Take This Pregnancy Quiz And We'll Reveal If It's A Girl Or Boy

Being pregnant can be a taxing experience, but at the end of it all, it becomes completely worth it when the newest member of the family enters the world. There is nothing quite like holding our baby for the first time, and we quickly forget about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy when the little one comes home and changes our lives forever. The interesting thing about the pregnancy process is that people choose to handle the experience in their own way and while some advice can help, and the end of the day, it is on the individual to make it happen.

As people wait for their little one to come into the world, they can't help but wonder if the child will be a boy or a girl. This, of course, will influence the decision on what to name the baby, and it will usually let the dad know if their kid will be playing baseball of softball. No matter what, the parents will be joyous, but waiting for the reveal can be tiresome. So, we decided to make things nice and easy.

Today, we are going to reveal if the baby is a boy or girl by having people answer questions about their pregnancy!

Question 1

Choose A Disney Movie To Watch

Question 2

Will Baby Books Be Read?

Question 3

Choose An Athletic Brand To Wear

Question 4

Choose A Cheat Meal

Question 5

Choose A Breakfast

Question 6

Choose A Beach To Visit

Question 7

Is Prenatal Care Important?

Question 8

Choose A Series To Watch

Question 9

Choose A Fast Food Meal

Question 10

Who’s Taking Out Spider Webs?

Question 11

Choose Your Ideal Amount Of Sleep

Question 12

Choose A Fun Night Out

Question 13

Choose A Song To Listen To

Question 14

Choose A Sport To Watch

Question 15

Choose A Small Adventure To Go On

Question 16

Will Friends Be Involved?

Question 17

Choose A Place To Shop

Question 18

Choose A Candy To Eat

Question 19

Carpets or Hardwood?

Question 20

Choose A Dessert

Question 21

Is It Important To See What’s In Our Food?

Question 22

Choose A City To Visit

Question 23

Choose A Snack

Question 24

Choose A Nursery Color

Question 25

Will The Baby Come To Work For A While?

Question 26

Choose A Place To Visit

Question 27

Choose A Theme Park To Visit

Question 28

Choose A Pizza Topping

Question 29

Choose A Donut

Question 30

Will Working Out Be Happening?

Question 31

Will Pregnancy Classes Be Attended?

Question 32

Choose Some Seafood

Question 33

Choose A Side Dish

Question 34

How Often Will The Doctor Be Visited

Question 35

Choose An Animated Movie To Watch

Question 36

Choose An Overseas City To Visit

Question 37

Matching Colors For Family Photos?

Question 38

Will The Grandparents Be Involved?

Question 39

Choose A Fruit To Eat

Question 40

Will A Pregnancy Journal Be Kept?

Question 41

Choose A Pet For The House

Question 42

Choose An Instrument To Play

Question 43

Is Winnie the Pooh A Good Nursery Theme?

Question 44

Choose An Ideal Season To Give Birth

Question 45

Choose A Shoe Type

Question 46

Choose A Song To Sing In The Shower

Question 47

Choose A Pasta To Enjoy

Question 48

Choose A Superhero Movie To Watch

Question 49

Choose A Monument To Visit

Question 50

Pick A Comic To Read

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