Only Half The People Taking This Pub Quiz Will Pass

Pub trivia is a wonderful tradition that brings the brightest minds in any city together. Gathering your mates for an evening of answering the toughest questions is a fun and rewarding activity. But if you don’t live somewhere with regular trivia nights, or if you don’t have enough brainy buddies to form a team, you can always go to the Internet to find an intellectual exercise of trivia tests.

Do you think you can pass our version of pub trivia? We have fifty tough questions covering topics from geography to currency, vexillology to ornithology, and sports to celebrities. Do you think you have what it takes to pass this quiz? Let’s find out!

Question 1

Which country's flag is this?

Question 2

Who is this?

Question 3

What kind of fish is this?

Question 4

What kind of nut is this?

Question 5

Which game is this?

Question 6

Which NBA team does this logo belong to?

Question 7

Which is the correct way to spell this word?

Question 8

Which type of coffee does NOT have milk?

Question 9

Which game is this?

Question 10

Who is this?

Question 11

Which of these is NOT a real species of monkey?

Question 12

Which pizza has pineapple and ham?

Question 13

Which country’s flag is this?

Question 14

What kind of dog is this?

Question 15

Who originally performed ‘Bye Bye Bye?’

Question 16

Which game is this?

Question 17

Which of these countries is NOT in Europe?

Question 18

Which of these is NOT an ingredient in tiramisu?

Question 19

Which of these is NOT a beverage size at Starbucks?

Question 20

Which country uses the rupee as its currency?

Question 21

Who is this?

Question 22

Which game is this?

Question 23

Which of these countries is NOT in Africa?

Question 24

Which country’s flag is this?

Question 25

Who is this?

Question 26

Which movie did Al Pacino NOT appear in?

Question 27

Who is this Olympic gold medalist?

Question 28

This is the Great Wall of ...?

Question 29

Which of these is NOT a type of apple?

Question 30

Who is this?

Question 31

Who originally performed ‘Despacito?’

Question 32

Which country’s flag is this?

Question 33

What kind of bird is this?

Question 34

Which song was NOT performed by Ariana Grande?

Question 35

What kind of flower is this?

Question 36

Where were the Summer Olympics in 2008?

Question 37

Which of these is a red wine?

Question 38

Which movie did Lindsay Lohan appear in?

Question 39

Which animal is this?

Question 40

Who won Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona?

Question 41

Which of these countries shares a border with Mexico?

Question 42

Which country uses the krona as its currency?

Question 43

What is the most widely spoken language in Paraguay?

Question 44

Which country uses the lek as its currency?

Question 45

What kind of tree is this?

Question 46

Which US state borders only one other state and two Canadian provinces?

Question 47

Foie gras is a dish made with…

Question 48

Which country’s flag is this?

Question 49

What is the capital of French Guiana?

Question 50

What kind of cat is this?

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