Take This Simple Test And We'll Tell You How Gifted You Are

Testing our brain every now and again is a healthy activity that people like to take part in. The most competitive people out there will want to do well and be above the rest, while others are simply happy just to be there and mix things up. Most quizzes are relatively simple, but they cover a lot of topics, which can be frustrating for some people. Because the subject matter can be so broad, it can be difficult to keep up with it all. Finishing school usually means the end of serious testing, but putting intelligence to the test every now and again helps keep things sharp.

Today, we want to see who out there is more gifted than the rest by seeing who can do well on this quiz. No topic is off-limits here!

Question 1

Are Ovens Typically Used For Grilling?

Question 2

Do Human Beings Have More Than 100 Bones?

Question 3

Are Chopsticks Typically Used With Italian Food?

Question 4

How Many Hours Are In A Week?

Question 5

Bits Found In Orange Juice Are Called...

Question 6

Which Of These Is NOT A Type Of Cheese?

Question 7

Is Coffee A Good Way To Get Vitamin C?

Question 8

Do Eggs Have Expiration Dates?

Question 9

Does CPR Stand For Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation?

Question 10

Cocktails Made Without Alcohol Are Called...

Question 11

Does A Full Bathroom Include A Toilet?

Question 12

Are Handcuffs Made From Bronze?

Question 13

People Use Brooms To...

Question 14

Are Jumper Cables Used To Help Start Cars?

Question 15

What Temperature Does Water Boil At?

Question 16

Are Restaurants With A Drive Thru Considered Fast Food?

Question 17

Can Triplets Be Fraternal?

Question 18

Is There A Cure For Male Pattern Baldness?

Question 19

Is Private School Free For Kids?

Question 20

Is Thanksgiving Celebrated In September?

Question 21

What Is A Bachelorette?

Question 22

Is This The Logo For Mazda?

Question 23

Is Blue A Primary Color?

Question 24

What Type Of Dinosaur Is This?

Question 25

Where Is Oracle Park Located?

Question 26

A Root Beer Float Uses Soda And...

Question 27

Is A Frog Considered A Feline?

Question 28

What Is This Flag Called?

Question 29

Is This Lightning or Thunder?

Question 30

Is Seattle The Capital Of Washington?

Question 31

How Many Continents Are On Our Planet?

Question 32

Is A Rose A Symbol Of Hope?

Question 33

Captain Hook Is From Which Famous Story?

Question 34

Which Superhero Has Poison Ivy As A Villain?

Question 35

Are Hot Dogs Typically Made From Beef or Pork?

Question 36

Are Student Athletes Referred To As Jocks?

Question 37

Music With Vocals An No Instruments Is Called...

Question 38

Who Is This Brilliant Mind?

Question 39

Is Central Park Located In New York?

Question 40

Should Children Listen To Loud Music For Extended Periods Of Time?

Question 41

Should Pregnant Women Change Cat Litter?

Question 42

Where Are The Painted Ladies Located?

Question 43

What Is The Most Common Eye Color?

Question 44

The Top Bridesmaid Is Called The...

Question 45

Is It Illegal To Impersonate An Officer?

Question 46

Is A Car That Uses Stick Shift Considered An Automatic?

Question 47

What Is Santa Claus's Name?

Question 48

Where Does The Sun Rise?

Question 49

Is A Group Of Seven Called A Quartet?

Question 50

3 Kings And 2 Queens Would Be Considered A...

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