If You Fail This Movie Quiz, Throw Out Your TV

Getting the chance to head out to the theater to go and watch the latest releases is something that we all look forward to, and given the slate of films that have taken place this season, many of us have already spent a good amount of cash to stay current with what is going on in the film industry. There are plenty more films set for release throughout 2019, and the biggest fans around are going to end up seeing them as soon as they are in theaters. Sure, it can get pricey, but at the end of the day, a person's passion is always worth the price tag.

Movies are a fixture in our culture, and talking about them feels as natural as anything else. We can make friends with people that share common interests, and finding someone that is passionate about film can be a great thing in life. Many people have gotten the chance to watch an abundance of films over the years, watching what's new and also taking the time to go back and watch the classics. As such, these people may feel that they have a wealth of knowledge about movies.

Today, we want to see who really knows their stuff by offering this movie trivia quiz!

Question 1

What Is This Famous Tom Hanks Character's Name?

Question 2

Was Thanos Defeated In Avengers: Infinity War?

Question 3

Which Character Is The Star Of Zootopia?

Question 4

Is Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle A Sequel?

Question 5

What Is Alicia Silverstone's Character's Name In Clueless?

Question 6

Is How To Be Single A Romantic Comedy?

Question 7

Is Goosebumps Based On A Book Series?

Question 8

Creed Takes Place In Which Film Franchise?

Question 9

Which Planet Do The Na'Vi Live On?

Question 10

Is This Famous Character Professor Albus Dumbledore?

Question 11

Where Does Jack Skellington Live?

Question 12

Is 50 Shades Of Grey Based On A Comic Book?

Question 13

What Popular Teen Comedy Is This Scene From?

Question 14

Does Leonardo DiCaprio's Character Survive In The Revenant?

Question 15

Is Blade Runner 2049 A Sequel?

Question 16

This Is A Scene From Which Mila Kunis Film?

Question 17

What Ship Does Jack Sparrow Captain?

Question 18

Which Actor Plays Dusty In Daddy's Home?

Question 19

Is I, Tonya A Biopic?

Question 20

These Aliens From Toy Story Appear In Which Fictional Restaurant?

Question 21

Did George Clooney Appear In Don Jon?

Question 22

How Many Kids Does Lee Abbott Have In A Quiet Place?

Question 23

Name This Wedding-Themed Film!

Question 24

Did Bill Murray Appear In The Ghostbusters Reboot?

Question 25

Which Famous Singer Is Walk The Line About?

Question 26

Does Megamind Begin As A Hero Or Villain?

Question 27

What Is Bradley Cooper's Character's Name In A Star Is Born?

Question 28

Did Cate Blanchett Appear In The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button?

Question 29

Which Of These Areas Appears In Get Out?

Question 30

Which Museum Does Larry Work At In Night At The Museum?

Question 31

Where Does Newt Scamander Travel In Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them?

Question 32

Which War Does Hacksaw Ridge Focus On?

Question 33

Did Rihanna Appear In This Is The End?

Question 34

Does Crazy Rich Asians Feature Keanu Reeves?

Question 35

What Is Brad Pitt's Character's Name In Burn After Reading?

Question 36

Does Annie End Up With Officer Rhodes In Bridesmaids?

Question 37

Did Galen Erso Work On The Death Star?

Question 38

Who Does Teddy Daniel Work For In Shutter Island?

Question 39

Interview With The Vampire Takes Place In Which City?

Question 40

What Is Matthew McConaughey's Character's Name In Dallas Buyers Club?

Question 41

Which Book Did Eli Memorize In The Book Of Eli?

Question 42

Is Mission: Impossible - Fallout The 8th Film In The Franchise?

Question 43

What Is Jerry Maguire's Occupation?

Question 44

Does Tom Hardy Appear In Dunkirk?

Question 45

What Is The Occupation Of The Lead Characters In The Prestige?

Question 46

Does The Character Rooster Cogburn Appear In True Grit?

Question 47

What Is Riggan's Occupation In Birdman?

Question 48

What Is The Lead Zombie's Name In Warm Bodies?

Question 49

Is Nicholas Angel The Lead Character In Hot Fuzz?

Question 50

Does Shrek Appear In Shark Tale?

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