How Well Do You Remember Twilight? Play The Quiz!

Coming from the pages and becoming a juggernaut in the mainstream, this franchise took the world by storm and gave way to a slew of vampire projects coming to life on both the big and small screen. It was a phenomenon that also spawned a ton of fan fiction, one of which even going on to become a massive hit as well. While the movies did not hold up as well as the books did, fans of the franchise remain enthralled with this forbidden love tale of a human and a vampire, and they will gladly recite every word of each movie whenever they get the chance.

Today, we want to see who the real fans are by having people take this trivia quiz! A true Cullen will be able to ace this in no time.

Question 1

Is Edward Able To See The Future?

Question 2

Name This Character

Question 3

Where Does Twilight Take Place?

Question 4

Where Do Bella And Edward Meet?

Question 5

Who Is Carlisle Married To?

Question 6

In Which Movie Does Edward Marry Bella?

Question 7

Where Is Bella Originally From?

Question 8

What Is Esme's Relation To Bella?

Question 9

In What Movie Does Laurent Come After Bella Alone?

Question 10

How Old Was Edward When He Was Turned?

Question 11

Which Tribe Is Jacob From?

Question 12

Name This Character

Question 13

Who Turns Jasper?

Question 14

What Is Carlisle's Occupation?

Question 15

How Many Children Does Bella Have?

Question 16

What Special Ability Does Bella Have?

Question 17

Where Do Edward And Bella Go On Their Honeymoon?

Question 18

How Many Twilight Movies Are There?

Question 19

How Many Children Does Charlie Have?

Question 20

What Is Jacob's Nickname For Carlisle?

Question 21

Does Bella Work At Newton's Olympic Outfitter?

Question 22

Where Is Jasper Originally From?

Question 23

Which Character Turned Emmett?

Question 24

Who Is The Head Of The Volturi?

Question 25

What Is Imprinting?

Question 26

Can Edward Read Bella's Mind?

Question 27

In Which Movie Does Jacob Cut His Hair?

Question 28

Which Character Does Jacob Imprint On?

Question 29

What Are The Volturi In Charge Of?

Question 30

Which Vampire Comes After Bella In The First Film?

Question 31

At What Age Will Renesmee Hit Physical Maturity?

Question 32

What Does It Mean To Be A Vegetarian Vampire?

Question 33

Did Carlisle Turn Bella?

Question 34

Where Does Charlie Want To Send Bella In New Moon?

Question 35

Where Is Emmett Originally From?

Question 36

How Old Is Jacob In The First Twilight Film?

Question 37

In Which Movie Does Bella Become A Vampire?

Question 38

How Many Times Do Edward And Bella Split Up?

Question 39

Which Character Takes Down Victoria?

Question 40

Which Of These Characters Is NOT A Core Member Of The Volturi?

Question 41

How Long Does Bella Date Jacob For?

Question 42

Is Jacob The Alpha Or Beta Of The Black Pack?

Question 43

Where Does Jacob Meet Bella For The First Time?

Question 44

How Many Children Does Alice Have?

Question 45

How Many Biological Siblings Does Edward Have?

Question 46

How Old Is Bella When Edward Leaves Town?

Question 47

James Confronts Bella When She Is Playing Which Game?

Question 48

What Happens When Edward Steps Into The Sunlight?

Question 49

Name This Character

Question 50

Does Edward Or Bella Propose?

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