Take This Vampire Quiz And We'll Guess How Many People You've Sucked

Vampires are supposedly just a myth, made up by people from older generations who liked to create interesting folklore to share. Folklore about vampires is definitely more interesting than folklore about anything else! We have all heard stories about witches, goblins, Bigfoot, Paul Bunyan, the Headless Horseman, the Tooth Fairy, and more. None of those stories even touch the stories passed down about vampires!

Vampire entertainment has grown to be so very popular in today's day and age because we all love to imagine what life would be like as an immortal being of the night! On top of that, vampires always seem to have the most passionate and intriguing love stories. They fall in love and when they love, they love hard... they also love forever! What could be better than that? Vampire entertainment is also usually filled with the best action scenes to watch. Time for us to guess how many vampire sucks are on your list!

Question 1

What is the best thing about being a vampire?

Question 2

Who is this?

Question 3

What color is perfect for vamp eyes?

Question 4

Opinion on eternal love?

Question 5

Stefan or Damon?

Question 6

Favorite food to eat?

Question 7

Who is this?

Question 8

How important are romantic relationships?

Question 9

How important is trust?

Question 10

Rate Niklaus Mikaelson

Question 11

Spike or Angel?

Question 12

Who is this?

Question 13

If you couldn't be a vampire, what would you be?

Question 14

How important are friendships?

Question 15

Who is this?

Question 16

Would you ever turn someone else into a vampire?

Question 17

How important is a full night's rest?

Question 18

Who is this?

Question 19

Would it be cool to have psychic visions?

Question 20

Elijah or Klaus?

Question 21

How important is appearance and physical looks?

Question 22

What is the best type of social life to have?

Question 23

Who is this?

Question 24

How important is it to be a leader?

Question 25

Would it be easy to take down Jane?

Question 26

Pick a word that describes you

Question 27

Who is this?

Question 28

Rate Hayley Marshall

Question 29

Who is this?

Question 30

How important is it to be optimistic in life?

Question 31

How important is self defense?

Question 32

Who is this?

Question 33

Would it be cool to read the minds of others?

Question 34

How important is it to respect our elders?

Question 35

Rate Elijah Mikaelson

Question 36

Who is this?

Question 37

Rate Hope Mikaelson

Question 38

Who is this?

Question 39

Would it be easy to take down James?

Question 40

Can werewolves be trusted?

Question 41

Who is this?

Question 42

Would it be easy to take down Victoria?

Question 43

Rate Carlisle Cullen

Question 44

Who is this?

Question 45

Would it be cool to shapeshift?

Question 46

Would it be easy to take down Laurent?

Question 47

Who is this?

Question 48

Is getting sick common for you?

Question 49

Rate Emmett Cullen

Question 50

Who is this?

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