63% Of People Will Fail This Pub Quiz. Wanna Try?

Going through life means that we are going to acquire a ton of knowledge about a variety of subjects, and even though we may not realize it at the time, we end up storing this information for use at a later time. We do this with things in school, things from movies and more, and we wind up filling our heads with information that can help us maintain a conversation, as well as making it through our education. We won't always need every shred of information at every second of the day, but our ability to store and retrieve information is nothing short of astounding and helpful as we get older.

For most of us, the information that we store can be beneficial, but it can also lead us to believe that we know far more than the average person. Everything from movies to geography and even fast food can come into play, and few things in life feel better than whipping out some information before anyone else can get out a word. People that have a tendency to do that are going to be put to the test today because this pub quiz covers everything.

In total, there are 50 questions for people to answer, and only the top 37% of society will be able to make it through and pass.

Question 1

Where Is The Great Wall Located?

Question 2

Which Of These Songs Is NOT By Billie Eilish?

Question 3

What Element Are Balloons Filled With?

Question 4

Which Superhero Has This Logo?

Question 5

Which Fast Food Restaurant Serves The Big Mac?

Question 6

Which Series Is Ross Gellar On?

Question 7

Which Of These Films Was NOT Based On A Book?

Question 8

What Restaurant Has This Logo?

Question 9

How Many Periods Are In A Game Of Hockey?

Question 10

Which Country Is London Located In?

Question 11

Which Athletic Company Uses This Logo?

Question 12

Which Princess Sat Alone In A Tower?

Question 13

A Person Who Tells Jokes On Stage Is A...

Question 14

What Is The Chemical Equation For Water?

Question 15

Which City Is The Capital Of Texas?

Question 16

Does Subway Sell Hamburgers?

Question 17

What Is Spider-Man's Real Name?

Question 18

Which Type Of Person Goes Looking For Buried Treasure?

Question 19

Which Company Uses This Logo?

Question 20

Which Character Does NOT Appear In Harry Potter?

Question 21

Is A Wolf A Feline?

Question 22

Which Of These Is NOT A Primary Color

Question 23

Is Aaron Rodgers A Hall Of Famer?

Question 24

Which Series Does Lord Varys Appear On?

Question 25

Does Vegeta Appear On Darkwing Duck?

Question 26

Is Stranger Things A Comedy Series?

Question 27

How Many Hours Per Week Constitutes A Full-Time Job?

Question 28

Does Apple Make Android Products?

Question 29

Which Occupation Flies For A Living?

Question 30

Which Film Franchise Is Woody From?

Question 31

Which Film Does Belle Appear In?

Question 32

Which Song Does Childish Gambino Sing?

Question 33

Which Ocean Is Closest To California?

Question 34

Which Song Is NOT By Eminem?

Question 35

How Many Outs Are In An Inning Of Baseball?

Question 36

Does Chipotle Serve Chicken Sandwiches?

Question 37

What Is This Type Of Flag Called?

Question 38

Which Series Does Olivia Benson Appear On?

Question 39

Which State Is San Diego Located In?

Question 40

Is Salt Lake City The Capital Of Utah?

Question 41

Does Wendy's Serve Chicken Fries?

Question 42

Which Series Does Claire Underwood Appear On?

Question 43

Which Song Does Travis Scott Sing?

Question 44

Which Company Uses This Logo?

Question 45

Which Company Makes The Xbox?

Question 46

Which State Is Charlotte Located In?

Question 47

Does Burger King Sell Chalupas?

Question 48

Has James Harden Been An NBA MVP?

Question 49

Which Song Is By Bruno Mars?

Question 50

Which Sport Did Randy Savage Compete In?

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