We're Pretty Sure You're Going To Fail This MCU Quiz

The MCU has officially concluded its incredible saga on the big screen, and moving forward, fans are curious to see what is going to come for some of their favorite heroes and villains. After 11 years of building and weaving stories, fans were treated to a spectacle that few people believed could ever take shape on the big screen, and it is hard to imagine that Marvel can make this happen again. However, they keep proving people wrong with each outing, and next year, fans are finally going to see what the future holds for the franchise.

For this quiz, we want to take a step back and focus on the movies that helped shape the MCU. Only true fans will be able to ace this quiz!

Question 1

Where Is Tony Taken In Iron Man?

Question 2

Where Is Star-Lord Originally From?

Question 3

Who Created Vision?

Question 4

Who Is Wasp's Father?

Question 5

Name This Character

Question 6

Where Does Shuri Live?

Question 7

Which Infinity Stone Gave Scarlet Witch Her Powers?

Question 8

Name This Character

Question 9

Who Is Frigga The Mother Of?

Question 10

Who Was Maria Rambeau In The Military With?

Question 11

Is Nakia Part Of The Dora Milaje?

Question 12

What Is The Name Of Pepper Potts' Daughter?

Question 13

Is Nebula A Ravager?

Question 14

What Does M.J. Stand For?

Question 15

Which Character Abducted Star-Lord When He Was A Kid?

Question 16

Which Part Of Drax's Body Is Sensitive?

Question 17

Which Company Did Tony Stark Run?

Question 18

What Type Of Doctor Is Stephen Strange?

Question 19

Which Unit Is Okoye Part Of?

Question 20

Which Character Was Maggy Married To?

Question 21

What Rank Does Chester Phillips Hold?

Question 22

Who Does Darcy Work With?

Question 23

In Which Film Did Dr. Helen Cho Appear?

Question 24

Which Agency Does Everett Ross Work For?

Question 25

Which Infinity Stone Did Ronan Get His Hands On?

Question 26

How Many Kids Does Hawkeye Have?

Question 27

What Does May Call Spider-Man's Heightened Senses?

Question 28

Who Is Happy's Romantic Interest?

Question 29

Which Character Left With The Guardians In Avengers: Endgame?

Question 30

Does Cap Get Peggy Her Dance?

Question 31

How Did Cap Get His Abilities?

Question 32

In Which Film Does Cap And Black Widow Take Down Georges Batroc?

Question 33

In Which Film Does Cap Almost Lift Thor's Hammer?

Question 34

What Drives Tony And Steve Apart?

Question 35

Which Of These Characters Got An Iron Man Suit From Tony?

Question 36

Which Hero Does Dave Work With?

Question 37

Did Taserface Work For Star-Lord?

Question 38

Who Is Spider-Man's Best Friend?

Question 39

Where Does Sam Meet Cap?

Question 40

Name This Character

Question 41

How Many Siblings Does Thor Have?

Question 42

What Is Yondu's Weapon Of Choice?

Question 43

Which Of These Characters Can Understand Groot?

Question 44

What Does Rocket Steal From The Sovereign?

Question 45

What Is The Name Of Star-Lord's Ship?

Question 46

Did Gamora Leave Star-Lord For Thor?

Question 47

What Does Hela Break?

Question 48

In Which Film Does Scarlet Witch Join The Avengers?

Question 49

Does Tony Stark Invent Ultron?

Question 50

Where Is Spider-Man From?

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