Take This Grey's Anatomy Quiz And We'll Guess Your Age

Calling all Twisted Sisters! Even though watching Grey's Anatomy can get quite emotional, today we will be leaving the drama behind, and having a little fun inside of our beloved hospital. No crazy accidents here, just cute doctors, mischievous elevator rides, and good times to be had by all!

Today's quiz is all about everybody's favorite medical-drama. We will be asking all kinds of questions revolving around the 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. To get through this one, we are going to need to step into the scrubs of Meredith and her pals, and head into the O.R ourselves. Once all of the questions have been answered, we will take a shot at guessing everyone's age. Get ready for this one superfans, it's a beautiful day to save lives!

Question 1

McDreamy or McSteamy?

Question 2

Pick a "person"

Question 3

What was the name of Meredith's dog?

Question 4

Denny Duquette leaves you $8.7 millions, what to do?

Question 5

Pick a surgical specialty

Question 6

Which of these characters did Callie NOT date?

Question 7

Name this character

Question 8

Getting married on a Post-it?

Question 9

Pick a doctor to date

Question 10

Name this character

Question 11

Pick a Chief of Surgery

Question 12

What is Jo's real name?

Question 13

Pick an original intern

Question 14

Pick the best couple

Question 15

Pick someone to get stuck in an elevator with

Question 16

Having some fun in an on-call room?

Question 17

Pick a classic Grey's Anatomy song

Question 18

The boss catches you dancing in your underwear, what to do?

Question 19

Pick a character to bring back

Question 20

Pick a military man

Question 21

Turkey hunting on Thanksgiving?

Question 22

An elevator proposal?

Question 23

Live with a messy person or a neat freak?

Question 24

Which of these characters did NOT pass their board exams?

Question 25

Pick a character to get rid of forever

Question 26

Pick a profession

Question 27

Marry a patient or a coworker?

Question 28

Which of these characters did NOT pass their intern exam?

Question 29

Who took a break from surgery to pursue bartending?

Question 30

Name this character

Question 31

Who wears bird-themed scrub caps?

Question 32

Who took Arizona's leg?

Question 33

Pick a non-surgical specialty

Question 34

Which of these characters did NOT survive the plane crash?

Question 35

Pick a sister

Question 36

What kind of instrument did Preston play?

Question 37

Name this character

Question 38

Where did Addison go after leaving Seattle?

Question 39

What was the theme of the hospital's gala?

Question 40

You just got dumped, what to do?

Question 41

What did Jackson and April name their son?

Question 42

Pick a member of the Plastics Posse

Question 43

What medical condition did Ellis Grey have?

Question 44

How many children do Meredith and Derek have?

Question 45

Pick a best friend

Question 46

Where was Zola born?

Question 47

Which of these characters is NOT a member of the "Grey Sloan Seven"?

Question 48

Who was Callie first married to?

Question 49

Hospital food or dry cereal?

Question 50

Accept a permanent position at Grey Sloan Memorial?

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