Try To Remember If These Things Actually Happened In Mean Girls

Everything changed in 2004. That is because the movie Mean Girls was released and it shed a huge light on what was going on across high school campuses everywhere... girls being mean to other girls. This movie definitely opened up a lot of people's eyes and revealed how important it is, to be honest, truthful, kind, sincere, and gentle to others.

The movie focuses on a character named Cady Heron who transferred into a public school for the first time after years of being homeschooled in the country of Africa. She meets a group of girls... Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith. They try to guide her and show her how to be the same way they are. Sadly, they are not very nice! Cady initially joins their squad to gain insight and learn secrets about them but over time, she begins to catch onto their characteristics. Who remembers everything about this film?

Question 1

Did Cady Heron eat lunch alone in a bathroom stall?

Question 2

Did Cady Heron kiss Aaron Samuels on her first day of school?

Question 3

Did Cady Heron purposefully do poorly in her math class?

Question 4

Did Karen Smith dress up as a mouse for Halloween?

Question 5

Did Ms. Norbury work a second job as a bartender?

Question 6

Did Gretchen Wieners stop wearing hoop earrings because Regina George told her to?

Question 7

Did Damian say that Gretchen Wieners’ hair is so big because it’s full of secrets?

Question 8

Did Karen Smith become a weather reporter?

Question 9

Did Regina George go behind Aaron Samuel’s back with another guy?

Question 10

Did Cady Heron dress up as a witch for Halloween?

Question 11

Did Regina George gain weight with foreign protein bars from Cady Heron?

Question 12

Did high school students refer to these girls as The Plastics?

Question 13

Did Karen Smith pretend to be sick to avoid going out with Regina George?

Question 14

Did Regina George try to convince Cady Heron to throw a wild party?

Question 15

Did Regina George buy Cady Heron Gucci sunglasses as a Christmas gift?

Question 16

Did Cady Heron create the Burn Book?

Question 17

Did Ms. Norbury teach Biology class at the high school?

Question 18

Did Aaron Samuels ask Regina George what day it was on October 3rd?

Question 19

Did Cady Heron learn a rule that said she needed to wear pink on Fridays?

Question 20

Did Cady Heron bump into Ms. Norbury, causing a drink to spill?

Question 21

Did Karen Smith do a planned parenthood prank call?

Question 22

Did Regina George trade bedrooms with her parents?

Question 23

Did Regina George dress up as a Bunny for Halloween?

Question 24

Did Cady Heron move in with Regina George to avoid discipline from her parents?

Question 25

Did Karen Smith say she wanted to lose 3 pounds?

Question 26

Did Cady Heron throw up on Aaron Samuels during a party?

Question 27

Did Regina George tell Cady Heron to go back to Africa?

Question 28

Did Damian perform a song by Katy Perry for the talent show?

Question 29

Did Karen Smith ask Cady Heron why she was white?

Question 30

Did Gretchen Wieners copy, print, and distribute the pages of the Burn Book across campus?

Question 31

Did Aaron Samuels ask Cady Heron if her muffin was buttered?

Question 32

Did Regina George have a little sister named Kylie?

Question 33

Did Regina George drive a convertible?

Question 34

Did Gretchen Wieners compare herself and Regina George to Brutus and Caesar?

Question 35

Did Regina George’s mother get bitten by her own dog in an awkward place?

Question 36

Did Gretchen Wieners become a cheerleader to make Regina George jealous?

Question 37

Did Regina George land in the hospital after a skiing accident?

Question 38

Did Cady Heron break her plastic crown and share it with others?

Question 39

Did Janis Ian work a job as an art instructor?

Question 40

Did Cady Heron and the girls dance to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the talent show?

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