If You Pass This Parenting Quiz, You're Totally Ready For Motherhood

Bringing a baby into the world is unlike anything else that we will experience in this life, and the joy of seeing our little one for the first time is something that can't be matched. We spend so much time planning and dreaming of that very moment, and once they are in the world, we immediately know that everything is going to change for the better. Children are a bundle of joy, and it takes a lot to be a good parent. Most people will learn as much as they can before the little ones come into the world, and they will use as many resources as possible to get this done.

Today, we want to see who is ready for motherhood by having people take this parenting quiz!

Question 1

Do Babies Have Tears The First Time They Cry?

Question 2

Are Babies Allowed To Eat Bananas?

Question 3

Does A Baby Typically Say "Doggie" As Their First Word?

Question 4

Does Pregnancy Boost The Metabolism?

Question 5

Do Babies Start Hearing Before or After They Are Born?

Question 6

At What Age Do Kids Usually Say Their First Words?

Question 7

Do Babies Have Kneecaps When They Are Born?

Question 8

Which Food Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

Question 9

How Many Trimesters Do Mothers Have During Pregnancy?

Question 10

Can Babies Fly On Airplanes?

Question 11

Do Babies Typically Crawl First Or Walk First?

Question 12

Which Part Of A Newborn Must Always Be Supported?

Question 13

At What Age Does Potty Training Usually Begin?

Question 14

Is It Safe For Children To Play With Lead-Based Toys?

Question 15

What Should Breastfeeding Mothers Avoid Drinking?

Question 16

Can A Pregnancy Test Show A False Negative?

Question 17

Should Pregnant Women Avoid Trampolines?

Question 18

A Breach Birth Occurs When The Baby Is Delivered...

Question 19

How Many Babies Constitutes Twins?

Question 20

Do Fraternal Twins Share Identical Chromosomes?

Question 21

When Can Gender Be Determined?

Question 22

Is Morning Sickness A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Question 23

Should Pregnant Women Consume Caffeine?

Question 24

Can A Mother Carry Twins From Different Fathers?

Question 25

What Is A Baby Called When It Is Born Earlier Than Anticipated?

Question 26

Does A Name Have To Be Chosen Before The Baby Is Born?

Question 27

Can Parenting Books Provide Good Information?

Question 28

What Type Of Doctors Do Children See?

Question 29

Is Labor Typically A Smooth Process?

Question 30

What Does The C In C-Section Stand For?

Question 31

Should Women Tell People They Are Pregnant As Soon As They Find Out?

Question 32

Does The Heart Shrink When Women Are Pregnant?

Question 33

Do Babies Usually Get Their First Three Teeth At The Same Time?

Question 34

Are All Babies Born Completely Bald?

Question 35

Is Skin Contact Important With Newborns?

Question 36

Is It Okay To Sing To The Baby?

Question 37

Is A Child's Brain Fully Developed When It Is Born?

Question 38

Can A Child Recognize Its Mother's Voice When It Is Born?

Question 39

How Often Should A Diaper Be Changed?

Question 40

Should Babies Play Outside Alone?

Question 41

Should Newborns Begin With Solid Food?

Question 42

Is Green The Most Common Eye Color For Newborns?

Question 43

Can Pets Be In The House When The Baby First Comes Home?

Question 44

Should Pregnant Women Change Kitty Litter?

Question 45

Should Newborns Have A Baby Monitor Near Them When They Sleep?

Question 46

Is It Safe For Women To Exercise While They Are Pregnant?

Question 47

Should Babies Have Set Appointments With Their Doctors?

Question 48

What Is A Class That Helps With The Birthing Process?

Question 49

Does An Epidural Help With Birthing Pain?

Question 50

Which Cord Connects The Mother And Baby?

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