Play Star Wars 'Would You Rather' To See What Color Lightsaber You'd Have

As one of the greatest franchises of all time, Star Wars has been taking people on adventures for decades now, and later this year, the ninth film in the episodic saga is set for release. Fans will be closing the chapter on what has been an incredible ride, and long after the film comes out, people will continue to go back and watch the movies again and again.

True fans have always felt part of the universe, and they have played out plenty of scenarios in their minds. Today, we are presenting people with a number of choices to make, and in the end, we will reveal to them which lightsaber color they would wield after mastering their training and taking on all comers in the galaxy!

Question 1

Wear Han's Jacket or Poe's Jacket?

Question 2

Join Kylo Ren or Rey?

Question 3

Be Part of The Resistance or The First Order?

Question 4

Train With Rey or Train With Luke?

Question 5

Be A Pilot or Work On Base?

Question 6

Have C-3PO or R2-D2?

Question 7

Be A Smuggler or A Mercenary?

Question 8

Help Alongside Jyn Erso or Help Leia?

Question 9

Listen To Yoda or Palpatine?

Question 10

Have A Wookie Or A Porg For A Co-Pilot?

Question 11

Learn About The Dark Side or Keep The Knowledge Secret?

Question 12

Learn Under Vader or Take Him Down?

Question 13

Work For Jabba or Work For Lando Calrissian?

Question 14

Take Down Phasma or Let Finn Handle It?

Question 15

Use BB-8 or R2-D2 To Keep Information?

Question 16

General Hux Has Given Orders To Take Down Poe

Question 17

Use A Bowcaster or Use A Riot Control Baton?

Question 18

Use A Blaster or A Thermal Detonator?

Question 19

Use D.J. As A Hacker or Lock Him Up?

Question 20

Live On Naboo or Coruscant?

Question 21

Be A Stormtrooper or Desert And Start A New Life?

Question 22

Follow Obi-Wan or Stay On Tattooine?

Question 23

Trust Jyn or Keep Things A Secret?

Question 24

Invade The Dreadnought or Remain On Base?

Question 25

Take On Darth Maul or Let Obi-Wan Handle It?

Question 26

Tap Into The Dark Side or Resist Temptation?

Question 27

Fly A TIE Fighter or An X-Wing

Question 28

Command An Army or Be A Soldier?

Question 29

Track Down Luke or Leave Him Be?

Question 30

Be Open or Secretive About Your Affiliation?

Question 31

Give Leia The Death Star Plans or Hand Them Over To Darth Vader?

Question 32

Save Han Solo or Let Jabba Keep Him?

Question 33

Fly The Millennium Falcon or Let Han Take The Wheel?

Question 34

Stay With Leia On Hoth or Look For Luke?

Question 35

Turn In Lando or Trust Him Again?

Question 36

Keep R2-D2 or Sell Him For Portions?

Question 37

Take Orders From Tarkin or Leave The Empire?

Question 38

Do Business With Greedo or Flee Tattooine?

Question 39

The Emperor Has Offered His Services: Accept or Decline?

Question 40

Help The People Of Alderaan or Let Them Go?

Question 41

Accept The Medal And Promotion or Head Off On Your Own?

Question 42

Work With The Ewoks or Take Them Out?

Question 43

Have Chewbacca As A Sidekick or Stay Solo?

Question 44

Take Down An AT-AT or Let Luke Handle It?

Question 45

Do Business With Jabba or Stay Away From Him?

Question 46

Receive An Old Lightsaber or Build A New One?

Question 47

Read The Sacred Jedi Texts or Just Wing It?

Question 48

Listen To C-3PO or Ignore The Odds?

Question 49

Take On Tusken Raiders or Avoid Them?

Question 50

Track Down Obi-Wan or Wipe R2-D2's Hard Drive?

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