If You Score Less Than 50% On This Quiz, You're Probably Not A Mom

Being a mom is perhaps the greatest joy in the world, and even though the job comes with sleepless nights and thankless days, there is nothing else we would rather be doing than raising our children and making sure that they are taken care of. Kids may not show it when they are young, but as they age, they look back and are thankful for everything that their parents did for them and the sacrifices that were made along the way. There is no easy way to parent, but people try their best each and every day, which is absolutely remarkable.

Study as we may before the little ones come along, few things can actually prepare us for the real deal. As the kids grow older, parents are able to acquire a ton of knowledge, and this knowledge is quickly given to the next person in line to have a child. Just from a simple conversation and questions, it is usually easy to pick out who the mothers are, as they have a way of speaking and knowing things that truly stand out.

Today, we want to find out who the moms are by having them answer these questions!

Question 1

Do Babies Have Tears The First Time They Cry?

Question 2

What Is The Most Common First Word?

Question 3

Should Babies Play With Lead Paint-Based Toys?

Question 4

Do Babies Begin Hearing Before Or After Birth?

Question 5

Small Children Riding In The Car Need To Use A _________

Question 6

Name This Movie

Question 7

Should Children Watch More Than 1 Hour Of Television Each Day?

Question 8

Should Children Eat Dessert Every Day?

Question 9

Are Babies Born Colorblind?

Question 10

Should Children Have Sugary Drinks Every Day?

Question 11

Do Babies Have Kneecaps When They Are Born?

Question 12

Name This Movie

Question 13

Triplets Is _____ Children

Question 14

Can Organized Sports Be Good For Kids?

Question 15

Should Newborns Get Plenty Of Sleep?

Question 16

When Do Babies Begin To Crawl? (6-10 Months)

Question 17

Name This Movie

Question 18

Is It Important For Kids To Stay Hydrated?

Question 19

Name This Show

Question 20

Does A Cardiologist Usually Work With Children?

Question 21

Which Of These Is A Nursery Rhyme?

Question 22

Choose A Healthy Snack

Question 23

Should Kids Visit The Dentist Regularly?

Question 24

Name These Lovable Characters

Question 25

What Is A Helicopter Mom?

Question 26

Choose A Healthy Dinner

Question 27

Should Kids Have A Sugary Breakfast Regularly?

Question 28

Are Babies Typically Born With All Their Teeth?

Question 29

Who Visits The Children When They Lose A Tooth?

Question 30

Name This Movie

Question 31

Can A Newborn Recognize Their Mom’s Voice?

Question 32

Should Newborns Play With Legos?

Question 33

Can A Baby's Eye Color Change After Birth?

Question 34

Should Children Under The Age Of 4 Have An iPad?

Question 35

Name This Character

Question 36

Should Kids Visit The Doctor Regularly?

Question 37

Do Newborns Need To Be Burped?

Question 38

Is Potty-Training Always A Smooth Experience?

Question 39

Name This Character

Question 40

Should Babies Sleep On Their Backs Or Their Side?

Question 41

What Is A Tiger Parent?

Question 42

Which Of These Is Not A Nursery Rhyme?

Question 43

Should Children Take Adult Medicine?

Question 44

Name This Movie

Question 45

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?

Question 46

Should We Wait To Brush The Baby’s Teeth?

Question 47

Does The Heart Shrink When A Woman Is Pregnant?

Question 48

When Can Doctors Tell The Gender?

Question 49

Does An OB-GYN Specialize In Maternal Surgery?

Question 50

Name This Character

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