Take This 2-Minute Parenting Quiz And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Becoming a parent is an experience that millions of people look forward to, and once the little one comes home and is a member of the family, everything changes in an instant. Suddenly, staying up late and binging a show is off the table, as sleep in and of itself becomes rare and precious. The hours never end, the baby always has needs and there aren't people lining up to thank you for what's been going on. However, at the end of the day, each parent can hold their head high knowing that they did their best and that life has gotten sweeter with their little one sleeping safe and sound.

Today, we want to see which people out there know a thing or two about parenting. In the end, we will guess how old each participant is.

Question 1

Solo Vacation or Take The Kids?

Question 2

Expensive Shoes For The Kids or Keep Them Cheap?

Question 3

Have Family or A Babysitter Watch The Kids?

Question 4

Choose A Fruit For A Kids Snack

Question 5

Twins That Look The Same Are Called…

Question 6

Should Kids Eat Dessert Every Night?

Question 7

How Often Should Parents Meet With Their Child’s Teacher?

Question 8

How Should Traditions Be Approached?

Question 9

Choose A Sport For The Kids To Play

Question 10

What Is A Good Age For The First Disneyland Trip?

Question 11

Carpet or Hardwood Floors For The Child’s Room?

Question 12

Expensive Clothes or Keep It Casual?

Question 13

Choose An Anime For The Kids To Watch

Question 14

The Kids Are Tired, But Shopping Needs To Get Done

Question 15

When Can The Kids Begin To Date?

Question 16

Choose a Family Car

Question 17

Choose A Disney Movie For The Kids To Watch

Question 18

The Child Shoves A Lego Up Their Ear

Question 19

What Does A Kid Need For The Beach?

Question 20

What Is A Healthy Alternative To Sugary Cereal?

Question 21

The Kids Want To Bring Home A Pet

Question 22

A Cop Knocks On The Door With Your Kid

Question 23

Can The Kids Watch Hockey On Television At Home?

Question 24

Choose A Superhero For A Child's Role Model

Question 25

How Important Is Positive Reinforcement?

Question 26

What Can Parents To Do Help Kids With Learning At Home?

Question 27

Sugary Drinks or Water?

Question 28

Will The Children Be Encouraged To Make Friends?

Question 29

When Can Kids Start Going To The Movie Theater?

Question 30

Live Sports Event or A Day At The Park?

Question 31

How Much Sleep Should Kids Get?

Question 32

Let Them Be Loud or Keep Them Quiet?

Question 33

Public School or Private School?

Question 34

Visit The Zoo or Visit An Aquarium?

Question 35

Can The Kids Watch WWE?

Question 36

How Often Should Kids Go To The Doctor’s Office?

Question 37

Root For The Home Team or Let Them Do Their Thing?

Question 38

At What Age Should Kids Start Doing Chores?

Question 39

The Kids Handcuffed Themselves To The Door And Swallowed The Key

Question 40

At What Age Does Potty Training Usually Begin?

Question 41

How Often Is Fast Food Being Eaten?

Question 42

How Much Television Should Kids Watch Each Day?

Question 43

Should Kids Be Encouraged To Ask Questions?

Question 44

How Important Is The Child’s Hygiene?

Question 45

What Book Series Would Be Best For A Kid?

Question 46

Can The Kids Listen To Adult Music?

Question 47

At What Age Should Kids Start Drinking Coffee?

Question 48

When Can The Kids Start Enjoying Pokemon?

Question 49

Choose A Color For The Kid's Room

Question 50

Is It Okay For Children To Be Around Secondhand Smoke?

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