If You Can't Score Over 80% On This Pregnancy Test, You've Probably Never Given Birth

Pregnancy can be a very magical time. After all, a pregnant woman is carrying around a precious life inside of her. However, along with all of the special moments that are sure to pass during the 9 months, there are also a few unpleasant things one must deal with. When it comes to morning sickness, swollen feet, and avoiding some of your favorite foods, things can get pretty tough indeed.

Today's quiz is all about the ups and downs of pregnancy. We will be asking a variety of questions based around pregnancy, labour, and even a few on baby care. Anyone who manages to score higher than 80%, has definitely had a baby or two already. Who's ready to see if they've got a case of pregnancy brain?

Question 1

True or false: Women CAN eat once labour has begun

Question 2

What is the most common eye color in newborns?

Question 3

True or false: Home pregnancy tests are NOT 100% accurate

Question 4

When should the carseat get installed?

Question 5

Name this baby brand

Question 6

True or false: A newborn should always sleep with a hat on

Question 7

What is the cord that attaches mom and baby called?

Question 8

True or false: Men can sometimes experience pregnancy symptoms too

Question 9

What is a common first sign of pregnancy?

Question 10

Which of these is a surprisingly common pregnancy craving?

Question 11

What is an "epidural"?

Question 12

True or false: Pregnant women should avoid all forms of exercise

Question 13

Which of these foods should pregnant women avoid?

Question 14

True or false: Pregnancy can cause a woman's hair to become shinier

Question 15

Which of a woman's senses will heighten during pregnancy?

Question 16

True or false: Pregnant women should avoid cats

Question 17

Name this baby brand

Question 18

Which of these activities should be avoided while pregnant?

Question 19

How many weeks are in an average pregnancy?

Question 20

What is a "hysterical pregnancy"?

Question 21

True or false: Breastmilk CAN be kept in the freezer

Question 22

What does the term "breech" mean?

Question 23

When can a woman start to feel the baby kick?

Question 24

True or false: The baby belly disappears right after birth

Question 25

How often should the doctor be visited during an average pregnancy?

Question 26

What is the "mask of pregnancy"?

Question 27

What product can prevent stretch marks?

Question 28

Why are pregnant women told to stay away from sushi?

Question 29

Name this baby brand

Question 30

What is the most common first word for babies?

Question 31

True or false: A doctor's gender reading is 100% accurate

Question 32

Which of these are babies NOT born with?

Question 33

What kind of doctor exclusively treats children?

Question 34

How many lines typically appear on a positive pregnancy test?

Question 35

True or false: All women experience Braxton Hicks contractions?

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