Pick Your Favorite Movies And We'll Reveal Something About Your Personality

Who here likes movies? Okay so we know that's kind of a silly question to ask, but believe it or not, there are some people out there who simply have no interest in films! This quiz is not for those people. In this one, we will be looking at amazing movies and deciding exactly how we feel about each of them.

Here is the game: We are going to show popular films from the past decade one by one. Everyone here will be asked to pick or pass on each of these hit movies. Once that's been done, we will reveal something about everybody's personality. This is just the quiz for anyone who has ever wondered what their taste in movies says about their personality!

Question 1

The Lobster

Question 2

White Chicks

Question 3


Question 4

Jurassic World

Question 5

Avengers: Infinity War

Question 6

The Devil Wears Prada

Question 7


Question 8


Question 9


Question 10

Slumdog Millionaire

Question 11

Fifty Shades (film series)

Question 12

The Wolf of Wall Street

Question 13

The Notebook

Question 14

Space Jam

Question 15


Question 16

Blue Valentine

Question 17

Ready Player One

Question 18

The Big Lebowski

Question 19


Question 20

Jurassic Park

Question 21

Pineapple Express

Question 22

Now You See Me

Question 23

The Founder

Question 24

Game Night

Question 25

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Question 26

The Martian

Question 27

The Hangover

Question 28


Question 29

The Hunger Games (film series)

Question 30

Pitch Perfect

Question 31

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Question 32

Bohemian Rhapsody

Question 33

Saving Mr. Banks

Question 34

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Question 35


Question 36


Question 37

I Love You, Man

Question 38

Beauty and the Beast

Question 39

The Intern

Question 40

Wonder Woman

Question 41

Twilight (film series)

Question 42

Wedding Crashers

Question 43

The Age of Adaline

Question 44

Green Book

Question 45

This Is the End

Question 46

Van Helsing

Question 47

Dazed and Confused

Question 48

Harry Potter (film series)

Question 49

The Greatest Showman

Question 50

Ocean's 8

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