This 2-Minute Test Will Reveal What Percentage Of Women Would Reject You

Every guy out there wants to believe that they can get any woman in the world, but the truth is that there are women out there that are simply not interested. It never feels good to have someone say no, but finding the right person that accepts is as good as it gets. The guys that get turned away need to do some personal reflection and figure out why these women aren't interested. This isn't easy, but it is something we all must do.

To keep things simple and to speed up the process, we went ahead and devised this quiz! All that people need to do is go through and answer these questions. In the end, they will find out the percentage of people that aren't interested!

Question 1

How Often Is Twitter Used?

Question 2

Apple or Android?

Question 3

How Often Are Video Games Played?

Question 4

Coffee or Energy Drinks?

Question 5

Basketball: Huge Fan or Not My Thing?

Question 6

Baking: Got It Down or Don't Know How?

Question 7

Still Watch Cartoons On Television?

Question 8

How's The Hygiene?

Question 9

Pets: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Question 10

What Happens When The Home Team Loses?

Question 11

How Well Can You Cook?

Question 12

How Often Are Drinks Enjoyed?

Question 13

Morning Person or Night Owl?

Question 14

Always On Time or Always Late?

Question 15

Are Kids In The Future?

Question 16

Live To Work or Work To Live?

Question 17

Football: Love It or Leave It?

Question 18

Loud or Quiet Friends?

Question 19

Choose A Spirit Animal

Question 20

Fireworks Are Going On Overhead

Question 21

Choose A Favorite Superhero

Question 22

What's The Best Amount Of Sleep To Get?

Question 23

Live Games or Watch From Home?

Question 24

Journey To Paris or Trek To London?

Question 25

How Should Classic Things Be Treated?

Question 26

City Life or Country Living?

Question 27

Get An Education or Stay At Home?

Question 28

How Important Is It To Be Supportive?

Question 29

Choose A Hogwarts House

Question 30

Beach Getaway or Mountain Retreat?

Question 31

Hiking: Good Time or Exhausting?

Question 32

Be A Bad Boy or Behave?

Question 33

Choose A Style

Question 34

Choose A Concert To Go To

Question 35

Gambling: Fun or Guaranteed Cash Loss?

Question 36

Choose A Book Series

Question 37

Astrology: Cool or Not My Thing?

Question 38

How Important Is Communication?

Question 39

How Much Do You Know About Cars?

Question 40

Choose A Game Of Thrones House

Question 41

Shopping: Good Time or No Fun?

Question 42

Winter or Summer?

Question 43

Working Out: Let's Get Swole or Let's Get Pizza?

Question 44

Night Out With The Boys or Night In With The Girlfriend?

Question 45

Wedding Bells: Ringing For Me or Ringing For Someone Else?

Question 46

Choose A Holiday To Celebrate

Question 47

Kids: Good With Them or Not So Good With Them?

Question 48

Get Some Passports or Keep It Local?

Question 49

Choose A Disney Movie

Question 50

How Awesome Are Motorcycles?

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