arkham Games Are There?

Question 49

What Is Arthur’s Last Name In Red Dead Redemption?

Question 50

Name This Character

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