This 60-Second Test Will Reveal Which 90s Lady You Take Home To Momma

Oh, the 90s. This was the decade the brought us everything from Friends to Pulp Fiction, and it ushered in an entirely new era of entertainment for the fans. Sports stars grew larger than life, with men like Michael Jordan becoming global icons, and a new of era fans grew up wishing they could land their very own sneaker deal. It can be easy to romanticize the past without digging deep and remembering its flaws, but the 90s really was a lot of fun for a lot of people, and the 90s nostalgia embedded into pop culture has yet to fade away.

During the decade, we fans got the chance to see a number of beautiful women make their presence felt in the decade, but many of us were far too young to ever have a chance with them. We could daydream as much as we wanted, but Pamela Anderson was never going to give us the time of day. Now that we are older, we can look back at the 90s fondly and think back on all the amazing memories and beautiful women we grew up with.

Today, we want to see which people had the most fun in the 90s. In the end, we will give them a 90s hottie!

Question 1

Did The Backstreet Boys Start In The 90s?

Question 2

Name This Series

Question 3

Playstation or N64?

Question 4

How Good Was Squeez-It?

Question 5

Finish The Lyric: "I like the way you work it..."

Question 6

Name This Movie

Question 7

Skip It: Love It or Leave It?

Question 8

Pick A Game Boy Game

Question 9

JNCO Jeans: Awesome or Lame?

Question 10

Better Cereal: Dino Pebbles or Cookie Crisp?

Question 11

What Show Did Christina Applegate Appear On?

Question 12

Pogs: Love It or Leave It?

Question 13

Ross or Chandler?

Question 14

Which Of These Movies Stars Adam Sandler?

Question 15

Best Color Of Gak?

Question 16

Did You Have A Furby?

Question 17

Rate The Parent Trap

Question 18

Name This Movie

Question 19

Which Song Is By The Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Question 20

Was Sister Sister A Show In The 90s?

Question 21

Rate DuckTales

Question 22

Did Aaron Rodgers Play In The 90s?

Question 23

Name This Rapper

Question 24

Did Quentin Tarantino Direct Pulp Fiction?

Question 25

Which Character Is NOT From The Simpsons?

Question 26

Was Hook Released In The 90s?

Question 27

Who Did Cory Marry On Boy Meets World?

Question 28

Which Song Is NOT By Notorious BIG?

Question 29

Rate Creepy Crawlers?

Question 30

Was Jurassic World Released In The 90s?

Question 31

Monica or Phoebe?

Question 32

What Channel Was Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers On?

Question 33

Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?

Question 34

Rate "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears

Question 35

Was Vince Carter Drafted In The 90s?

Question 36

Which 90s Series Did Candace Cameron Star On?

Question 37

Better Drink: Fruitopia or Hi-C Ecto Cooler?

Question 38

Name This Actress

Question 39

Did David Hasselhoff Star On Seinfeld?

Question 40

Which Character Did David Schwimmer Play In Friends?

Question 41

Did Pokemon Start In The 90s?

Question 42

Name This Actor

Question 43

Was The Devil Wears Prada Released In The 90s?

Question 44

Name This Movie

Question 45

Did Darkwing Duck Appear On TaleSpin?

Question 46

Which Series Did Danielle Fishel Star On?

Question 47

Name This Actress

Question 48

Was Rick and Morty Released In The 90s?

Question 49

Which 90s Movie Did Ben Affleck Appear In?

Question 50

Was The Jungle Book Released In The 90s?

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