Take Our Quiz And We'll Tell You If You're A Selfish Lover

When it comes down to having some fun in the bedroom, some people are far more giving than others. These unselfish people are the ones that can make for a great partner, and knowing that a favor will come back our way is always refreshing to know. Some people, however, are incredibly selfish and they could not care less if they repay someone back. Unfortunately, there seem to be more selfish people out there in general, so when it comes down to finding a partner, a person might need to go through a few weeds before they finally find a rose.

People think that it is difficult to spot a selfish lover before getting down to it, but the fact remains that there are certain signs to pick up on when getting to know someone. These subtle little hints can clue people in on who exactly they are getting involved with, and it could save them a lot of trouble in the long run as they won't have to deal with someone who won't reciprocate.

Today, we are going to help speed up the process by letting people know if they are selfish or not. This quiz is quick, and it will reveal everything!

Question 1

At The Beach Or At The House?

Question 2

Friends Or The Office?

Question 3

Player Or Commitment?

Question 4

Choose A Book To Read

Question 5

Choose A Rapper To Listen To

Question 6

Romantic Date Or Keep It Simple?

Question 7

Fifty Shades Or Classic?

Question 8

Aladdin Or Frozen?

Question 9

Alexandra Daddario: Hot Or Not?

Question 10

Who Should Be In Control?

Question 11

Choose A Sport To Watch

Question 12

Amber Heard: Hot Or Not?

Question 13

Apple Or Android?

Question 14


Question 15

Good With Your Hands?

Question 16

Should A Partner Drive Friends Apart?

Question 17

Choose A Band

Question 18

Couple Therapy?

Question 19

Rough Or Easy Going?

Question 20

Choose A Fruit

Question 21

Choose A Marvel Movie

Question 22

Choose A Dessert

Question 23

Choose A Singer

Question 24

Choose A Snack

Question 25

Choose A Beach City

Question 26

Turn Up The Heat?

Question 27

Are Friends Off Limits?

Question 28

On A Boat Or At Home?

Question 29

Summer Fling?

Question 30

Is Cheating Okay?

Question 31

Prom Night Fun?

Question 32

Choose A City To Visit

Question 33

Tell The Friends Or Keep It Secret?

Question 34

Grab A Drink Or Head Straight Home?

Question 35

Two For One?

Question 36

Choose A Series To Watch

Question 37

Dress Nice Or Keep It Simple?

Question 38

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Question 39

Left Or Right?

Question 40

Is Someone That's Taken Off Limits?

Question 41

Mile High Club?

Question 42

Office Romance?

Question 43

In A Car Or In A Van?

Question 44

Join In?

Question 45

Is A Friend’s Sibling Off Limits?

Question 46

Harry Potter Or Star Wars?

Question 47

Make The First Move?

Question 48

Choose A Date Night

Question 49

Ghost A Stage 5 Clinger?

Question 50

Use A Camera?

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