The Average Person Can't Score Over 50% On This Pub Quiz

Someone who truly knows pub trivia knows a little bit about everything! Let's test everyone's knowledge now to see just how much everybody knows... or thinks they know. How many popular TV shows air each year? Plenty! How many of these shows are easily recognizable from one picture? A true pub champion knows how to identify popular TV shows without much thought.

This quiz will also ask questions relating to celebrities, foods, logos, animals, musical artists, and sports! Staying in the know with famous celebs in 2019 is easier than ever with social media being at our fingertips every hour. Knowing all about food is easy for people who dine out often, order food for themselves and their friends to eat, and know how important it is to enjoy each bite of a meal! Being able to identify popular logo from well-known brands is also important. Let's who is above average with their knowledge!

Question 1

Name this popular TV show!

Question 2

Which state is known as the "birthplace" of the cheeseburger?

Question 3

Identify this logo!

Question 4

Name this popular TV show!

Question 5

Who has won more tennis grand slam titles, Venus Williams or Serena Williams?

Question 6

Who is this celeb?

Question 7

What type of pie is this?

Question 8

What is the most ordered food in the US?

Question 9

Which is the only team to play in every soccer World Cup tournament?

Question 10

Name this popular TV show!

Question 11

Name this exotic fruit!

Question 12

Identify this logo!

Question 13

Which animals never sleep?

Question 14

Who is this famous singer?

Question 15

Which boxer inflicted Muhammad Ali's first defeat in professional boxing?

Question 16

The most popular pizza topping is?

Question 17

Name this popular TV show!

Question 18

Identify this logo!

Question 19

Name this exotic fruit!

Question 20

Who is this celeb?

Question 21

Which fast food place sells these fries?

Question 22

Which country is credited for creating the hot dog?

Question 23

Name this popular TV show!

Question 24

Who is this celeb?

Question 25

Name the slowest animal!

Question 26

How long can a snail sleep?

Question 27

Who is this celeb?

Question 28

Identify this logo!

Question 29

A group of lions is called what?

Question 30

Which bird symbolizes peace?

Question 31

How many calories are in one can of Coke?

Question 32

Who is this celeb?

Question 33

Where did churros originate?

Question 34

Identify this logo!

Question 35

Name this exotic fruit!

Question 36

Rabbits are born without what sense?

Question 37

Identify this logo!

Question 38

Which of these restaurants is famous for pancakes?

Question 39

Do sea sponges have hearts?

Question 40

A female deer is a what?

Question 41

Identify this logo!

Question 42

Which sea creature has the longest life?

Question 43

How many legs do spiders have?

Question 44

What sweet treat is sold here?

Question 45

Identify this logo!

Question 46

What is a baby elephant called?

Question 47

How many NBA championships did Michael Jordan win with the Chicago Bulls?

Question 48

Who is this celeb?

Question 49

What is Chandler’s last name in the sitcom Friends?

Question 50

Which land animal runs fastest?

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