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The Vampire Diaries is one of the greatest shows ever. It reminds a lot of people of the Twilight saga which started in 2008. Even though this show shares many similarities with Twilight, it deserves respect all on its own for telling such a great story over the course of so many excellent seasons.

It is as if each season released was better than the previous season released! If this show did not have the support it gathered over the years, it would surely not have lasted as long as it did. According to Google, 97% of voters love this show and know just how wonderful it is. That is a lot of voters who agree about the excellence of this entertaining TV show! The first episode was released on September 10, 2009, and the final episode was released on March 10, 2017. Many fans really do wish that this show was still creating new episodes for us to watch!

Question 1

Would it be better to be a vampire or a human?

Question 2

Opinion on Elena Gilbert?

Question 3

Which doppelganger is more interesting between Elena and Katherine?

Question 4

Is Mystic Falls an ideal place to live?

Question 5

Opinion on Caroline Forbes?

Question 6

Pick or pass on the hobby of journaling!

Question 7

Opinion on Damon Salvatore?

Question 8

Would it be better to be a human or werewolf?

Question 9

Pick or pass on cheerleading!

Question 10

Would having immortality be a good thing?

Question 11

Opinion on Stefan Salvatore?

Question 12

Pick or pass on football!

Question 13

Opinion on Niklaus Mikaelson?

Question 14

Pick or pass on a masquerade ball!

Question 15

Opinion on Katherine Pierce?

Question 16

Would it be better to be a human or a witch?

Question 17

Pick or pass on marrying young!

Question 18

Opinion on Bonnie Bennett?

Question 19

How important is having family?

Question 20

Opinion on Enzo St. John?

Question 21

How important is having friendships?

Question 22

Opinion on Jeremy Gilbert?

Question 23

How important is having romance?

Question 24

Opinion on Kai Parker?

Question 25

How important is being able to express one's thoughts on paper or verbally?

Question 26

Opinion on Alaric Saltzman?

Question 27

How important is having education?

Question 28

Opinion on Elijah Mikaelson?

Question 29

How important is having a purpose in life?

Question 30

Opinion on Matt Donovan?

Question 31

How important is being able to keep secrets?

Question 32

Opinion on Hayley Marshall?

Question 33

How important is avenging grudges?

Question 34

Opinion on Rebekah Mikaelson?

Question 35

Is Elena a better match with Stefan or Damon?

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