We're Pretty Sure You're Going To Fail This Star Wars Quiz

Recently, the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker made its debut on television, and tickets immediately went on sale for what is billed to be the final episodic entry in the Star Wars franchise. Having been around since the 70s, this franchise has meant everything to so many people, and seeing it reach its end is likely to make it the must-see movie of December. Before people head out to see it in theaters, many are sure to watch the entire franchise again, and the fans are among the most dedicated out there.

With this in mind, we want to turn back the clock and see which people out there can ace this Star Wars quiz! It will feature questions from every film leading up to The Rise of Skywalker.

Question 1

Which Faction Is In Power In The Modern Trilogy?

Question 2

Name This Planet

Question 3

Name This Character

Question 4

Which Planet Is This Scene On?

Question 5

What Is Kylo Ren's Real Name?

Question 6

Which Type Of Ship Does Poe Steal In The Force Awakens?

Question 7

Which Hand Did Luke Skywalker Lose?

Question 8

In Which Film Does Luke Skywalker Wear Black?

Question 9

Does Luke Skywalker Become Darth Vader?

Question 10

Name This Planet

Question 11

On Which Planet Did Luke Find Yoda?

Question 12

Which Planet Is Taken Out In A New Hope?

Question 13

Who Did Han Solo Get The Falcon From?

Question 14

What Is The Color Of Luke's Second Lightsaber?

Question 15

In Which Film Does Luke First Take On Darth Vader?

Question 16

What Is Darth Vader's Real Name?

Question 17

Fill In The Blank: "______, I am your father."

Question 18

Which Film Is Episode II?

Question 19

Is Lando Calrissian From Tatooine?

Question 20

Name This Planet

Question 21

Which Jedi Did Luke Find On Tatooine?

Question 22

What Was Finn's Stormtrooper Designation?

Question 23

Whose Lightsaber Did Rey Get In The Force Awakens?

Question 24

How Many Siblings Does Luke Have?

Question 25

Which Group Is This Logo Associated With?

Question 26

Which Creatures Debuted In The Last Jedi?

Question 27

What Type Of Vehicle Is This?

Question 28

What Type Of Vehicle Is This?

Question 29

Which Character Does Rey Meet First?

Question 30

What Does Rey Do To Survive?

Question 31

Does Rey Meet Poe On Bespin?

Question 32

What Do The Sith Deal In?

Question 33

Which Character Designed The Death Star's Flaw?

Question 34

Which Of These Characters Pretended To Be A Stormtrooper?

Question 35

Name This Planet

Question 36

Name This Character

Question 37

In Which Film Does Bodhi Rook Appear?

Question 38

Fill In The Blank: "I am one with ________."

Question 39

What Rank Does Hux Hold?

Question 40

What Does Poe Give To Finn?

Question 41

Who Is Boba Fett's Father?

Question 42

Name This Character

Question 43

How Did Lando Lose The Millennium Falcon?

Question 44

What Type Of Creature Is Chewbacca?

Question 45

In Which Film Does Yoda Disappear?

Question 46

Does Jyn Erso Appear In The Last Jedi?

Question 47

Which Droid Does Cassian Andor Have?

Question 48

Poe Is The Best _____ In The Resistance.

Question 49

Which Droid Does Rey Meet First?

Question 50

Who Does Kylo Ren Work For?

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