There's 0 Chance You Can Score 100% On This Office Quiz

While some may consider The Office to be just another sitcom, we know for a fact that others believe this series to be a true masterpiece. Between the hilarious characters, the mundane office lifestyle, and of course, the epic battles of the Party Planning Committee, there is just so much to love about this hit television show. Today we will be taking the time to pay tribute to Michael Scott and all of his wacky employees.

This quiz has been built for the most loyal Office fans out there. We will be asking a variety of questions based around the show, but we do not think anyone will be able to score a perfect 100%. Anyone who happens to think they know more about Dunder Mifflin than even Dwight himself, should definitely give this test a try!

Question 1

Name this character

Question 2

What department does Toby work in?

Question 3

What restaurant chain did Pam get banned from?

Question 4

Name this character

Question 5

What does Michael enjoy mixing with his Scotch?

Question 6

What play did Andy perform in?

Question 7

How many times has Michael been married?

Question 8

What college did Andy attend?

Question 9

What did Michael give to Oscar as a goodbye gift?

Question 10

What does Bob Vance sell?

Question 11

Where did Toby travel to?

Question 12

Which branch did Jim transfer to?

Question 13

True or false: Pam and Roy were once married

Question 14

What department does Kevin work in?

Question 15

Name this character

Question 16

Who did Michael hit with his car?

Question 17

The "Fun Run" was to raise money for which illness?

Question 18

How did Michael injure his foot?

Question 19

What is Erin's real name?

Question 20

Who attended Sabre's minority executive training program?

Question 21

Name this character

Question 22

What was the name of Michael's movie?

Question 23

How many seasons are there?

Question 24

Where did Jim and Pam get married?

Question 25

What department does Creed work in?

Question 26

True or false: Michael proposed to Pam's mom

Question 27

Name this character

Question 28

Who started the fire?

Question 29

Where did Michael take his female co-workers shopping?

Question 30

What is the name of Jan's child?

Question 31

Who became Michael's co-manager?

Question 32

Name this character

Question 33

Who was NOT an employee of the Michael Scott Paper Company?

Question 34

Name this character

Question 35

Where did Pam attend art school?

Question 36

How many kids do Jim and Pam have?

Question 37

Which of these was NOT one of Jim's Halloween costumes?

Question 38

Whose hair caught on fire during a Christmas party?

Question 39

What kind of animal was found living in the office ceiling?

Question 40

Who was NOT a member of the Finer Things Club?

Question 41

Where did Jim propose to Pam?

Question 42

Name this character

Question 43

Who did Kelly date after Ryan left?

Question 44

What kind of car does Meredith drive?

Question 45

Which popstar did Gabe dress up as for Halloween?

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