We Bet Only Millennials Can Pass This Trivia Quiz

Millennials are a special generation. Despite being known for eating avocado toast, drinking craft beer, and dealing with crippling student loan debt, they grew up during a wonderful time and are incredibly resilient. Having a unique mix of entertainment during the 90s and early 20th century, Millennials are savvy in both today’s technology and yesterday’s inventions.

If you’re a true Millennial, you should be able to pass this trivia quiz. Answer these questions on pop culture, technology, food, celebrities, and more, to prove that you are part of Generation Y. We know you can do it! Let’s go ahead and find out.

Question 1

Who is this?

Question 2

What was AIM?

Question 3

In Dexter’s Laboratory is the smartest boy you’ve ever seen. But Dee Dee blows his experiments to…

Question 4

Where did Binyah Binyah live?

Question 5

Which of these was NOT a song performed by 50 Cent?

Question 6

Which was NOT a Spice Girl nickname?

Question 7

What is this item meant for?

Question 8

What is this?

Question 9

What would you do after waiting for ‘the beep?’

Question 10

Which Pokemon is this?

Question 11

Who is this?

Question 12

Tom was everybody’s friend. On which site would you connect with him?

Question 13

Which band was Nick Carter part of?

Question 14

Which of these was NOT a song by Lil Wayne?

Question 15

What did this owl say?

Question 16

Which show was Steve on?

Question 17

What was the name of this thing?

Question 18

Which Amanda Show character was this?

Question 19

Which Pokemon is this?

Question 20

Fill in the blank: Welcome to ___, home of the ___, may I take your order?

Question 21

What is this image?

Question 22

Which KaBlam! mini-show was this?

Question 23

Which musical group was Beyonce part of?

Question 24

What did Gretchen Weiners’ dad invent?

Question 25

What kind of Motorola phone is this?

Question 26

What are they drinking?

Question 27

What could you NOT buy at Circuit City?

Question 28

Where would you read this popular phrase?

Question 29

What does this screen mean?

Question 30

What is My Chemical Romance?

Question 31

Which Pokemon is this?

Question 32

Which movie is this from?

Question 33

What is the name of this pre-made meal?

Question 34

Which KaBlam! mini-show was this?

Question 35

What’s this snail’s name?

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