35 Twilight Questions Only A Cullen Could Answer Correctly. Think You Can Do It?

The Twilight saga is known for showcasing so much passion, action, and romance. The love story we watched unfold between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan was undeniably special and sweet in so many ways. Some people viewed their obsessive level of attraction for each other to be a tad bit creepy but for the most part, fans understood that they just had very deep feelings for each other!

Without the incredible Twilight saga, we would have never met our favorite vampires, werewolves, and humans ever. This saga really opened a lot of doors for people to imagine what a life of eternity as a vampire deeply in love could feel like. The very first film was released in 2008 which is now over ten years ago. It feels like that very first film was just released yesterday since everything about this amazing vampire saga is still fresh on all of our minds!

Question 1

Is Edward Cullen part of the Olympic coven?

Question 2

Name Bella Swan’s parents!

Question 3

Carlisle Cullen is the ____ husband of Esme Cullen.

Question 4

Who does Esme Cullen say is her favorite adoptive child?

Question 5

Name Rosalie Hale’s ex-fiancé.

Question 6

Who is this villain?

Question 7

Who said: “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

Question 8

Before Edward Cullen met Bella Swan, he almost paired with who?

Question 9

Who turned Edward Cullen into a vampire?

Question 10

What does Bella Swan name her daughter?

Question 11

Name the werewolf that loved Bella Swan.

Question 12

Who is this villain?

Question 13

What lessons did Bella Swan take as a girl?

Question 14

Name Bella Swan’s high school friend!

Question 15

Who is this villain?

Question 16

What instrument can Edward Cullen play?

Question 17

What power does Bella Swan have?

Question 18

Who is this villain with Bella Swan?

Question 19

Who said: "There were things I still wanted. To be married with a nice house and a husband who kissed me when he came home.”

Question 20

Is Carlisle Cullen part of the Romanian coven?

Question 21

Who turned Bella Swan into a vampire?

Question 22

What power does Edward Cullen have?

Question 23

Who is this villain?

Question 24

True or false: Carlisle Cullen was part of the Volturi for a while.

Question 25

Is Esme Cullen part of the Olympic coven?

Question 26

Where does Bella Swan’s mother live?

Question 27

Why did Bella Swan punch Jacob Black?

Question 28

Who is Rosalie Hale’s romantic partner?

Question 29

Who is this villain?

Question 30

Is Emmett Cullen part of the Denali coven?

Question 31

Who is Jasper Hale’s romantic partner?

Question 32

Carlisle Cullen worked as a ...?

Question 33

Who is this villain?

Question 34

Who turned Esme Cullen into a vampire?

Question 35

Is Rosalie Hale part of the Olympic coven?

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